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Um…I…Er…Can’t Blog

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As I kick it into high gear these last few days before deadline, I need to take one more day off.

I’ll be back tomorrow. I promise.

In the meantime, since this is supposed to be a “That’s Life Wednesday,” I’ll leave you with a question…

What’s your most important treasure (possession) in life?



This Just In…

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newspaper3clipartI interrupt today’s regularly scheduled blog to announce our March winner!

Congratulations, Shel for finding the time to stop by my blog and post a few comments along the way! I pulled your name from my magic hat (which means you win a prize)!

Pick one thing from this list and I’ll get it out to you ASAP!

1) A signed copy of SEW DEADLY.
2) A signed copy of my first romance, KAYLA’S DADDY (written as Laura Bradford).
3) A signed copy of one of my older mysteries, FORECASE OF EVIL (written as Laura Bradford).
4) A signed copy of one of my older mysteries, MARKED BY FATE (also written as Laura Bradford).

Keep on posting comments, everyone…a chance at free stuff is always good. Plus we’ve got some really cool people who hang around this blog!



Flying? Invisibility? Shape Shifting? What?

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superheroclipartIf you could have just one superhuman power, what would it be and why?



Q’s For You to A

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It’s Friday and I’m driving back home after a series of book events that brought me to Ithaca, New York. And while the trip was great, I find myself thinking of all the things I’ve got to do now that it’s over–stuff like a deadline to meet for one book and revision work to tackle on another.

So, I’m feeling a wee bit stressed and hoping that the car ride home will give me the opportunity I need to focus on the work ahead (make my game plan, set my timeframe for accomplishing it, and select a carrot to dangle in front of my nose in order to get it all done).

Which brings me to today’s round of questions for all of you…

1) What’s your one sure-fire way to relieve stress?

2) What’s something you’re looking forward to in the next four weeks?

3) Is there something you once feared that you’ve since learned to overcome?

4) Do you have an all-time favorite quote?



Park’s Closed, Moose Out Front Should Have Told You

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Still in Ithaca. Had some GREAT events yesterday–super turn out, super people, great questions. Yay!

So, if you’ll forgive me just this once, I’m taking the day off from blogging. I’ll be back tomorrow!



Over the River and Through the Woods

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roadtripAs most of you are reading this, I’m in the car and on the way to Ithaca, New York. I have a few book events I’m doing thanks to a terrific fan and friend who just happens to be a HUGE supporter of the mystery genre.

The drive, itself, will take me about four hours which means lots of time to think, plot, dream, sing at the top of my lungs, and eat.

 Me? I’m a fan of music from the eighties. Which means I play a lot of CD’s and listen to the eighties station on my XM radio. On a long trip, like today’s, I also tend to toss in a few newer artists like Daughtry or some soundtracks like Tarzan. Anything, really, that is fun to sing with. And, since I’m alone in the car, no one can tell me I can’t sing. 🙂

Which brings us to the car treats that must accompany all long drives. My favorites? Bulls-eyes, Milk duds, and Bit o’ Honeys (two of which I rarely eat otherwise).

So tell me, what are some must-haves for your road trips?



Reading From the YA Pile…

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When I had kids at home, I used to go through backpacks after school. Mostly to make sure there wasn’t a parent-teacher conference the next day. Or to find homework assignments my son or nieces had forgotten to tell me about. I told them I was looking for drugs. Now, I’m afraid I’d afraid I’d be searching through their bags for a different type of contraband–their novels.

Yes, that’s right, I’ve fallen in love with young adult books. Books like Harry Potter and Twilight that take the reader to another world. A world where dinner doesn’t have to be on the table at six after working a nine-hour day. A world where food magically appears, and, in the Lightning Thief Series, it’s good-for-you food. Being at Half-blood Camp seems like a spa weekend, except for the sword fighting and wrestling lessons.

I’ve always loved the idea of a fantasy world–a world within our own. Probably brought on by too many readings of A Wrinkle in Time or, later, Lord of the Rings, where both Frodo and Sam were thrown headfirst into a hero’s quest. Stephen King and Peter Strauss picked up the quest for The Talisman and The Black House. Maybe it’s this hero’s quest I crave while I search through the YA stack at the library? A return to the belief that good can overcome evil?

Or maybe they’re just darn good stories? You don’t get a lot of background or scene set up (Lord of the Rings aside and Twilight‘s Debatable) but mostly just throw you into the action and the reader has to wonder…what’s in the letter Harry’s uncle won’t give him that keeps arriving?

All I know is it’s not just me. Looking at the books people at the day job are reading, I see a lot of the Twilight sereis,  PC Cast’s House of Night series, and now, The Lightning Thief. I’m reading The Kingdom Keepers by Ridley Pearson. And the addiction is spreading…

So please forgive my asking, but have you been bitten by the YA bug? If not, what were your favorite books when you were a kid? Or, better yet, what are your kids reading? I might have to add one or two books to my overflowing TBR pile. lynnsmall

Lynn Cahoon’s work has appeared in Grit, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and True Romance. She is currently polishing two romance novels, working on a cozy mystery, and waiting for a call from the slush pile. She lives in the St. Louis area with her husband, three dogs, and a cat whose secret name is Marty.


The Anatomy of a Dream

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I’m going a much more literal route for today’s Dreamer Monday post.

Do you have a recurring dream (you know, like the one where you think you’re still in college and you realize that there’s one class you simply forgot to go to all semester long)?  🙂

Tell me it’s not just me…




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It’s been a crazy couple of weeks between writing, mom-ing, chauffeuring (see mom-ing), copy editing, and trying to look ahead (marketing wise) to the release of DEATH THREADS in a little over six weeks.

Then, to top it all off, I had some stuff come up related to my MS. Nothing awful, but a need for an additional medication for a little while. And, if that’s not enough, there’s a blood count that’s not what it should be thanks to the meds I take on an ongoing basis for the disease. I’m quite sure it will all be fine, but still… It’s a stress. The kind of stress that makes you feel more than a little alone.

This all leads to one simple fact:  I’d hit my window yesterday. Big time. 

So, with the temps approaching 70 degrees and the sun nearly splitting the sky open, I closed up my laptop in time to pick my youngest up at the bus stop. Rather than go home to the usual after-school-nut-house (a.k.a life with very involved teenagers), my 11-year-old and I went off in search of a place to walk. woodsWe found a wonderful trail that winds its way through the woods and over a reservoir –the kind of trail that goes on for miles and makes you want to run home and grab a bike or a pair of roller blades…  We walked (which I desperately needed), chatted non-stop, and just inhaled the first real spring day in entirely too long.

An hour later, I could feel my spirits lifting. Ahhhh….

So how about you? What’s something you try to do when your battery needs a thorough recharging?



Neat and Tidy, or Loose Ends?

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questionmarkclilpartHere’s a question I got via email last week:

Q: If you know that your series is ending, would you write the final conclusion to the series (with a wedding or moving away, etc) or would you let the future be up to the reader’s imagination?

A: For me, I’d want to wrap things up if I knew it was ending. People follow a series and become attached to characters along the way. They’ve trusted me to tell their story through each book, the last one shouldn’t be an exception.  I think I’d always feel as if there was unfinished business if I left things dangling at the end.

That said, one of my favorite things about writing short stories many moons ago was the ending that left readers guessing… Does she die? How does he react to the news? Was the bad guy really who we thought it was?

So there you have it, my two cents on the matter. Now what about you? Which would you prefer?