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Which Do You Like?

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1) Cake or pie? 

2) Cone or bowl?

3) Hot fudge or butterscotch?

4) Pick up game of baseball or kickball?

5) Sun or thunderstorms?



The Top Six

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I was trying to decide what I wanted to do for today’s “writing Thursday,” when a few tips began to gather in my thoughts. So while the following tips are by no means a complete How to Write list, they’re a start…

1) Read. Read. Read.  The more you read, the better you will write. The reason? It’s like research in a way–research into story structure, pacing, dialogue, characterization, etc. What works? What doesn’t? What flows? What doesn’t?

2) Write every day. This sounds like a no-brainer but it’s harder than you might realize. The thing of it is though, if you really want to write, then making yourself sit down and write for thirty minutes a day will help get you there. Sometimes, you’ll get a sentence in that amount of time. Sometimes you’ll get a page or more. And sometimes you’ll get on such a roll that those thirty minutes becomes hours (those are the really good days).

3) Read what you write OUT LOUD. This is particularly important with dialogue as reading it aloud will help you determine whether your characters sound real or wooden.

4) Don’t worry about perfection the first go-round. That’s what self-editing is about later.

5) Become a people watcher. Notice mannerisms, the way people speak, what brings reactions, etc.

6) Read. (Yes, I realize that was #1, too).



New Life

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While it’s not uncommon for me to be juggling various phases of several books at one time (writing one, editing another, promoting yet another), I find myself in a rather unique-to-me situation at the moment…

*I’m writing sewing circle #8.

*I’m still promoting HEARSE AND BUGGY (#1 in my new Amish series).

*And I’m re-editing, and going through the cover creation process, for my first three novels. The reason for the re-visit is because I’ve gotten the rights back on the Jenkins & Burns series and I’m in the process of getting them ready to go back out into the world (to a whole new audience) in e-book format.

The stories themselves are, essentially, the same…with maybe a little bit of polishing. But the title of each book is changing (something we opted to do since used paper copies are still floating around and may confuse the issue with the ebook sites), and the cover for each book will be different, too.

Having more of a say in the way the covers look this time around is interesting. They have a very different feel than the original version created by the now defunct small press that published them in the beginning, and a very different feel than the mass market cover Worldwide Mysteries created when they came along and purchased mass market book club rights.

The new look, the inclusion of a series logo on each cover, and the new titles are all working together to elevate my excitement over re-releasing my first thee mysteries (something that should happen later this summer). So, stay tuned to this blog and my website– –for more details. Yay!!

~Elizabeth (a.k.a. Laura)


Willpower Needed

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Why is it that when I’m on a deadline (sewing circle # 8 due August 1st) all three of my favorite authors are releasing new books?!?!

Torture, I tell you.

So for now, I’ll merely stare longingly at my copy of GONE MISSING by Linda Castillo, and imagine the day I get to go to the bookstore to pick up, THE NEXT BEST THING by Jennifer Weiner, and WHERE WE BELONG by Emily Giffin.


Back to writing.




The Rainy Day

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It’s raining here today (and thundering off and on, too), so I decided today was a perfect day to write at the bookstore. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved being in a bookstore when it rains (geek, I know).

If I didn’t have so much work to do, I’d wander around the store right now, looking at covers and reading jacket flaps–noting what pulls me in/what doesn’t. Instead, I’ll spend my day rainy day-bookstore-time with Tori and the rest of the Sweet Briar gang. With occasional people watching breaks, of course.

Is there anything special you like to do on rainy days?



New Stuff

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I’ve got two things for you today before I get busy cooking and cleaning for DS#2’s graduation and party tomorrow.

First… I’m guest blogging about writing and jitters (the two go very nicely together), HERE

Second…Look what just came in my email today!  It’s the cover for STORYBOOK DAD, my next romance with Harlequin American. I am so very proud of this book (the heroine has M.S.) and can’t wait for it to hit store shelves in October!!! 

The back jacket copy is fabulous. Take a peek: 

Real Life Is Not A Fairy Tale…Right?

When Mark Reynolds first meets Emily Todd, he’s smitten. So is Seth, his son—which is why Mark has to nip this attraction in the bud. Emily’s been honest about her diagnosis, and Mark can’t put Seth through the heartbreak of another illness. Even though Emily is fit, sexy and oh-so-alive.

Mark’s as close as any man’s come to being the prince Emily imagined when she was a girl, right down to the gorgeous, ocean-blue eyes. But that girl never imagined herself with MS. Emily doesn’t want to be anyone’s burden, and she doesn’t want to hurt Mark’s vulnerable son. So she’ll harden her heart, stick to her work and forget about the magic of Mark’s touch.

Can two grown-ups with their minds made up learn a lesson in love from a four-year-old boy?

I am so very, very proud of this book. It took a far bigger toll out of me to write than I’d realized when I pitched the idea to my editor at Harlequin, but it was worth it in the end.

Can’t. Wait. To. Hold. This. One. In. My. Hand.




Setting of Choice

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I have a question about reading tastes.

What is your favorite setting in a book? Mountains? Beach? City? Dessert? Foreign countries? Quaint towns? Something else?



Did You Know?

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I figured I’d do a Did You Know kind of thing today. And, since we’re all friends here, I know you won’t hold any of this against me… 🙂

1) Did you know I have a faint scar above my right eyebrow compliments of an unexpected encounter with a door knob when I was five?

2) Did you know I got my appendix out in sixth grade…and was actually one of seven in my school who had theirs out during a three week period?  (hence, we were part of a study done by a local university)

3) Did you know the first album I ever bought with my own money was Asia? The second was REO Speedwagon.

4) Did you know my very favorite place to go is Disney World?

5) Did you know my second favorite place to go is the beach?

6) Did you know my eye color changes with my mood? Dark brown-mad. Hazelish–happy/normal. Green–when I cry.

7) Did you know I plan to become a Red Cross Volunteer (for disasters) when my kids are both out of college and on their own?

8 ) Did you know I can say the Big Mac slogan backwards?

9) Did you know 27 Dresses is one of my favorite feel-good movies?

10) Did you know I was–and still am–a total girly-girl (Barbies and baby dolls, then…baking and skirts now)?

Comments? A few (or five) fun facts about yourself you can share with all of us?



Book Bits

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A few book notes to share:

*If you have a second to click on THIS LINK, give it a whirl. It’s the St. Louis best seller list for the first week of June. What I find amusing is;  a) I’m held up as backlash against the Fifty Shades of Grey phenom (as if), and b) both versions of me are on the same list and referred to in the verbage build-up…with the paper not realizing I’m the same person. Hehehe!!!

*Just got word from my editor yesterday that HEARSE AND BUGGY went UP on the Barnes & Noble list for week 2!!! Not a necessarily normal occurance, the book had been at #6 on the mass market mystery list for launch week and is now at #3!!  And from #39 on the overall mass list to #32!!   If you’ve bought the book–thank you!!!  If you’ve helped spread the word via facebook or a review–thank you!!

*On the reading front, my most recent conquest was True Colors by Kristin Hannah (which I really enjoyed)!! It’s a sisters’ journey kind of book and kept me pretty much glued to my e-reader.

*Next up on my TBR pile? An ARC of Gone Missing by Linda Castillo. I love, love, love these Amish thrillers and absolutely can’t wait to start reading this book!!!  They are rather dark and disturbing at times, but, wow, this girl can write!

What’s next on your TBR pile?



I Wish I May

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Busy weekend, with an even busier week and weekend ahead.

And here I am wishing for a) a bit more energy (mine is zapped right now), b) an extra pair of hands, and c) about 4 more hours in each day–where everyone else is asleep–so I can get things done.

Ever wish for something weird? Like a pair of extra hands?