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Eater’s Choice

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Yesterday, my youngest and I were on our own for dinner. So I gave her the choice of what she wanted to do for dinner.

Her pick? An assortment of appetizers.

My addition? Ben & Jerry’s for dessert.

When you’ve got control over dinner, what do you tend to pick?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


School Bits

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Bits time!

1) How did you get to school as an elementary age student?

2) Favorite lunch to bring to school?

3) Most interesting school project you ever did/participated in?

4) Favorite non-core class?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three People

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Back to the island again today. people

You can bring three people (NOT family members) to this remote island with you.

Who do you choose and why?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three Things

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Remember yesterday’s remote island? person with suitcase

In addition to your three books, you also get to bring three objects from your home. What would you bring and why?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three Books

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remote islandIf you were sent to a remote island and told you could only take three books, what would you take and why?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Geek Alert

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My friend, Julie, has never met a shoe store she doesn’t like.

My mother could spend days in a clothing store.

Me? I like office supply stores.  school_supplies

Yep, I’m a total geek. Office supply stores are, essentially, my mother ship. I love walking down the various aisles and looking at the pens, pencils, notepads, sticky-notes, folders, labels, envelopes, etc. And if they’re colorful, even better.

So while I’m not a fan of the lines this time of year always brings to said stores, I’ll take just about any excuse known to mankind to visit one.

Case in point, school supply shopping.

Today will have me loading up my cart (and lightening my wallet) with all those things the kids need before starting yet another year of school. I miss the lunch boxes that used to be so much fun to pick out when they were little, but the colorful binders and sticky-notes do just fine in a pinch.

So what’s your favorite kind of shopping?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Super Size Bits

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We’re super-sizing our bits today!

1) McDonalds or Burger King?

2) Fries or apple slices?

3) Vanilla or chocolate milk shake?

4) Hold the ?

5) Confession time: Do you ever get a Happy Meal for yourself?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


The Night Before School Starts

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Let’s try a prompt today, shall we?

Writing from a child’s perspective, put us in bed the night before school starts…

(Just a couple of sentences, but have fun with this)

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Wisdom Teeth

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Dear Daughter # 1 got her wisdom teeth pulled on Monday. Needless to say, she’s not been feeling all that great the past day or so. Of course, I’ve been supplying her with milk shakes (which she loves), applesauce, and pudding, and reminding her it will be over soon.

This, however, is one of those “life moments” I can’t completely relate to as I still have all four of my wisdom teeth.

How about you? Do you have yours? If not, any tips (or horror stories) to share now that the big extraction is behind her?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Reading It All

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When my siblings and I were little, the cereal box was always required reading, often resulting in a fight as to who got to have it in front of their bowl.

Back then, vacation time meant the beach. And the beach meant banner planes. When one of those flew over the beach, all wave-jumping stopped just so we could read the banner.

These days, I can’t ride in a subway without reading all the ads. Same for the outside of city buses as they go by.

Any must-read oddities for you along the way?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)