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Favorite Bits

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I figured it might be fun to ask about some of your “favorites” in today’s bits:

1) Your favorite pair of pajamas (describe)?

2) Your favorite “comfort” shirt (describe)?

3) Your favorite must-watch TV right now?

4) Your favorite person to converse with?

5) Your favorite name brand candy bar?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Preparing for the Blank Screen

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Since the next book I will be writing is the 2nd in my new 2016 cozy series, I have been spending the past few days re-reading the first. If I hadn’t written another book (from another series) in between the two, I wouldn’t need to refresh anything.  But since I write multiple series, it can be a wee bit of a challenge to keep one book from creeping into another series.

I’m inputting a number of minor edits into the first book now and should have that done sometime this morning (hurrah).  Once that’s officially done, I’ll sit down at the table with a pen and pad and start plotting the 2nd book. I have some ideas, but very few aspects have moved behind my mental steering wheel yet.

I think I might even take that pen and pad and head to Barnes & Noble for a change of scenery and to bullet-point the first 3-5 chaps. I don’t do a traditional outline, but, rather, count on these bullet points to keep me on target and to help me catch places I need to go back and fix and a later date.

So, do you have a place you like to go for a few hours when you simply need a change of scenery or to rile up your motivation?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Goin’ Rogue in the Kitchen

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So this weekend (Sunday, most likely), I’m going to try my  hand at making a dessert recipe all on my own.  cookingclipart

I’ve always loved baking (my second favorite thing to do behind writing), but I’ve never gone completely rogue and come up with my own recipe.

I’m leaning toward something with white chocolate and peppermint (two very yummy tastes together)…or caramel.  Decisions, decisions…

Have you ever concocted your very own recipe for something?  If so what? And did it become a family  keeper?

As for me and whether it works…stay tuned.

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Back When

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What one children’s book have you always loved and why?

I couldn’t pick just one, so I went with three :):

I vividly remember all three of these books from my own childhood.



Kittens for Kim (I was fascinated by all the different things he got in exchange for each kitten).





Katy the Snow plow (I loved to trace the paths she made with my finger).





And The Giving Tree (even as a little kid, I liked the lesson in this book).




Now, it’s your turn.

~~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


That Moment

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When did you know you wanted to be/do whatever it is your being/doing now (career-wise)? Did you find it or did it find you?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)




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Me, who never gets sick (the over-the-top immune system is part of the reason I have MS), has come down with the creeping crud.

Nothing major, just mild icky-ness.

So I’m going for a themed Bits this week! 😉

1) When you’re under the weather, is there a food that perks you up?

2) Do you tend to suffer in silence or does the whole house know you feel bad?

3) Chicken soup or something else?

4) Sure-fire way to feel better?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


A Whole New View

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Check this out!

It’s a clickable map of Heavenly, the fictional town in my Amish Mysteries. I’d been trying to find someone to draw this for me for weeks. And then, after a call-out on my FB page, an old high school classmate contacted me and said her daughter could draw.

I sent my thoughts (and chicken scratch drawings) to the daughter and…voila! My map.

If you hover your cursor over various buildings, you see a verbal description. But if you actually click on each one, you get a close-up view of the building (or lake or rock) and a description.

Check it out if you get a chance.

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Making Things Easier

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Posts are going to be spotty this week due to a painfully slow internet connection that is making me want to throw my computer against the wall (which I can’t do).

But since I’m here today, quick question:

What would you like to see invented–to make an aspect of life easier?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Is It Summer Yet?

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The whole sick-of-winter thing is getting pretty strong around here these days. So, I’m going with a warm weather Bits today (wish fulfillment).

1) If you woke up tomorrow and it was suddenly 75 degrees, what would you do with your day?

2) Favorite summertime drink?

3) Favorite summertime food?

4) Someplace (in the states) you’d like to visit one day?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)



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Okay, I’ve got a fun (and short) writing thing to throw out today…

Either write the opening sentence of a love letter to a fictional character (your choice, any book, any author)…or write the opening sentence of a love letter from a fictional character.

Be creative. Bonus points if you make us laugh!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)