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A Brand New Legal Pad… Ahhh…

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I am one happy camper today. I pressed “send” (last night) on a proposal I’ve been wanting to revamp for a very long time. Now it’s done and in the very capable hands of my agent.

Which means I’m onto the next project. The next few days will be about jotting notes (bullet points, really), putting all those little ideas that have been swirling in the back of my mind onto paper and seeing what fits/what doesn’t. Then, if all goes well, I’ll be at the computer, typing away on page one by Wednesday.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Page one. One minute it’s a blank page, the next minute it’s the beginning of a new adventure…with characters and places and crazy stuff happening.

*deep, happy sigh*

So that’s what I’m dreaming about today. That, and the brand new yellow legal pad I just bought for the sole purpose of housing my thoughts and ideas…

What are you dreaming about?



Think It and It Will Come

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I’m a big fan of thinking positively so you’ll notice a trend in today’s Bits & Pieces… ūüôā

1) What’s your favorite smelling flower?

2) Your favorite bird? 

3) What is your perfect outdoor temperature?

4) What is THE thing you’re looking forward to most about spring this year?

~Elizabeth (who is trying desperately to daydream her way out of winter)


Blocking It Out

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I got a fun question the other day from a reader that I thought would be a perfect one to answer here on the blog.

Q: Do you listen to music when you write, and if so, do you pick certain music based on the story you are writing at the time?

A:¬† I used to listen to music all the time when I did the bulk of my writing out of the house (favorite spots were Borders and Panera). The music in my ear drowned out the sounds of the drink makers. I had a small playlist of songs that I liked (nothing geared to my writing).¬†But, truth be told, once I started writing, I’m not sure I truly heard the music in my ear.¬†I¬†only really became aware of it being there¬†when I stopped writing (because I hit a snag or got distracted by something).¬†Now, though, I tend to write at home (the kids are at school when I’m writing and I’ve gotten good at ignoring household chores while working) which means the distractions I was covering up with music are no longer there.

Got a question? Fire away!




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Do you ever get an overwhelming urge for a certain taste? A particular candy bar, a specific snack food, a favorite meal?

I get them from time to time. And while that urge has occasionally reared its head in the form of dinner (pot roast and noodles was one I had all the time as a kid), I must confess it’s generally in the candy genre.

Just two weeks ago, I was talking to some people when I was struck upside the head by the need for a Charleston Chew. I simply had to have one.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really have the ability to get one at that moment and so I kind of pushed the urge to the back of my thoughts out of necessity (a.k.a. survival).

Fortunately, a friend (to whom I’d mentioned my momentary vice) remembered and brought one to me as a birthday gift later that week. Yum.

This past week, my insta-crave turned in an unusual direction… To a recipe for homemade bread that I hadn’t looked at in years.


So, I finally got myself to the grocery store yesterday and bought some yeast and some shortening (the flour was  already waiting at home) and got to work. I mixed the dough, let it rise, punched it down (love that part), let it rise again, and then separated it into two loaves before popping it into the oven. Twenty-three minutes later it was done.

And can I just say that it was delicious?!?!?! Oh. My.

The first loaf was consumed (in its entirety) in under five minutes by a household that seemed to have jumped on my homemade bread wagon with both feet. The second loaf, though, was wrapped and secured in the cabinet¬†(the cat has a very weird affinity for bread) to serve alongside dinner tonight. And you know what? I already can’t wait.

How about you? Any food cravings lately?



Fold It and Go

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I’m serving as a judge for a rather prestigious genre contest at the moment. I received my box of entries the other day and I’m looking forward to the next few weeks (really, it doesn’t get much better then a box of free reading material from some great talent).

Anyway, while I’m not at liberty to discuss the books I’m judging, or even the categories I’ve been assigned,¬†I can say I’m impressed. I’m several chapters into my first entry and I’ve already dog-earred a few pages.


When I’m reading something I think is really good, I have a habit of turning over the top corner of the page in honor of¬†a particular sentence or paragraph that spoke to me. It could be the way the author describes a place, the way they word an emotion, or simply a particularly funny piece of dialogue. It doesn’t really matter what it is, it just matters that¬†it grabbed me.

Now that I think about it, I rarely do anything with the dog-earred pages once I’m done with the book. I don’t tend to revisit it, either for myself or to read aloud to someone else. But, for some reason, I feel the need to mark the page on which I smiled, or paused to ponder and/or absorb.¬†

Do any of you do that? Or am I just odd?



Point by Point

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I’m in a bullet point kind of mood today. ūüėȬ†¬†¬†

* The large print cover for DEATH THREADS (book # 2) was just posted this past week. It’s not the kind of cover my paperbacks get, but it works (and it goes nicely with the large print cover that was done¬†for SEW DEADLY). For those wondering why it’s coming out nearly a year after the fact, that’s just the way it works sometimes. If you know someone who would prefer large print/hardcover, this version is now available for preorder!

*Spent this past weekend with two of my favorite friends, Tasha Alexander and Andrew Grant. Aside from two DVDs, we literally spent the entire weekend talking. So, so nice. Don’t you love it when you connect so well with people that you never run out of things to talk about?

*A handful of years ago, I started a mystery series set in the world of advertising. In fact, it’s this manuscript that got me my agent. It never found a home (although it got very, very close). To this day, I love this story. The premise was fun, the characters fresh and memorable. Anyway, I’m actually considering the notion of putting it into an E-book format on my own. I don’t know the slightest thing about this process but I just may look into it…

*I’m tired of snow.

*I have this overwhelming urge to bake some¬†homemade bread. It’s so overwhelming, in fact, that I see a trip to the grocery store for all the necessary ingredients¬†in my very near future (as in today).

*The romance proposal I’m working on is almost finished.¬†Almost. Friday is my goal to be completely done.

Hmmm. I think that’s it. Any bullet points you care to share?



No Rhyme, Nor Reason

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Bits & Pieces is back!!

I’ve got the questions, you supply the answers…

1) What would make a perfect date (as in, place(s) to go/things to do) in your eyes?

2) What /who (or both) pulls you out of the doldrums faster than anything else?

3) What are you looking forward to most about this weekend?

4) Something that’s made you smile this past week?

5) What’s the last song you remember hearing?

That’s it for now. I’ll be back with my answers in a little while.




A Writerly-Kinda Poll

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I have some questions for all of you, things I’m curious about as a writer. You know,¬†preferences and¬†stuff as to how you prefer your books…

Ready? Set? Go!

1) Series or standalone?

2) Serious or fun?

3) Cliffhanger or clear cut resolution?

4) Chain bookstore, independent, online retailer?

5) Book or ebook?

6) Preorder or wait?



Don’t Blink

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My 16-year-old starts Driver’s Ed in two weeks. Aside from the uncomfortably large check I just had to write so she can take it (one that was made possible by the rest of the kids in the house chipping in), this whole upcoming “milestone” is leaving me rather dumbfounded.

I mean, seriously, when did she become old enough to drive? It seems like just yesterday she was watching Barney and barely able to speak.

It goes fast. Too, too fast. And that’s me saying that…a mom who truly couldn’t have spent any more time with her kids than she did. Can you imagine how fast it would seem if I hadn’t?


So, in light of this upcoming milestone (and the white knuckles I’m sure I’ll experience along the way), I’m open for some fun learning-to-drive tales. Got any?

~Elizabeth (a.k.a. “Mom Who Wishes She Could Slow Down Life Sometimes”)


Card, Optional

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I started thinking the other day about the library I used to go to as a child. It’s been years, and I mean years, since I’ve stepped foot in this particular building. But you know what? I can still hear the creak of the stairs (it was an old building), and remember snippets of the building, the shelves.

I can remember the library in the town where I lived for the second half of my childhood. I remember lots of windows and natural light, the white shelves, the carpet, and the quiet. It was a very quiet library.

And then I remember a library in North Carolina that I visited with some fellow authors two years ago. They had a children’s room that was amazing. The walls, the ceiling, the feel of the place all done to be like a treehouse. It was so very, very cool. It made me feel as if Tori Sinclair, my main character in the Sewing Circle Series, had been there, working her magic like she does in the books.

These days, my library is an old building again. With long narrow aisles, occasional squeaks, and that feeling that you’re somewhere very special.

Now tell  me about your library (or the one you most vividly remember).