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From Brain To Shelf

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I remember when I first wanted to be a writer. I thought all the job entailed was, well, writing a book. And then–poof!–it would show up on a library shelf.

Looking back, I realize I got one part of it right. The writing the book part. So far this year, I’ve turned three mystery novels to my publisher–one in the end of January, one in the middle of May, and one in the beginning of August. A fourth one is due on December 1st. That’s a lot of books…

The past two weeks, I’ve been handling copy edits on two of those first three. Copy edits for the third will probably hit later in October.

Mixed in with all of that, I’ve attended a few conferences, done a decent number of signings, and just spent a few days nailing down events for the launch of my new series for 2016.

Oh, and I’m trying to write something new when moments present themselves (which isn’t often).

Busy, busy.

I bring this up, because it’s a process I really didn’t know about until I became a contracted writer. Now that I know the way it goes, I’m a little overwhelmed at times, but mostly I’m just kind of fascinated by it all. And even after 21 books in print (and 6 more contracted books still to come), I still stumble across things that are new.

Any questions I can answer about the book to shelf process?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


On My Nightstand

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Two weekends ago, while traveling, I got to have lunch with my friend, Susan McBride. I’ve been a fan of her as a person and a writer for quite some time. Her latest book, SAY YES TO THE DEATH, is her latest installment in her Debutante Dropout series, and she gave me a copy as I was heading out the door. say yes

I’ve been a little swamped with work lately, but when I have a chance, I delve back into this book. It’s smart, it’s funny, and it’s a huge win-win for those Debutante Dropout fans, like myself, who have been waiting years for this book.

SAY YES TO THE DEATH officially came out today, and I highly recommend it.

What are you reading this week?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Checkin’ In

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Sorry for this late entry this morning. Whirlwind weekend with that one-day mystery conference in PA, the 3 1/2 hour drive each way, and DD # 2’s birthday yesterday. As a result (or maybe because I feel like I’m fighting something right now), I slept in a wee bit and now it’s off to the dentist.

I’ll be back tomorrow.

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Travelin’ Bits

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carSince I’ll be doing a little traveling this weekend for a mystery conference in PA, I figured some “travel bits” were in order… 🙂

1) Favorite road-trip snack?

2) Audio books or music?

3) If you had to narrow your music preference to a decade, what decade would it be?

4) Last road trip you took?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Just ‘Cause

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How about a writing challenge today?

Sometime between now and when you go to bed tonight, jot a note to someone in your home. Just take 5 minutes to let them know they’re special to you.

I’m going to do it, are you?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)



An Ability to Juggle, Helpful

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If I were to write a job description for an author, I’d have to include “proficiency in juggling.”

Take for example my past few days…

I’m working on copyedits for A CHURN FOR THE WORSE (Amish # 5). There aren’t a lot of changes to be made, but this is the last stage I have to make changes to the text so it requires a thorough reading.

While that’s going on, I’m also setting up events for launch week of my brand new series debuting in June. Yes, June seems like a long way away, but when it comes to inking events with libraries and bookstores, it’s not.

I also wrote up a proposal for a workshop my friend and I are hoping to give at a conference in the spring. We won’t know if we got it until the end of the year, but I think what I sent in on our behalf looks really good.

In between all of that, I’m still trying to work on a want-to project. It’s been slow going, mostly because it’s a different genre than I normally write so there’s a learning curve involved.

I also just agreed to write an E-short for one of my series, so now my  mind is working on that…while also starting to churn the next book I have to write in the new series.

And it’s only Wednesday…

Tell me, does your job require any particular circus skills?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura) 


The Best Kind of Me-Time

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Aside from all the fun of seeing my friends in St. Louis over the weekend, I got to get on the plane back home with two new books!

I’m three chapters into one of them, and loving every minute so far. Some of that is because the book is great. The rest of that is because reading time is akin to me-time, and that’s always great when I can get it. 🙂

What are you reading right now?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Grins & Groans

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How about a few “grins & groans” this morning?


1) I got to spend about 36 hours in St. Louis. I saw my MS support team (aka my doctor and nurse–both of whom I adore), as well as a few dear friends. Friend-time is always good for the soul.

2) I’m in the process of setting up events to coincide with the launch of the first book in my brand new mystery series for 2016 (stay tuned for details on both the series and the events).

3) I came home from my trip with two new books–both written by friends. 🙂

4) I have some really wonderful people in my life.


1) I’ve been summoned for jury duty next month.

2) I ate the Candy Corn Hershey Bar I bought for myself (the groan being that now it’s gone…).

Now it’s your turn. What are some of your current “grins and groans?”

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)



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Bits time!

1) What really makes you angry?

2) What motivates you to work hard?

3) What is your favorite thing about your career?

4) What makes you laugh the most?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Field Trip

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I’m having a sort of virtual author event over at the Whodunit Author blog today.

I’m doing a Q & A (with myself), posting lots of cute pictures, and putting a signed book up for grabs to one lucky visitor who comments on that blog.

Come on by and pull up a chair. 😉

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)