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On The Road Again

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Okay, so I didn’t take any pictures yesterday (UGH!). But, the event went well and so did the drive.

Since today is more of the same (in terms of a signing, followed by a long drive), I think I’ll do a travel-themed Bits & Pieces, instead.

1) What’s the longest road trip you’ve ever taken? Where did you start/where did you go?

2) What’s a favorite road trip game you play?

3) If a lane is about to go away (for construction purposes), do you move over to the remaning lane right away or stay in the one that’s going away until the last minute?

4) Favorite road trip restaurant?



Update From The Road

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Popping in for a quick update from the road. I’ve had three three events over the past two days and am loving every minute of them. I, of course, have failed miserably at the picture-taking aspect but I WILL change that today (and post tomorrow).

In the meantime, I’m giving a talk this morning at the Paige Walker Cultural Arts Center in Cary, NC today before heading west to Franklin, NC where I’ll be at Dalton’s Christian Bookstore from 2-6 tomorrow.

My car is packed with a bottle of Yoo-hoo, a ziplock baggy of pretzels, and a chocolate Easter bunny so I’d say I’m all set for the drive to Franklin. 🙂



Remember When(s)

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I’m in New Bern, North Carolina today as part of my mini book tour for ASSAULTED PRETZEL. I included this town in the line-up of stops because my parents live there now.

Even though they’ve only been in their house for about seven or eight years, there are still little throwbacks to my childhood sitting around the house. When I stumble across one of these forgotten gems, it always takes me by surprise.

This pear-shaped spoon rest on your left? It’s ceramic and I made it when I was about 9. It’s held up remarkably well, right down to the shading on the pear itself. It also sits right next to their oven and is still used on a near nightly basis from what I’m told.

This Smurf mug? That was mine when I was about the same age and into my “Smurf phase.” I had a little Smurf figurine for all of my passions–writing, baking, art, etc. In fact, my “baking Smurf” is tucked away in a corner of one of the dish cabinets in my own home. Looking back, I guess I was drawn to their motivation. 😉

Then there was the pile of mystery short stories I wrote somewhere over the past 10 years that my mother found in her closet and *may* resurface for all of you some time in the future.

Oh, and there was this picture. Near as I can guess (going on the hair style/length and the fact that was when I “grew my legs”), I’m in 5th or 6th grade in this dance photograph. But what struck me so hard was how much DD #2 resembles me in this picture. Wow.

 My mother said I could take these things home, but I don’t want to. I’d rather stumble across them here on occasion. Because, even though this isn’t where I grew up, they still seem like they should be here.

So tell me, do you have a lot of items from  your childhood in your home now? Tell us about a few of them.




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Heading off on a little tour for ASSAULTED PRETZEL this morning. I’ll be meeting readers in New Bern, Cary, Apex, and Franklin North Carolina before heading west to Nashville.

I’ll be posting blogs all week and, hopefully, sharing some pictures along the way.

In the meantime,  some neat news to share:  I just agreed to write a # 4 and # 5 for my Amish Mysteries. Yay!! 

Have a great Monday!



Bits & Pieces–School

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I’m going back to 6th grade today. Or, at the very least, I’ll be visiting with a 6th grade class today. I’ll tell them a little bit about what Ido, and then give them a fun sensory exercise to get them writing. Should be fun.

I guess it’s knowing I”m going there, that has this week’s Bits & Pieces carrying a bit of a back-to-school feel.

1) Did you have a particular lunch box that was your favorite in elementary school?

2) Favorite recess activity?

3) Favorite grade-school teacher and why?

4) What was the name of the meanest kid in your class (first name only)?



Fill ‘er Up

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My current work in progress (or, wip, as it’s often called) is # 9 in the southern sewing circle series. I have the plot all sketched out and the ladies of Sweet Briar have just come across the book’s dead body.  Things are moving along well for the most part, yet I’ve found the need to stop and fill the creative well for a day or two before I get back to the story.

I usually fill the well between books. This time, not so much.

So that’s why I’m pausing at the end of chapter four and doing what I should have done three weeks ago.

So, between now and Monday (when I head out on my NC/TN book tour for ASSAULTED PRETZEL) I will be doing a lot of movie watching, a lot of people watching, and a lot of reading.

At least that’s the reason I tell myself that I’ve hit pause on my work and have devoured 256 pages of a friend’s book in less than 24 hours…


How do you fill *your* (professional or otherwise) well?



From Start to Finish

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Yesterday was simply a cool day from start to finish.

I woke up to news my cousin, Tom, and his wife had their first baby. A boy.

My daughter and I drove down to the city after school to have dinner with my aunt (Tom’s mother) and so the three of us could attend Harlan Coben’s launch signing for SIX YEARS. His talk was funny, he signed our books, took a picture with my daughter (who is a fan of his YA series) and gave me a super nice hug.

Then, I get home, checked my email, and, sure enough, there’s one from my editor. ASSAULTED PRETZEL was lucky # 7 on the National Barnes and Noble Mass Market Mystery Bestseller List for the 2nd week in a row!

I’d say it was a cool day, wouldn’t you?



When A Character Speaks

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I have a treat for you today. Dru (who we see in the comment section here from time to time) has a wonderful blog that takes a look at books–from a review standpoint and a character standpoint. It’s a fun blog to visit each day as it’s always full of new treasures to explore. 

So, as I”m sure you’ve probably guessed by now, I’m guest blogging–or, rather, Diane Weatherly (from ASSAULTED PRETZEL) is blogging–on Dru’s Book Musings today.  Click HERE and see what Diane has to say about the goings-on in Heavenly, PA at the moment (you just might win a copy of the book if you do)!

Happy Reading!

~Elizabeth (a.k.a. Laura)


See It, Remember It

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Is there a treat that, the second you see it, you’re transported back to your childhood?

For me, it’s Cracker Jack.

I mean, really, who could resist the toy surprise inside the box? 

Your turn…




Do Over?

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How about a “what you do/what you wish you did” Bits & Pieces this week?

1) Do you play a musical instrument? What is it?

2) If you don’t play one, is there one you wish you did?

3) If you were snapped back into your early twenties right now, what’s the first change you would make?

4) Is there a concert you wish you saw (but didn’t) as a kid? Or a concert you did see but wish (now) you hadn’t wasted the money?

5) Is there a band/tv show/celebrity you adored as a kid that now makes you laugh at yourself?