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New Year

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Happy New Year to all of you!!

I hope 2014 is a wonderful year for each and every one of us.

I’ll be back on Monday, to start a whole new year of posts.




The Best of the Best

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On Saturday, we went to see the new Disney movie, FROZEN. And it was really, really good. The music was incredible and the characters/story endearing (we loved the snowman, Olaf).

Of course, as is always the case with Disney aficionados such as ourselves, we launched into a debate as to the best “recent” Disney movie. We tend to break “recent” into several categories: 1) within the last 8 years and 2) During the 90’s/very early 00’s).

So I bring that question to you, with some variations.

What do you think was the best Disney movie:

1) Of all time?

2) Last 6 years or so?

3) During the 90’s/early 00’s?



Bits and bits

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I’m not sure how much blog-reading is going on this week with the holidays, but let’s try a Bits & Pieces, anyway.

1) What was your favorite gift (s) this year?

2) Are you a New Year Resolution kind of person? If so, what will top your list in 2014?

3) When will you start shopping for next year’s Christmas?

4) Something you’re looking forward to in 2014?





The Day After

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Christmas 2013 is officially over, though the decorations will linger around our house for another week or so (I love the coziness they bring and can’t stand to part with them too soon).

Today, I’m at the car dealership getting my wipers fixed (they stopped working on Christmas Eve). I brought my computer with me with the plan to write, but I’m not sure I’m feeling it today (time will tell, I guess).

So, since I’m still in the Christmas mood, I sure would love to hear about one of your favorite parts of your Christmas.  Mine would be everyone opening presents together, dressing up as Santa’s helper, SKYPING with my brother and nieces, and sitting by the tree just before bed on Christmas Eve.

Your turn.





Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

I hope your day is filled with love as you celebrate Christ’s birth.



Books Are Presents, Too

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I’m not sure if any of you are checking in today or not, but, just in case, I’m wondering if any books made it onto your gift buying list this year??? 

They made it onto mine–for my mom (who got a series worth) and my youngest (who will be ecstatic when she sees which one she’s getting).

Other than that, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!




Peace For The Taking

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There are certain places/circumstances in life that bring instant peace.  Maybe it’s a sight or a sound or a familiar smell that stirs that sense of calm. Maybe it’s a memory. But whatever the reason, it just is.

Here’s a few of mine…

1) Sitting on the couch with the only source of light coming from the Christmas tree. Something about the muted glow of the colored lights just slows  me down and makes me feel cozy.

2) A particular park bench in my old neighborhood. The bench faced a series of fountains inside a small man-made lake. It didn’t matter the time of day or night, I felt at peace in that spot.

3) When I’m baking in the kitchen. Although I’m busy doing something, I think the process of making something from nothing–and the anticipation of what will eventually be–is calming for me.

4) Writing at a table in my local Barnes & Noble also has a peaceful element to it. I think the combination of removing myself from home to-do’s and putting myself in a place where all I do is write, is special.

5) When I’m cuddled up on the couch with my kids, or resting my head on my husband’s chest…those are times when everything just feels completely right.

So how about you? What are some places/circumstances that bring you peace?



Ho Ho Ho

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More holiday Bits & Pieces:

1) Favorite Christmas breakfast?

2) What time do you usually wake up on Christmas morning?

3) What’s one thing you hope Santa brings you this year?

4) Christmas jammies or no Christmas jammies?

~Elizabeth (thank you to those of you who checked out yesterday’s link)


I Can

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When I fell in love with writing, as a kid, I was attracted to the notion of people being able to pull one of my books off a shelf at the library. The idea that people would buy them at bookstores was outside my realm of comprehension.

Today, I know better. I know my books are out there, I know people I’ve never met are enjoying my characters and their stories. Yet, even though I know this on a cognitive level now, I still find it exciting when a friend sees my books at a bookstore somewhere far from where I live and sends me a picture via text or Facebook.

I’m a pretty quiet person by nature (see yesterday’s quick homebody post). I’m usually the one who listens to what’s happening around me–a typical personality trait for many writers and one that begs the question: which came first?

I communicate better via the written word. Always have.

So when I was asked by my neurologist to contribute to his new Global MS project, via the written word, it seemed a natural fit.

My contribution–as well as the site at large–went public yesterday and I’m honored to have been asked to help kick it off. The site, itself, is designed to give people (who are diagnosed with MS) a needed puff of air beneath their wings for the journey ahead.

If you’d like to read my story, click here:

If you’d like to see the site as a whole, click here:

If you know someone who might benefit from seeing this site, please help us pass it on.




Snow Days

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For the fourth time in a week, I got to keep the car in the garage and not budge at all thanks to Old Man Winter. And while it wasn’t necessarily the greatest thing for my writing (I tended to bake and hang with the kids, instead), it was nice.

I suppose the non-homebody types would find themselves climbing the walls on snow days, but for me (a veritable homebody), it was fantastic.

DD # 2 and I played games during the first two snow-days that had her and me as the only ones in the house.

DD # 1, DD # 2, DS # 3, and I all watched A YEAR WITHOUT A SANTA CLAUSE during yesterday’s snow day.

Additionally, I baked homemade bread…

I made a new batch of fudge, experimenting with butterscotch chips and chocolate on the prodding of DD #2  (DD # 1 wasn’t so crazy about it, but DS $ 2 loved it)…

And I didn’t have to put shoes on even once. 🙂

So how about you? Do you like days trapped inside? Or do you have to get out and about?