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A “Best Of” For Those (Like Me) Late to the Party Types

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I’m in the mood to do a “Best of 2010.” Only the answers don’t have to be movies or songs or whatever that actually came out in 2010. Instead, they can be things we found ourselves being gaga over even if we were a few years late in finding them.

So here goes…

1) A song you found yourself listening to over and over again in 2010.

2) A movie you found yourself watching again and again in 2010.

3) An expression you found yourself saying again and again in 2010.

4) An actor/actress you suddenly find yourself thinking is quite the heartthrob/cutie.




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As 2011 rears its head, everyone starts making resolutions.

To diet.

To exercise.

To shop less.

To keep in touch with friends.


And I suppose it’s worth a go. Afterall, the right resolution, coupled with true willpower and determination, can do wonders.

But for me, I prefer setting goals rather than making resolutions.

Is there a difference, you ask?

I think so. A resolution is something you resolve to do (diet, exercise,  etc).  And when you slip up…your resolve disappears.

A goal, on the other hand, is something you want to accomplish over the long haul. So, if you say you want to lose weight (say 10 pounds) and you have an off week, you keep going. Because the goal is still there. You’re goofing up doesn’t change the goal. 

At least that’s the way I see it, anyway.

And it’s why I make goals rather than resolutions these days (wisdom comes with age, I guess). I make them in my personal life. I make them in my professional life. And I write them down…pulling them out a few times a year to see how I’m doing with each one.

It works for me. Maybe it’ll work for you, too.

So, anyone care to share a goal for the coming year with the rest of us?

I’ll go first…

I want to sell a proposal for a completely new writing project between now and the end of 2011.



You Say “Blah” Like It’s A Bad Thing

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Despite the fact that my birthday is in January, I’ve never been a huge fan of the month. I suppose some of that has been its traditional lack of sun, its “unspecial feel” (as compared to its predecessor), and the absence of all those Christmas decorations I adore. The house goes from cozy to something resembling “blah” and, well, there’s not much to do (too cold to do much of anything outside, too broke from the holidays for indoor activities like movies and restaurants).

At least that’s been the way it was.

This year, however, I find myself looking forward to staying inside and making my own cozy (think lots and lots of hot chocolate). Why the turnaround, you ask? Well, it’s been a crazy past five weeks or so in my house (some good, some not so good) and I must admit, I’m waiting for things to slow down a little. Just so I can catch my breath, savoring the good stuff and dealing with the not so good stuff with a clear, well-rested head.

Sounds kind of nice, doesn’t it?


**I’m conducting a little romantic brainstorming over HERE today. So stop by and add your two cents if you can.


Under the Tree

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I must know. Did you get any books for Christmas? If so, what’d you get?

I didn’t get any.

Must rectify that.



From My Mouth, I Mean Fingers

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I have an interesting “Dreamer Monday” post for you today that doubles as good news (gotta love it when that happens)!

Last Thursday morning, I woke up actually wondering what Tori and the rest of the Sweet Briar gang were doing for Christmas. The thought was so real that it made me laugh. I mean, really, these people are fiction, you know?

Amused at myself, I posted my brief departure with sanity on my Elizabeth Lynn Casey Facebook Fan page (if you’re on FB and haven’t found my page, look me up and “like” me, okay?) as a status update. The actual update said: I think I’m finally losing it. I found myself wondering what the ladies of Sweet Briar are doing this Christmas. Once I’d posted it, I got off line and headed out for some last minute extended-family-Christmas-shopping.

Well, from what I’ve been told, my editor read the update via Twitter (I’ve set my status updates to Tweet automatically under Elizabethlcasey) and loved the idea of Christmas in Sweet Briar. Then, like the amazing editor she is, she set about making things happen…

Less than two-and-a-half hours later (while pushing a cart through K-Mart) my cell phone rings and my agent is on the other end of the phone with this news:  The Southern Sewing Circle Mystery Series is going to have a Christmas book in November 2012!!!


Which means I have to wonder no more.

Er, wait. Now I really better wonder…

And plot…

And write.

How’s that for the power of a dream?


P.S. If I sound like I know what I’m doing with a FB page and automatic tweets, don’t be fooled. I have no idea how I figured those out.


As Promised…

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A few weeks ago, I promised to show my 2010 ornament selections once the kids had seen them (I didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag prematurely).

So, a quick recap for those who missed the original post:  Each year, for as long as I can remember, I’ve scoured the stores for THE perfect ornament to reflect my daughters’ tastes/interests/skills that particular year. The hunt is always fun and always successful.  There’s the Blues Clues ornament for my then 3-year-old, the Linus on Stage for my then 11 year old who had been bitten by the acting bug, etc.  The tradition, essentially, has resulted in an ornamental walk down memory lane…keepsakes they’ll be able to share with their spouse/children in the future as a glimpse into who they were/are.

It’s my favorite Christmas tradition, hands down.

Last year, three more children were added to my ornament shopping (which, for someone who normally hates to shop, has made “the hunt” all the more fun). And now that the kids are all getting older, the ornaments have slowly shifted from favorite characters to things they’ve accomplished that particular year.

So now, without further discussion, I give you my selections for 2010…

The one on the top left is for the track runner.

The one to its right is for the little actress who worked as a CIT for a local stage camp this past summer.

The one on the far right was for my special guy as a way to document our first (together, anyway) white water rafting experience this summer. 

The biker is for my youngest who, after showing no interest in learning, simply picked up a bike a few months ago and taught herself how to ride.

The personalized license plate in the middle is for the new driver.

The softball player is for the one who joined her first team this year.

And the Mickey/Minnie at the bottom was a surprise for me!!!! To document a very special little one day sidetrip we took there recently.

Each ornament is personalized with the name/year so the kids will always remember when/how/why.

Neat, huh?

Well, that’s it for me until after the holiday. I’ll be back on the 27th. In the meantime, I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!!!



Calling In

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I’m taking a day off, today. 🙂

I’ll be back tomorrow.



Showing The Way

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I’ve got one for you today…

Is there someone in your life (other than your kids, if you have them) who inspires you to try and be a better person? Who (first name) and why?



Grab Bag Winner # 3

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Congratulations, Mary!  You won the third week’s Grab Bag With A Twist Contest! 

*cue the applause*

This means that Mary gets to select one book from the following list for me to autograph and then send to a friend/loved one of his choosing!

1) Sew Deadly (book # 1 in my Southern Sewing Circle Mystery Series)

2) Death Threads (book # 2 in my Southern Sewing Circle Mystery Series)

3) A Mom for Callie (romance)

4) Miracle Baby (holiday romance)

Mary, please send your recipient’s name and snail mail address to me at: And congratulations!!


P.S. The books won by all three Grab Bag winners will go out this week!!!


Ho Ho Ho

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Bits & Pieces time!

1) Do you have a favorite ornament on your tree? Tell us about it.

2) Do you still have any ornaments you made as a kid? Tell us about it.

3) Heat mizer or snow mizer? Why?

4) Are you done shopping?