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Quick Bits

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1) What’s your go-to dinner for a truly lazy night?

2) How do you like your breakfast eggs?

3) Bacon or no bacon?

4) What do you call a sub sandwich where you live?

Have a great weekend!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Time For An Update

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a writing update, so I thought I’d do one today.

*I’m about 80 pages away from finishing my latest work in progress (Emergency Dessert Squad # 3). If all goes well, I will be typing “The End” by Feb. 5th.

*I just received my shipment of Amish Mystery bookmarks and 2016 release postcards which I’ll be readying for shipment to readers around the middle of February (A Churn for the Worse–Amish # 5–releases March 1st).

*With the release of A Churn For the Worse, comes blog tours and so I’ll be stockpiling a few posts specific to that book. I’ll also be creating my release day newsletter to go out to my subscriber list on March 1st. So if you’re not on my newsletter list, you might want to sign up. I always have special content that is only available to the people on my list. You can sign up on the “home page” of my website (left hand side):

*Once I officially send the work in progress to my editor, I will take a day or two to breathe and then begin edits on a humorous cozy I hope to have out sometime this year (stay tuned for that).

*Then, when those edits are done and I’ve decided what I’m doing with that book, I will get back to a project I’ve been slowly working on in the background. I have high hopes for it so we’ll see how it goes.

So there you go. My January writing update.

Any questions/comments?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)



Ready to Big Farewell to Winter

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While  we can’t really complain about this winter so far (we’ve only had one measurable–granted, hugely measurable–snowfall so far), I’m still done with it.

Yes, I love boots.

Yes, I love sweaters and jeans.

But the shivering? That I’m done with.

So today, I’m thinking warm and hoping you’ll help  me out. What’s your favorite part of warm weather (bonus points if you describe it so well, I actually forget it’s still winter).

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


A Must See

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Lmovieooking for a powerful movie?

13 Hours.

Go see it. People were literally crying in the theater.

There was help literally 20 minutes away by air, yet no one was sent. I know who I won’t be voting for in the upcoming presidential race…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


One of the Keys To Success

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Every year, when I watch one of my kids on stage, I’m reminded of this…


Putting yourself out there, on a stage, behind a music stand, at a podium…it all takes courage.

Tell me something you respect in your kids (or in people in general).

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)



Bits O’ Jonas

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snow-flake-shadowedIn honor of Snowstorm Jonas, I think some blizzard-like bits are in order, don’t you?

1) Favorite “blizzard” flavor (if you’ve never been to DQ, it’s basically a thick shake with candy bits inside)?

2) Best personal snowstorm story (most fun would work, too)?

3) Craziest thing you’ve used for Snowman face parts?

4) Gloves or mittens?

Stay safe, everyone!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Snow Day (on the Page, Anyway)

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writergirlNot too sure how many are still reading this blog, but let’s try a writing exercise. If you’re out there–give it a whirl.

Describe some part of a snow day for us.  Just a sentence or two is fine. And whatever aspect of a snow day you choose to focus on, is fine.

C’mon, give it a shot…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Not Snow Wonderful…

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So it looks as if we might finally be getting our first snowfall of the season this weekend. Of course it’s a weekend that is rather important to my youngest as it’s when her annual high school dance company show happens.

Ugh is right.

Hopefully, the storm will happen overnight and not affect the shows…or that it only affects the number of shows that can be made up on Sunday.

As for me, I’m eyeballing the net potential snowfall which could hit next week.  That one I’m claiming as a reading day! 🙂

What constitutes a perfect snow day for you?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Field Trip Time!

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roadtrip Today’s “Reading Tuesday” has us going on a field trip to the Whodunit Author blog.

Why? I’m up at bat, divulging “my bff” in each of my three series…  🙂

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Around the World, Taste Bud Style

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So last night I tried “Himalayan” (aka indian) food for the first time. And while I’m a pretty plain eater, there were some things I really enjoyed.

My favorite ethnic food of all (aside from Italian) is probably Japanese (I can never have enough teriyaki).

How about you? What’s your favorite ethnic food?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)