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Recently, a friend posted on Facebook that she’d just made reservations to go on a whale watching tour with her husband and kids. Immediately, I was clicking the link she shared to check it out for myself (I would love to see a whale up close in the wild). But even as I did, I realized how funny it is that what seems like fun to some, holds absolutely no appeal to others.

With that in mind, I figured I’d do a Bits & Pieces that reveals what we all consider to be fun (if you’ve done any of the following, let us know what you thought)…

1) Zip line or Kayak?

2) Zoo or Dophin encounter?

3) Walk or bike?

4) Explore a cave or mountain climb?



A Glimpse

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Since I’m getting ready to head out for the Malice Domestic Mystery conference today, I thought maybe I should give everyone a feel for what this event is all about.

Every year, cozy and traditional mystery fans (cozy = no gore) gather in the D.C. area to celebrate the genre. Fans come from all over the country to sit in on panel discussions with their favorite authors. There are book signings, meet and greets, the annual Agatha Awards banquet, etc. As a writer there are also industry events (agent and publisher dinners/meetings). It’s the place to connect with your readers and to hang out with folks who do the same thing you do every day.

It’s busy. It’s crazy. And it’s a whole lot of fun.

Last year, I didn’t attend, but I’ve attended a handful of these since my first book was published in 2005. Since that time, I’ve met tons of amazing readers (so many I can’t wait to see this year!), been nominted for an Agatha (at the 2006 Malice), and met my personal mystery-writing inspiration–Mary Higgins Clark.

So it’s a good time. A very good time.

I will post pictures when I return (includng the loot one I mentioned yesterday–but forgot to take before securing everything in my car).  In the meantime, there will be a regular Bits & Pieces tomorrow so be sure to come back!  If I have wi-fi at the hotel, I’ll be checking in!



Quick and Sweet

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On the go today as I get ready for the big Malice Domestic Mystery Conference in Maryland this weekend. Will post pictures of the loot I’m bringing tomorrow!  In the meantime, check out yesterday’s post–I’m still in need of ideas!



Suggest Away

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Sorry I went AWOL yesterday, but Dear Daughter # 1 and I drove to Boston Sunday night for a college tour on Monday. Home now…for a few days.

Anyway, today is a non-stop writing day for me as I (hopefully) finish up Amish # 2 before bed. Then, if all goes well, I hope to find something fun to read. I’ve finished the series I was reading and need something to tide me over before my next few must-reads hit shelves (for those who are curious, 1) Linda Castillo’s next book, 2) Emily Giffin’s next book and 3) Maggie Barbieri’s next book).

So what are you reading? I need some suggestions.



Back To School

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Yesterday, I took DD # 1 on her first college visit…to a school which had been on my list so many years ago. I thought, when we pulled up, that I’d remember something from my visit there in 1986, but I didn’t. At all.

So it was interesting to hang back and see her opinion on the school. It was even more interesting when she came back with almost the exact same reasons I went from thinking it was my #1 to my # 3 (of 3) way back when.

Which brings me to this week’s B’s & P’s:

1) What made you ultimately choose the college you attended?

2) If you had it to do over again, would you a) choose the same school and b) do anything about your experience differently now?

3) Favorite part of college?

4) Least favorite part of college?

If you didn’t go to college…then feel free to sub in answers about your career choice.



Reporting In

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I figured I’d take advantage of today’s post to let you know what’s been going on around here lately (writing wise):

* I’m in the home stretch with the manuscript for Amish # 2 (which I’ve yet to title). I’m loving the story and the way it’s come together over the past two months. My goal is to have it finished on Tuesday so I can have a solid week for edits.

* I just turned in line edits for my upcoming romance, STORYBOOK DAD. The next time I see this story will be when my author copies arrive on my doorstep in mid-September. All that’s left between now and then is seeing the cover for the first time (which should happen mid-way through summer).

*Once I turn in the completed manuscript for Amish # 2, I turn my focus toward edits for Sewing Circle #7 (LET IT SEW, November 6th). I’ll have about a week to get that book re-read and tweaked and then it’s back to that editor so I can get to work on writing Sewing Circle # 8.  Having just read through # 7 when I sit down to write will make things a lot easier in terms of. a) getting back into the heads of the sewing circle members and b) getting my own head out of the world I’ve created in my Amish series.

*Once I start actively writing # 8, I’ll divide my day between writing (from 8-noon) and editing my old Jenkins & Burns books (from noon-2:30) in preparation for their late summer eb00k release.

*And finally, when I look beyond August 1st (and the deadline for # 8), I see a two-and-a-half month window where I’ll be diving into a women’s fiction project that’s been begging for my attention before getting back to Amish # 3 and Sewing Circle # 9.

So that’s where I’m at.

Oh, and come late next week, I’ll be in Bethesda, MD for the annual Malice Domestic Mystery Conference. Can’t wait!



Does Your Top 5 Fit?

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When you have kids, there’s no telling where a dinner conversation will go. It always starts with the “how was your day,” type stuff and end up somewhere completely different.

 Last night, the subject turned to everyone’s top 5 movies. And as I listened to everyone’s choices, I realized those choices “fit” eachkid. So I started thinking about mine and whether they reflected something about me. Surprisingly, I found they did.

My Top 5:

1) 27 Dresses (The concept of finding that perfect someone as you evolve as a person speaks to me).

2) Devil Wears Prada (Chasing your dream but realizing that you don’t have to sacrifice who you are to achieve it).

3) Disney’s Brother Bear (Loyalty and the way a “family” can be created in lots of ways).

4) A Few Good Men (Staying true to your convictions and being able to see the good among the bad).

5) Housesitter (Making the most out of life–creating a world that makes you feel happy).

The movies are all very different but they fit with me. I’m a dreamer and I don’t believe in giving up. I also don’t change who I am for anyone. To many, I’m reserved, but to those who take the time to know me, I can shine. I’m loyal and expect the same in return. I realize that life has its rough patches but they are workable with time and support. And I believe our walk through life is better with true blue friends by our side.  

So how about you? What are your top 5 movies of all time? Why do they make your list? And, finally, do you think your choices say something about you?



The Overhaul

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I am beyond thrilled to bring a very special announcement (and request) to my most loyal readers today.

In preparation for the release of my brand new series–the Amish Mysteries–and other more varied projects in the future, my original Laura Bradford website has gone through a major (and by major, I mean major) overhaul. In fact, if you’ve been to that site in the past, you won’t recognize it all.

So, I’m hoping you’ll all head over there and check it out. All of the content on all of the pages is new, and the first chapter of HEARSE AND BUGGY is on the books page as my gift to you! 🙂

Once you’re over there, if you’d like to come back here…it’s really easy to do that. There’s a tab link right back to this site at the top of every page because the Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries are still going strong!

So make my day and check out the new site. I’m so, so, so proud of the way it came out!



Touched By Angels

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I had a big announcement post all ready to run today but it got pushed until tomorrow because of something far more special.

Yesterday morning, while on Facebook, my attention was called to a friend’s page. More specifically, a video on that friend’s page. So off I went to her page via my old computer (which has flash player). I turned on the volume, pressed play and found out that she was doing the MS walk in Reston, Virginia…for me

I had no idea she was doing this, no idea she’d formed a team (which she called, Team LauraB), and no idea she’d raised some money to do this walk.

I cried as I listened to her on that video, and I cried again with each picture she posted on her page of the event over the next hour or so. Because while what she did was wonderful all on its own…the part that moved me most is that she took time from her day to walk for something that impacts me, and, therefore, my children.

So thank you, Aimee. What a beautiful thing you did for me this weekend. Thank you for walking, for thinking of me, and for being sucha wonderful example to my children of the good that exists in this world.

And because I want everyone to see what walking angels look like…here is a shot of Aimee and her beautiful daughter (The Doll) just after they completed their walk for MS!


 P.S. I think you can still donate to Aimee’s team (which was made up of her, her daughter, and her wonderful husband).  Here’s the info.


Stuff First, Then Bits & Pieces

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Most of you who frequent this blog on a regular basis, have seen Dru’s name in the comment section. Dru is an avid reader/reviewer.

Just yesterday, she posted a fabulous review of REAP WHAT YOU SEW that I’d like to share with all of you.  You can read it HERE.

Then, if you’d like, you can check out a guest blog I did for Writerspace where I talked about visiting my former high school. That blog can be found HERE

And now, for some Bits & Pieces…

1) Favorite Board Game as a kid?

2) Favorite game now?

3) What one state in the U.S. would you visit right now if you could? Why?

4) While flipping TV channels, what one show from your youth will always make you stop and watch even now?