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Dream Getaways

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I like to travel.

No, wait, scratch that.   I LOVE to travel.  So much so it doesn’t really matter where I go, just as long as I go

And do

And have new experiences.

I guess you could say it’s my thing.

Which brings me to this week’s post–one designed to let me live vicariously through you.

Tell us your favorite place to vacation and why. Share a few must-see/must-do things pertaining to that trip.

C’mon, entice me into adding yet another destination to my personal vacation bucket list (Ireland, Australia’s beaches, Grand Teton, Hawaii, Maine…).

I’ll chime in with one of my most recent favorite trips after the conversation gets going in the comment section.

~Elizabeth Lynn


The Power of TLC

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Every once in a while, regardless of your age, you just need a little TLC. Every one does. Even me…the independent single mom who’s raising two kids far from any semblance of a support network.

Toss in a couple of rough weeks, and, well, that TLC was not only needed this past week…but craved.

Fortunately for me and my cravings (and a plane ticket that brought me to New York), I got a much-needed dose of the stuff compliments of my aunt…a woman who has been both a mother-figure and a friend to me for more years than I can count. She listens. She gives great hugs. She’s a master at providing the I-believe-in-you puff of air I need to get my wings back off the ground. And she never fails to make me feel welcome…

A winning combination in my book. Especially right now. When that little bit of TLC is as much a lifeline as anything else.

So there we were…in the city…with an entire afternoon/evening at our disposal. An afternoon/evening I couldn’t have enjoyed more.

Thanks to her volunteer work as a tour guide for the Metropolitan Opera House in Lincoln Center, I got to go along as she gave a behind-the-scenes look at this cultural gem. I got to see the sets being made, costumes being sewn, wigs being created, props being crafted, actors rehearsing, stage hands readying the stage for that evening’s performance, and more.

And I was enthralled.

For those few hours, I was able to immerse myself in a new experience while creating a memory I will revisit many times over the next few months.

A memory that I will carry with me the remaining ninety-five percent of the time…when I’m back home and running with the ball by myself once again. And it’s that moment–and the dinner/amazing conversation that followed–that I will call on next week when I’m getting slipped into yet another MRI machine for yet another test…and again a few days later when I hear the results.

So how about you? What are some recent TLC moments you treasure? Did they give you the boost you needed?

 ~Elizabeth Lynn


Remembering Our “Me”

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I don’t know about you, but there are times I simply feel overwhelmed. Like I’m being pulled in a million different directions and I’m not doing a great job with any of them. Toss in a few out-of-my-control stress factors and…well…you see where I’m going.

Which got me thinking about a writing objective a friend turned me onto a few months back…something I’ve decided to carry over into another part of my life–me.

The concept, as far as writing went, was to make myself sit down and write for thirty minutes every day. The goal, of course, was to write more than that when possible. But if that’s all I could spare, at least it was something.

And it worked. My last manuscript deadline wasn’t so daunting thanks to the time I set aside each day. The same kind of time I set aside to do a million other things–look after the kids, teach, write freelance copy, clean, cook, help with homework, etc. Yet as quick as I am to make sure all of those tasks get done, I’m equally quick to forget one other aspect…


I suspect you do it, too. All women do.

But after the week I’ve had, I’m beginning to realize that not carving out a little time for myself is a bad idea. Both physically and mentally.

So I have a new plan now. One I hope I can stick to…and one I hope maybe some of you will try, as well.

We’ll call it our Essential Me Time.

Mine will come in the form of an hour every afternoon (except Mondays). An hour where I can read, take a walk, haunt a bookstore, watch some mindless drivel on television, take a bath, bake some luscious treat, or lay out in the sun. Something…anything…just to slow life down a little and keep myself from getting run down again.

And to make sure I do it, I’m going to put “Essential Me Time” on my daily list of t0-do’s this week…right alongside the job, the cooking, the teaching, the writing, the helping with homework, etc.

I’ll report back on this in a few weeks, let you know if I’ve succeeded in implementing this new way of thinking…or if I’ve slipped back into my old (a.k.a. bad) ways.

Anyone else game? For trying it out and reporting back?

~Elizabeth Lynn