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The Perfect Words

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“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”
                                                                              ~Mahatma Gandhi

I absolutely love that quote, don’t you? Now tell me a quote that inspires you… 



Neat, Once Again

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For the past two years, my office has resided in a little less than half of a basement room. The other seventy percent or so plays home to the family computer and weight/workout equipment. When I first set up shop, I had everything arranged neatly on my shelves in an attempt to make it seem as special and office-y as I wanted…but it didn’t last long. As weights began to move around the room, and hoodies started to take up residence in places they shouldn’t be, I slowly but surely lost my resolve to have a neat office. 

I went down there to put important papers in my files, or to add a shipment of books to my box, but for the most part I moved my writing (via my laptop)  to the dining room table. It’s worked well, but the special office-y office I wanted became a cluttered mess (picture # 1).

This past weekend, I carved out my Saturday for the express purpose of getting my space under control once again. I ripped unnecessary papers (you should see the load of trash I took out), organized my books and promotional items into specific containers (since the office is in the basement, I have to make sure my books are safe from any potential flooding), and re-arranged the shelves that have always meant so much to me.

A good six hours later, things were the way they needed to be, with the only remaining task being a trip to the hardware store for nails that work on a paneled wall (I need to hang the art work DD # 1 made me for Mother’s Day that you can see propped against the cabinet in the cluttered shot–she made it with melted crayons).

On the top shelf (it’s hard to see because it’s glass), is my Reviewer’s Choice Award for my romance, MIRACLE BABY. The book is behind it. To the right is the program from the awards ceremony.

On the next shelf is a picture I love, and all thirteen of my books (the seven that are still to be published will be added to the lineup as they come out).

The third shelf has HEARSE AND BUGGY, another special picture, a few little decorations DD # 2 has made for me, and a keepsake given to me by an old friend.

The fourth shelf has a picture of my girls when they were young, a pen the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America gave me when I talked for them a few years ago, a card from my husband, and a silver button in a box that reminds me to have courage.

The little white table you see to the right of the shelf has a bookmark and heart-shaped sign DD # 2 made, and a keepsake box that is (and will always be) special to me for many reasons. It holds writing-related treasures and was given to me by someone I treasured.

On the wall are some drawings and special pictures the girls have made for me over the years. And, if I’d taken a step back when I shot this picture, you’d be able to see that the chair and desk from the first picture are completely clear now, too! Yay!

So there you go. My office is back to being organized again. With any luck, it’ll stay that way. 🙂

Is there a room you need to de-clutter?



The Latest and Greatest

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Today, it’s Hunger Games. A few years ago, it was Harry Potter.

Was there a “fad” book/series you remember when you were growing up?



A Heartfelt Thanks

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While we enjoy this day off from our normal work routines, let us not forget the men and women who have fought and died for our country. Their sacrifices, and those of their families, have made life better for all of us.

If you’ve served–thank you.

If you’re a family member of one who has served–thank you.



A Surprise and a Phobia

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Popping in rather quickly today to share two things.

#1) While hiking in the woods with DH this past week, we saw a female moose. At first, I thought it was a wild horse (a BIG wild horse), but, no…it was a moose. In the wild. With no one around except us. It was a very, very cool moment.

Unfortunately, being the point-and-shoot camera owner I am–coupled with the fact I was trying to find it in myviewfinder and snap the picture as quickly as I could–the image I managed to get stinks. But she was about 35 yards away and her head is behind a branch (translation: use your imagination when you look at the photo).

#2) On a hike the next day (same area/different mountain), I came face to face with a recent fear of mine that’s moved squarely into the phobia arena. And since I’m blogging with my peeps at the Stiletto Gang today, you can read all about this hard-to-admit phobia over HERE.



Go Back, Go Back

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Time machine time.

If you could go back to a moment in your life and do it all over again (just to relive/not redo), what would you choose and why?

Bonus question:  If you could go back specifically to your childhood, what would you love to be able to do once more time (right now)?



You Talk, I Listen

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Woke up this morning feeling rather curious about readers (mine and in general). As a result, I’ve got some questions for all of you and I’m hoping you’ll take a moment to have your say…

1) When you walk into a book store, when do you officially start browsing (is there a particular section)?

2) Is there a time of day or season of the year when you tend to do more reading?

3) What’s your feeling on audio books? Do you listen? Why/why not?

4) If you had to put a percentage on your buying habits, what percentage would you say of your purchases are made based on the cover? The back jacket copy? The author’s name?

5) When you recommend a book, how do you do it? Word of mouth? Email? Phone? Review?

I’d love to see lots of people answering these questions, so if you can direct your reading friends to today’s blog, that would be great!



Books of Old and New

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When I have time to wander through a book store, I always walk through the kids’ section. It’s a happy place filled with new worlds, adventures, and colorful covers. And, invariably, I pass a display with a few of the books I loved as a kid, myself (Cat In The Hat, Giving Tree, Cordoroy, etc). Or books I read with my girls (Mr. Brown Can Moo, How About You?, The Best Nest, I Love You More, andthe list goes on…).

You know, books that instantly transport me back to a happy time. A peaceful, contented time.

So tell me, what are some books that you adored as a child (a pre-reading child)?  And, if you’re a parent, books that your children adored?



The Seeds of A Story

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Over the weekend, Jenna Kernan–my friend and fellow author–and I gave a talk on promotion via the internet. We talked about Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, About Me, and our personal websites.

While Jenna was talking about her website, she showed us a page where she shares a little behind-the-scenes aspect of each book she’s written (where the idea came from, research, that sort of thing). As both a writer and a reader, I found that fascinating.

As a writer, stories start in the oddest of places. As a reader, I find the insider information to be an added bonus.

Anyway, it got me thinking about the behind-the-scenes of some of my books–the little nugget that springboarded an entire novel.

In the case of REAP WHAT YOU SEW (book # 6–which released last month), the entire book came into being after a seemingly normal conversation with a friend who happens to be a special education teacher. Her stories about a student who happens to be a kleptomanic hoarder were the early seeds of the book.

In LET IT SEW (book # 7–which will release on November 6th), the seed came from a curiosity about Alzheimer’s and what part of a person’s memory is/isn’t affected. That curiosity led to an email to my neurologist and his answer was the water my seed needed to grow.

For me, the seed is just that. A seed. Careful thought, along with my imagination, grows it into a book.

Kinda neat, isn’t it?

That said, now it’s your turn (as a reader) to share a book you’ve read that’s made you wonder about the seed that started it off for that particular writer…



Glory Days

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Today’s Bits & Pieces has us going back…

To high school. 🙂

1) Did you get a class ring? Do you know where it is?

2) A school activity you were involved in (either athletic or otherwise)?

3) Class you despised the most and why?

4) Most beloved class?

5) A major history event that occured while you were in high school?