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A Personality of His Own

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 I found this picture recently on Facebook and couldn’t help but laugh at its accuracy.

 Only, in my house, it’s not boxes so much as paper bags. Or, to be more exact, paper bags from Cracker Barrel. You come home with one of those, and Angus The Cat comes running from whatever cozy nest he’s made himself and makes a beeline for the bag…ready to play.

Unfortuantely, when you’ve got 24 nails (rather than the lowly 20 found on  most normal cats), the bag gets torn pretty fast.  As in, almost immediately.  *Insert sad and dejected cat face here*

But that’s not the only thing that brings Angus running. Oh no. You see, while most cats are conditioned to know the sound of a can opener (signaling tuna fish), nothing gets this little guy emerging from a deep slumber faster than the sound of hot chocolate being made. Because when he hears the cocoa being stirred with the hot water, he knows what comes next.



So how about you? Got a pet with some quirky habits?



A Needle in a Haystack

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One of the best things in the world (next to my family, of course) is finding a good book to read. Such a book can do so many things. It can provide a moment of relaxation after a long day, it can take you to faraway places you’ve never been, it can be a conversation starter at a party, and it can take you into a world that simply feels good.

So when I find such a book, I’m thrilled. And when that book is part of a series (or one of several stand alones from a writer with a nice back list), I’m ultra thrilled.

Fortunately, I found such a book last month when I cleared time in my nutty schedule to read the first in my friend, Maggie Barbieri’s Murder 101 Mystery series.   In a time span of  X-amount of pages in this first installment, Maggie had me hooked on the people in her fictional creation. People like Alison (the hilarious college english professor), Max (her sultry, slightly shallow best friend), Crawford (the NYPD cop who she falls for–LOVE this guy), Fred (Crawford’s more crotchity parther) and Sister Mary (Alison’s boss–and nun–at the college where she works).  And all the while Maggie is sucking me into this world, she’s making me laugh (always a nice bonus, in my opinion), too.

When I got to the end of MURDER 101, I wanted more. So I read the second…and the third…and just finished the fourth (FINAL EXAM). And while I enjoy the mystery component of the books, what I love most is the world Maggie’s created. With people I really, really like and a place that I can see in my mind as if I’m there, too.

Fortunately for me, since I’m late to the series, I still have her fifth (already in my possession) and sixth books to devour before I have to wait with my most pathetic face until #7 comes out in the fall.

Don’t you love it when you find a series like that? One that’s funny and smart and drives you batty until you can get your hands on the next one?

Tell me what author and/or series does that for you?



Dream A Little Dream With Me

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I first dreamed of being a writer when I was ten. I wanted it so badly, I never entertained the notion of doing or being anything else (career-wise).  And now, thirty plus years later, I am…with eleven books on the shelf and nine more on the way/under contract.

Do I believe in dreams? You bet I do.

Which brings me to some of my new ones.

1) Having one of my books soar to the top of all the important lists.

2) To see something I’ve written make it’s way onto either the little or big screen.

3) To be able to spend several months in a city abroad (London, Paris, or Venice are good options), writing the days away. 🙂 

So tell me, what were your career dreams as a kid? Did they come true? What sort of work-related dreams do you have now?



And the Winner Is…

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  I pulled a name from all those who commented on Tuesday’s reader poll and the winner is…Susan.

  I’ve sent Susan an email with the books she may select from for her prize.  A big congratulations to her…and a big thank you to all who responded.

 I’m always curious about people’s reading habits, so thanks for sharing your thoughts/views on e-readers.



Happiness is…

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I’m talking about my Top Ten Happy things on The Stiletto Gang today.

So come on over and check it out, HERE.  In fact, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll leave happy. 🙂



A Day in the Life

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 An Ask-The-Author question found its way into my inbox the other day (which always makes me happy). This one was  from Shelda in Colorado.

 Q: What’s a typical day for you as a writer?

A: Well, Shelda, that depends on what stage I’m at in the book process. If I’m writing, I start my day checking emails and responding to anything that comes in from readers. I do a quick check of my Facebook pages (my personal page as well as my Elizabeth Lynn Casey and Laura Bradford author fan pages) and stop in here on the blog. Then it’s time to get serious. On a good writing day, I spend about five hours writing. Of course this can go up or down depending on a) how close I am to deadline and b) stuff with the kids. 

Sometimes, that writing time is impacted by other book-related tasks. For instance, while I’m actively writing one book, the edits from another book come in from my editor and I have to put my writing on hold to give the previous book its due. At other times, I need to work on marketing–website updates, managing a contest, event booking, and attending actual events.

Once in a while, I’m juggling all three stages at one–writing one, editing another, launching a third. At those times, things can get a little nutty. But I like nutty, so that’s okay. 🙂

Fun question, Shelda…thanks!



Life Lessons

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I’ve got an interesting question for all of you today.

What’s the BEST life lesson you were ever taught and/or learned on your own?  (I may share these with the kids)



A Reader Poll

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Everywhere I go, as an author, I’m asked about e-readers. What do I think…am I worried about the publishing world…etc. And my answer is always the same–the verdict is still out. 

But I am curious about the way e-readers are (or aren’t) affecting people’s reading. So I’m hoping you’ll all take a moment to weigh in your thoughts to the following questions (and if you’re a lurker–speak up, the ONLY information that we see is your name as you care to share it and your answer…that’s it.)

1) Do you own an e-reader? If so, what kind?

2) If you don’t own one, why not?

3) For those of you with an e-reader do you feel you read more or less than you did before you got one?

4) For those who own one, what made you take the plunge?

5) For those who don’t own one, where do you buy the majority of your books (chain bookstore, independent, online)?


P.S. All those who answer today’s questions (in the comment section) will be entered into a drawing for a “mystery book.”  By “mystery book,” I mean, I’ll stick my hand into my box of books and pull one out. The winning name (randomly chosen from today’s comments) will receive that “mystery book.”  The winner will be announced on Sunday.


Job Switch

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If you could hault your normal job for just one day and try a completely different career/job, what would it be and why?



Run Away With Me

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Getting right to Bits & Pieces this morning and theming it around an area I’ve been thinking a lot about…

1) Must-go vacation spot before you die?

2) Favorite tried-and-true vacation spot?

3) Least favorite vacation you’ve ever taken?

4) What are your top four ingredients for a successful vacation?

~Elizabeth (who is ready for a break from the cold weather)