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Holiday Break

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christmasWith kids home from school and the holiday festivities, I’m going to hang it up here until after the first of the year. I hope you’ll come back starting January 4th.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

And thank you for hanging out here with me this year (and for many years before).

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Game Time

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We had some friends over on Saturday night for dessert and games. We played one called, 5 Second Rule. Basically you are given a category and have to name 3 things that fit in 5 seconds.  If you get them, great. If you don’t name 3, then the next person gets a chance. However, each of their 3 answers has to be different than the ones you did say.

It was fun.

I also enjoy guesstures–that’s where you get a certain amount of time to try and get your teammates to guess what you’re doing in a set amount of time. That’s always good for a few laughs.

Now tell me what group type games you enjoy (maybe one will make a good Christmas present for someone on my list).

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Bits O’ Holiday

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Sorry I was AWOL yesterday. I got home at 1 in the morning from the trip to Hershey with the girls and I was pretty tired.

But I’m here today, with more holiday bits!

1) Saucer or regular sled?

2) Snowman or snow fort?

3) One Christmas song you always sing along with…

4) Bows or ribbons?

5) Hardest person to shop for on your list?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


The Best of the Best, Tradition Wise

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Of all the things you do with your family during the holiday season (either the actual day or in the days leading up to it), what would you say are three of your favorite traditions?

For me, I’d say:

1) Finding a drive-thru light display.

2) Watching A Year Without A Santa Claus.

3) The actual process of decorating the tree–we all help hang the ornaments and since they all have some sort of meaning it’s fun to listen to the kids getting excited over their favorites.

Your turn.

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Your Pick

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Question time:

First book (that you’ve read) that comes to mind in the following categories:

1) Thrilling/edge of your seat:

2) Upsetting:

3) Sticks with you long after the last page:

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


The Best of the Best

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santaLooking back now, what was the best Christmas gift you ever got as a kid?

Mine was my baby doll, Jody.  From the moment I got her, she went everywhere with me. For years.

Oh how I loved her…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Christmas Time Bits

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christmascandycanesTime to roll up our sleeves and get down to bits. 🙂

(cute, huh?)

1) Star or angel on top of your tree?

2) Name or no name on your stocking?

3) Open presents on Christmas or Christmas Eve?

4) Favorite kids’ TV Christmas special?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Momentary Halt

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I’ve been on fire writing this week. However, I need to halt that today in order to plan out the next 3-5 chapters.  This planning (or “bulleting,” as I call it) is pretty basic. I literally make bullet points for what needs to happen in a particular chapter–who is on the page, any red herrings that need to happen, any real clues that need to go in, who crosses paths with who…that sort of thing.

So after my workout this morning, I’m heading to B & N with my notebook and pen. If all goes well, I’ll come home with what I need to have another productive day at the keyboard tomorrow, as well as most of next week (before I have to “bullet” again).  I only work 3-5 chaps ahead so I can adjust to the changes that invariably show up more easily than I could if I planned out too far in advance.

Any questions?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


That Something Special

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shopping bagI’ve been trying really hard to think of extra meaningful gifts this year for some of the people on my Christmas shopping list–you know, ways to let them know I support them, or that I’m proud of them, etc.

I’m curious about some of the gifts you’ve given (or received) along these lines over the years…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


That One

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What’s the last book you read that really left an impression on you and why?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)