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Bits, Bits, and More Bits

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Things were a little crazy around here yesterday, so I apologize for not posting.

Anyway, I’m back today with some new bits, so let’s get to them…

1) What was your favorite part of Halloween when you were a kid (next to the candy, of course)?

2) What’s your favorite day of the week and why?

3) If you could be on a television game show (past or present), what would it be?

4) What’s a poster you remember having on your bedroom wall as a kid?

~Elizabeth (a.k.a. Laura)


Costuming Up

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I’ll admit, I’m not a fan of the scary Halloween decorations. Instead, I lean toward the happy scarecrows. But I do love seeing all the costumes that come to the door on Halloween night.

There are, of course, the staples each year–the Disney princesses (I’m sure there will be a lot of Frozen costumes this year), standard cats and dogs, ghosts, etc.  Most of those are usually store bought, though I have to say, I always think the homemade version looks cuter. But my favorite is the theme-dressing. Too cute.

For DD # 2’s second Halloween (she would have been just 13 months), the girls and their dad went as Little Mermaid characters (I stayed home and gave out candy).  DD # 1 was Ariel, the baby was Flounder, and their dad was King Triton. The baby was totally afraid of her dad’s costume so that, of course, took some coaxing.  But they looked great. I am not even close to being a seamstress (I just play one in books), but I still made the costumes (it’s amazing what you can do with felt and glue).

A few years later, we opted for Toy Story characters. The girls’ costumes were made my a friend (she did sew) whose family was theme-ing with us.  DD # 1 was Tour Guide Barbie (and she looked adorable), DD # 2 was Little Bo Peep (Oh. My. Gosh.).  I was Etch-A-Sketch. And their dad was Buzz Light Year (I made that costume with my trusty felt and glue skills).  The friends’, if I remember correctly, were both ends of Slinky Dog (the parents), Woody, and Bulls-Eye.

Too cute.

Of course, for the majority of Halloweens, the costumes weren’t themed, but those two years were really cool.

Fast forward to a few years ago, and DD # 1 and her friends decided to be Ty Beanie Babies (complete with Ty tags around all of their necks).  ADORABLE.

Two years ago, DD #2 was going to be a graham cracker to her friends’ chocolate, marshmallow, and flames costumes representing a s’more. It was very clever, very cute.  But that was the Hurricane Sandy year and Halloween was canceled.

This year, with DD # 1 off at college and doing her own Halloween things, there is just one trick-or-treater left. I suppose she’d getting too old, but she and her friends still love dressing up and going out, so why not?  Her Mickey Mouse costume is all ready (she put the components together herself and did a great job).

So how about you? Ever themed? Ever seen a cute theme done?

~Elizabeth (a.k.a Laura)


The Special Ones

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Despite the fact that I’ve been between books these last few weeks, I haven’t had the time to read that I would have anticipated. Been too busy with research, plotting, and catching up on the various aspects of life that seem to get away while I’m writing, I guess.

But just because I’m not reading, doesn’t mean I’m not thinking (or dreaming) about reading. 🙂

In a few weeks, I’ll be the keynote speaker at a big friends of the library luncheon in Connecticut. My topic will be my journey as a writer, and the books that either shaped my path or played a part in it along the way.  As the talk gets closer, I’ll be pulling out all those special books so I can bring them along with me. Most of them have yellowed with age, some even have loose pages from excessive use, but they’re all special to me in one way or the other.

Which brings me to today’s question. Is there a book (or books) that holds a special place of honor in your life? What is it and why?

~Elizabeth (a.k.a. Laura)


College Days

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We spent this past weekend at DD # 1’s college for “family weekend.”

We ate at the dining hall (which is nothing like the college food in my day), watched a student musical, went to another play, a Dean’s List reception, a college football game, dinner out (which she was thrilled about), an outdoor fall festival, and a dorm night for DD # 2  one night and for DS # 2 the next night.

And while I’m not one to spend too much time looking back (unless it’s to remember my kids in their younger years), it’s hard not to look back on my own college days. I can still picture my dorm  rooms, my roommates, some of my teachers, the campus, and the dominoes pizza that was eaten when dinner at the dining hall wasn’t up to par.

Not much seems to have changed (except the food and the price tag).

So what do you remember most about your college days? And for those of you still in college, what do you like best/least?

~Elizabeth (a.k.a. Laura)



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I’m not sure anyone is out there this week, but just in case, here are some bits:

1) In a perfect world, what toppings do you add to your hot chocolate?

2) Cat or dog?

3) Favorite sound?

4) Least favorite sound (the one that is like nails on a chalk board the second you hear it)?

~Elizabeth (a.k.a. Laura)


Dear Me

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Writing prompt time.   writergirl

Write a brief note to younger you (as “current you”).  It can be about a screw up you made then (with today’s wisdom) or a a comment about something that, looking back, isn’t so funny or smart.  Basically whatever “current you” would like to discuss with “younger you.”



~Elizabeth (a.k.a. Laura)


Research Trip Part 2

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So my impromptu trip to Amish country in Lancaster, PA couldn’t have gone any better. I had great weather, rode in an 033Amish buggy (with a stop at a farm for homemade cookies), took a tour through Amish farmland (with a stop at a roadside Amish shop with all sorts of homemade items…and copies of my books–which was super cool to see). The tour driver matched my excitement at seeing the books there and a) took this picture of me and b) made a point of introducing me to the Amish girl working behind the counter.

I learned a lot on this trip, but also realized that if this writing gig doesn’t work out, I could easily land a job as a tour operator in Amish country with all the knowledge I’ve tucked aside since starting my Amish Mysteries.


One cool thing from this trip was seeing the “honor code” many Amish utilize with their road side stands. This picture on the left is of one such stand. Everything has a price but no one is there to run the stand. They just have a box for the money should a person decide to purchase something.

Their faith in humanity is really something special. Makes me want to live in their world for a while, you know?

Anyway, I’ll be posting more tidbits (both here and on my Laura Bradford Author Facebook page)  from my trip over the next week or so. Hope you enjoy the information.

Any questions?

~Elizabeth (a.k.a. Laura)

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And I’m Off…

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I’m off on a make-up research trip to Amish country this morning.  My trip got cut short a week ago when I got sick on my meds, so I’m going down for just the day to finish things up.

I’ll be back tomorrow with pictures and stories. 🙂

~Elizabeth (a.k.a. Laura)


Fall Fun and Stuff

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We had a fun weekend around here thanks to some nice weather. Friday night, we saw a dinner theater show (fun!), and on Saturday morning we did a corn maze (fun!). The farmer at this particular farm made the maze in the shape of an old truck.  When you’re in it, it doesn’t feel like that, but the map was spot-on. Made me wish we could go up in a helicopter just to see it from above.   002

I met up with a childhood friend for lunch yesterday (always a good time), and just enjoyed not working for a few days (although I am mulling the next storyline in my head).

Anyone do any fun fall activities this past weekend?

And, on an unrelated front, has anyone seen THE JUDGE yet?  It looks really, really good.

~Elizabeth (a.k.a. Laura)


Bits of Bits

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Bits time!

1) Morning person/night owl?

2) Coffee or tea?

3) What one song is guaranteed to get you bopping around in your chair if not on a dance floor?

4) Least favorite insect?

5) Favorite zoo animal?

~Elizabeth (a.k.a. Laura)