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The Sky’s The Limit

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If you could whisk yourself away for the next twenty-four hours…where would you go? Who would you go with? And what would you do?

C’mon, dream with me…

~Elizabeth Lynn


Movie, anyone?

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It’s Monday (when I’m posting this) and I’m already looking forward to the weekend. Not because I have big plans–because I don’t. In fact, I’m gonna be on my own.

Now, before you go thinking I’m more than a little pathetic, let me explain. I’ve got a manuscript to write and another to tweak. So I need the quiet and I need the time.

That said, we all know the saying about all work and no play…

So, I want something fun to look forward to…

Like a movie and popcorn from the comfort of my couch.  

Since I’m not exactly up on movies, I’m turning to you, my faithful readers, to advise me on what I should rent. I like chick flicks. I tend to lean towards light and fun, however a good drama or suspense flick will work provided the plot isn’t too complex (I’ll be viewing this after a long day of writing and other assorted tasks).


~Elizabeth Lynn


Essential Me Time–The Report

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Since I like to keep my word, I figured I should report back regarding my “Essential Me Time” quest.

If you stopped by a few weeks ago, you know I was trying to carve a little “me time” into each day (something I’m not–nor have ever been–good at). It didn’t have to be anything big or expensive, it just needed to be something I did for myself. You know, like a walk…or a bike ride…or a visit with a friend. Something, anything, that would allow me to stop and smell the proverbial roses.

I must admit, I did horribly the first week or so. Entire days would just slip away (as ususal) and I wouldn’t have taken even ten minutes to say, “phew.”

This past week, however, I did pretty well. I took myself to see a movie one afternoon (Ghosts of Girlfriends Past–cute!), I had lunch with a dear friend, and I bought and read a 398-page novel that caught my eye (CERTAIN GIRLS by Jennifer Weiner).  And you know what? All my have-to jobs still got done just like always. The difference was, that by making time for me, I ended up feeling less stressed and less run down everywhere else–a change I need  in my life now more than ever.

 So how about the rest of you? Did any of you try to incorporate “Essential Me Time” into your life at all during the last few weeks? Anyone already doing it?

~Elizabeth Lynn


Creativity on a Shoestring

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With all the necessary belt-tightening going on these days, it’s becoming more important than ever to utilize a little creativity when planning a night out (or in) with kids, significant others, and/or friends.

The good news is…it is possible. The better news is…it can be a whole lot of fun.

Just last weekend my kids and I had a wonderful evening together for just two bucks. That’s right, two bucks

First, we made a little dinner of favorite finger foods–pizza balls and chicken fingers (ingredients I happened to have in the house  much to the delight of my daughters). Then, in the interest of shaking things up a little, we bypassed the dinner table in favor of a picnic blanket in the middle of the family room floor. Next–and here’s where the two bucks comes in–we popped in a rented video we’d been wanting to watch together for quite some time. And finally, halfway through the movie, we topped it all off with some microwave popcorn.

To say we had fun wouldn’t do the evening justice. In fact, our two dollar evening went over so well I got a repeated “thank you” from each of my girls that night…and throughout the rest of the weekend!

So, how about the rest of you? Do you have any ideas for inexpensive (yet creative) ways to entertain the kids? How about a creative, yet low-cost date or girls’ night out idea?


~Elizabeth Lynn