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A Call To Arms, Er, Needles

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With DEATH THREADS (the second in my Southern Sewing Circle Mystery Series) set to debut on May 4th, and Book #3 awaiting editorial comments from my amazing editor, I’ve turned my creative energy toward plotting book #4.

This plotting (or “percolating” as I’m fond of calling it) phase is when I sit down with a pad of paper and think about my characters–who they connect with, what they do, their history thus far, etc. As I ponder all of that, I begin to consider ways to turn their lives upside down. So far, the ideas are swirling thanks to a cast of characters that are simply fun to write.

I’m often in this phase for several weeks as I dream up ideas and wait to see which one sticks. Fortunately for me, the basic idea stuck pretty fast this time. Now I just need to work it through in my mind as I figure out the all-important who, how, and why. And then, when I’m done with that, I need to figure out how to cover my tracks and throw the reader off the scent.

This phase is, without a doubt, one of my favorite parts of writing. Then again, so is the day I sit down at my computer to start. Oh, and don’t forget the middle where things are coming together and characters are beginning to take over, dictating what my fingers should write. And then there’s the climax where it all happens…

See? I haven’t even started and I’m already getting excited.

This time, though, I’d like to try something new. Rather than compile sewing tips from various places for the back of the book, I figured I’d see if any of you have one (or a few) you’d like to contribute. I’ll send a signed bookmark to each and every person who contributes a sewing tip.


Hit the comment button and give me your best tip. The email address you type in the requested field is not seen by anyone else. The only thing that shows up under your comment is the name you’d like to show! Easy, huh?

Have a great week!


**P.S. Allison Collins (who entered last week’s “Where Am I?” challenge via my blog) was the winner of the $10 B & N gift card and signed cover flap of DEATH THREADS! Congratulations, Allison!


Where in the World am I?

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After a crazy month of deadlines (and moving), I’ve hit the high road for a few days.

In my absence, I’m having a little contest of sorts. The following two words have something in common (a single word). It’s your task to figure out what that is. Once you know THAT word, go to my group blog (and my post of 11/17) and figure out the second word. Tell me where I am in the comment section and, if you’re correct, your name will be entered into a drawing for a $10 gift card to B & N and a signed coverflap of my next book, DEATH THREADS.

The winner will be announced on Tuesday, November 24th!



For the first word, click HERE (November 17th post)



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I used to consider myself a fairly good multi-tasker. I could keep track of the kids and their activities, find time to hang out with them, keep everyone’s stomach happy at dinner time, and get laundry and other jobs done all before I shut my eyes for the night (let’s pretend I didn’t have issues with insomnia, okay? Makes me sound more productive).

I even added homeschooling to the mix for an entire year at one point. And then, a few years later, single motherhood and four different part-time jobs…

Yet I still got everything done.

I think some of that was my love affair with the to-do list. I wrote everything down that I needed to do in a day…exercise, shower, take kids to school, write, laundry, work, dinner, take kid # 1 here, take kid # 2 there, bed. As I did them, I checked them off–often adding things to my list just so I could ink a little mark next to them (yeah, I know…).

But lately, the list thing has fallen off. Mostly because I don’t have a space yet that I can call mine. No spot for the calendar that keeps me on track, no place where my to-do list can be without getting covered over by other stuff. Which has me feeling like a failure in the multi-tasking department.

And that’s not a good place to be when I have three major projects due over the next thirteen days.

So how do you juggle things? What works for you? I’ll take any and all suggestions no matter how big or small…