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Southern Sewing Circle Mystery Series, Book 12

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Welcome, I’m glad you’re here!

In 2008, my agent suggested I try my hand at writing a book about a group of southern women in a sewing circle. I almost declined because I’m not exactly a sewing expert. But that little voice inside me that has wanted to be a writer since I was a little girl, told me to give it a shot.

A few weeks later, during a crazy writing weekend, I had the first six chapters of SEW DEADLY and an amazing cast of characters I couldn’t help but love. Three days after that, I had a contract.

Since that time, ten books in my Southern Sewing Circle series have found their way onto store shelves and into the hands of the best fans ever. Along the way, the ladies of Sweet Briar have invited us into their homes and their hearts–showing us their best and not-so-best sides like true friends do. They’ve made me (and hopefully you) laugh, shake my head, swipe at a few tears, and eagerly await their next adventure.

If you sew, you’ll enjoy this crew. If you don’t, you’ll enjoy this crew. Why? Because the act of sewing is truly just a backdrop to these books–a reason these particular women come together (like a book club or a card group might do for others).

So that’s the story behind the series. While you’re here, take a moment to check things out. My Books page shows all the books in the series (with more on the way all the time). And if you click on the cover of each book, it will take you to its chapter one excerpt as well as some really nice things reviewers have said about that particular title.

If you’re interested in the group project the sewing circle is making in each book, be sure to click on the Projects tab. There, you’ll find a picture of each completed project–book by book.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope, after you’re done checking things out here, you’ll consider visiting me on my main website (where there’s a whole bunch more series and characters to get to know)! Just go to www.laurabradford.com to see everything else I write.