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Bitty Bits

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It’s Bits time!

1) Favorite homemade cookie flavor?

2) Favorite ice-cream topping?

3) Movie at home or movie in theater?

4) Must-have treat at the theater?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Eyes or Ears?

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I’m curious. Do you listen to audio books? Under what circumstances?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


That Dream Place

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My dream second house would be on an ocean beach (or lakefront with a dock). It would have a big sunny kitchen (lots of windows) with a center island…and an eating area with a window seat. It would have a sunny living room. And a cozy office that I could decorate exactly the way I want to (billowy white curtains, a fireplace, window seat, large window).  There would be a patio with a hammock (shaded) and lots of chairs for visiting.

Ahhhh, I love just dreaming about it.

Describe your dream second house to us…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


I’ll Tell You Mine, If You Tell Me Yours

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memorialday20155While some might say it’s not a “sport,” I am a machine when it comes to miniature golf.

Exhibit A:

I beat DH by six points yesterday, DD # 2 by seven.

Now, it’s your turn. What’s your “sport?”

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)



Beyond the Barbecues

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memorialdayOn this day (and, really, every day) let us remember the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country and our way of life.

Enjoy your day!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Bits O’ Fun

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Bits Time!

1) Favorite store to get coupons for?

2) Any vacations planned this summer? Where?

3) Normal bedtime? Wake up time?

4) Favorite board game?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Stats and a Prompt

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Today’s writing status:  DONE (and in my editor at Penguin’s hands). Phew.

Next up: I start writing Sewing Circle Mystery # 11 (NEEDLE AND DREAD–April 2016) on Monday.

Between now and then: Bullet-pointing the first five chaps of Needle and Dread so I know what I’m doing when I sit down at the keyboard on Monday. And a little bit of fun (like a day in the city with DD # 1 today).

A writing prompt for all of you:  Write the first two sentences of the day you wish you were having… 🙂  Good luck, and I can’t wait to read them (hint! hint!).

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)



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I’ve never considered myself a very crafty person. I see people who can crochet blankets, sew dresses, build things, you name it… And I’m in awe. Truly.  The “craftiest” thing I can do, is decorate cakes (and I’ve decorated a lot over my mom years).

What’s something crafty you can do? And do you have a project you’re most proud of to date?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

*Side note: There’s an interview with me HERE. Stuff about writing, the series, and even a speed round of questions about non-writing stuff.


On Tap

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I’m in the final stretch of edits and should be pressing “send” by the end of business today (yay!).

So today’s post is an easy one. What are you reading? Enjoying/not enjoying?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Monday Morning Forecast

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I finished my latest book on Saturday. If you heard a really loud thump at around 6 o’clock eastern time that day, that was me…falling over in exhaustion.

Today (and likely tomorrow) is an extensive read and edit session. I was supposed to start this phase yesterday, but by the time a window of opportunity opened in which to start it, I had no juice left–none, zip, nada.

I guess you could say, I hit the wall. Unfortunately, I’m not done until I press “send” to I need to rah-rah myself back into my chair to finish this up, once and for all.

So that’s where I am on this Monday morning. How are things looking for you guys?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)