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Odd Bits & Pieces

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Today’s Bits & Pieces show promise in the “odd and interesting” category. 🙂 

1) What chore do you absolutely hate doing?

2) What is your favorite form of exercise?

3) What is your favorite time of day/day of the week/month of the year?

4) What’s your least favorite mode of transportation?

5) What is your favorite body part?

6) What sound do you love?



My Gift

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I’m sitting here, writing this blog, as I wait for Dear Daughter # 2 to wake up for school so I can wish her a happy birthday.

She’s 14 today and I find myself hovering between happy (that she’s healthy and sweet and smart and wonderful) and sad (because while I”ve enjoyed every minute of her 14 years…it has simply gone too fast.).

From the beginning, this has been an easy kid–easy pregnancy (she was too quiet at times), easy enough birth (although she took her sweet time for 24 hours), super happy baby, etc. And no, I’m not just being biased. Anyone who has ever met this kid and allowed themselves to see her, would tell you the same things (except maybe about the pregnancy and birth since I’m the only one who experienced that).

When she was a baby, she went through some tough times–medically-speaking. But she came out of each new test and not-so-nice experience with a light that stayed steady behind her smile.

One of my favorite pictures of her was taken on her 18 month birthday. Just one week earlier, she’d gone through a medical test that had been rough on her. For days afterward she seemed to feel its effects. Yet in this picture, she smiled so sweetly, so innocently that it still takes my breath away.

Fast forward to a little over five years ago and the challenges I faced with my own health.  She–as an 8 year old–was my biggest supporter. She held my hand while I learned to take my shots, rubbed my back if one was tougher than another. She asked me how I was feeling and how doctor appointments went with genuine concern and interest (still does). And there in her eyes, was/is that same light she’s always had.

Fourteen years ago today, I was given the most amazing gift I could have ever imagined and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t thank God for her.

Happy Birthday, my sweet girl.

~Elizabeth (a.k.a. mom)


Did You Notice?

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For those of you who come to my site every day (thank you for that), did you notice the changes?

If you did–good eyes.

If not…look up to the top of the page. There’s a new link (books) which will take you to a page with all seven Southern Sewing Circle covers. You can click on any of the covers in order to be taken to a page with a more indepth look at each book! 🙂

Oh, and the home page is revamped as well, with a nifty welcome letter.

Soooo, if you’d like a sneak peek at LET IT SEW (book #7–release date: November 6th), head over to the books page, click on the cover of LET IT SEW, and enjoy the first chapter. Then, when you’re done, you can pre-order if you’d like to keep reading! 🙂



Road Trip

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Well, my car is packed and I’m on my way to Hanover, PA for an event at the Guthrie Memorial Library this evening. As always, I’m eager to meet my readers and hoping we have a great turnout. 

The drive is a little longer than I’d thought, so I had to hit the road while it was still relatively dark. My talk isn’t until 6:30 tonight, but I’ve been invited to listen to another author’s lunch event which necessitated the earlier than anticipated departure.

My favorite CDs (Casting Crowns and Mercy Me, to name a few) are packed in the event I get bored with my XM radio, and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to belt out whatever lyrics I feel like belting out. 🙂  That, after all, is part of the fun of a solo trip, isn’t it?

And as for the car snacks, I didn’t have a chance to pick up my favorite road trip candy–BullsEyes–prior to leaving but I fully intend to stop along the way to rectify that situation.

So here’s my question today. When you take a trip somewhere, what are some of your must-have items for the transportation part of your trip?




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Let’s get right to it this week.

1) Favorite foot attire?

2) Favorite part of fall?

3) What are you reading now?

4) What was your major if you went to college?

5) If you could change one thing about your high school and/or college experience what would it be?




A Fine Line

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Ever find yourself in a love/hate relationship with the whole internet thing? I do. All the time.

Over the weekend, I loved it when we got to SKYPE with my stepson who is away at college. Seeing his face on the screen makes him feel a little closer than a regular phone call could ever do.

Yesterday and today, I like it because I can reach my readers easily–sharing covers (just updated my cover albums on Facebook) and information about my books and events.

Then there are the days it makes me sad. Like when I see parents out with their kids (at firework shows, concerts, restaurants, mini golf, walking through the park, wherever) and instead of enjoying their time with their family, they’re checking their I-pad or I-phone or whatever gadget they have with them at the time.

And then there are the couples out on dates, where one (if not both) is on their gadget-of choice at the table while the other stares off into space. Is it any wonder relationships break down?

Nothing turns me off faster than the person–who, during a conversation about, say, movies–who has to “look something up” and then continues to mess around online even long after they found the tidbit they had to share. It’s rude.

Technology is great…to a point. But when it makes you miss out on REAL time with your loved ones, don’t you think it’s gone too far?




Amid the Nuttiness

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Life has felt a little nutty lately with an unending list of things that have to get done. Yet, as nutty as it has been, there are some stand outs I thought I’d share with all of you.

*The last two day’s worth of college visits were a success. I think Dear Daughter #1 may have found her school. Now I just have to figure out how to pay for it (see nuttiness comment above)… 

*Came home from said college visits to find that my 2010 romance, A Mom For Callie, is now available in Madrid. The cover photo is the same, but the title is different. Thanks to some Facebook Friends it’s been translated to: The Spark of Passion. Here’s a peek at the cover.

*The release of LET IT SEW (book # 7 in the Southern Sewing Circle Mystery Series) is just seven weeks away!!! Yay!  I’ve updated the “latest news” page here on this site to give a little background in how this book came to be. Check it out if you have a minute.

*I have a big speaking gig coming up next week in Hanover, PA next Monday night. I’ll be speaking at the Guthrie Memorial Library starting at 6:30 p.m.  For this event, I’ll be talking primarily about my Amish Mysteries (written as Laura Bradford), but no talk would be complete without visiting the ladies of Sweet Briar for at least a little while… 🙂

*I’ll be sending out a newsletter in mid-October with all kinds of fun news in it. So, if you  haven’t signed up to receive that newsletter, visit my other website: to add your name to the list.

Well, that’s it for now on my end. What are all of you up to these days?



For Now

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On some college visits with the girls right now, so I’ll be back on Wednesday!



Some More Bits

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For your Friday pleasure…

1)  If you were invisible, where would you go?

2) What traits in others are you attracted to?

3) How do you want to be remembered?

4) What would you do with a million dollars?

5) If you were on an island, who would you want to be with? Why?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Things I Want Them to Know

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I stumbled across a story the other day that got me thinking about lessons I want to teach my kids. Some of them I hope they’re already learning, while others I hope they’ll learn in the years ahead. But all are things that have served me well and/or I’ve learned through experience.

My list:

1) Asking for a hand to hold is not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of courage.

2) You will come across people in life who are far more about appearance than substance. Never doubt that it’s the inside that really matters. It’s what makes you different, unique.

3)  Know that you are important. Your hopes and your dreams are important. You will know you’ve found the right person (mate/friend) when watching you reach those dreams makes them happy, too.

4) Friends come and go. True friends never leave.

5) Believe in yourself, always.

6) Never underestimate the power of a drive in the country–windows open, music blaring.

7) When you’re feeling blue, turn on the tunes and dance.

8) You can find a silver lining around almost every cloud.

9) Always be open to new people, you never know when or where you’ll find someone special.

10) When you give of yourself, you learn who you are.

11) Life is too short to spend it with mean people.

12) Never settle. You deserve to be loved completely and without contest.

There are many more things I could add to this list, but I’ll leave it there for now.

So what are some lessons you’d like to pass along to the special kids in your life?