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An Update, and a Request

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Pretty clever title I came up with for today’s Writing Thursday post, eh? ūüėČ

The update:

*NEEDLE AND DREAD (Southern Sewing Circle Mystery #11) releases next Tuesday. Any shouting out you can do would be hugely appreciated.

*On Monday, I will officially start writing # 12 in that series.

*A CHURN FOR THE WORSE (Amish Mystery # 5) has been out for 4 weeks now and has gotten some really great reviews. If you know someone who might enjoy this book, why not pick up a copy for them as a gift?


The Request for help:

*With the release of the debut title (ECLAIR AND PRESENT DANGER) in my upcoming Emergency Dessert Squad Mysteries just 2 months away (June 7th), I have to really be brainstorming and executing some creative marketing ideas to make sure the word gets out. Any thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? Connections?¬† I’ve always been a big believer in brainstorming so I’m seriously hoping you guys have some ideas we can bat around. The more creative and memorable the better.

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Serenity Now…

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I have a few days “break” in what has been/will be utter craziness. Of course, that break has me trying to fit in all the things I haven’t been able to do because of the aforementioned craziness, but in comparison to what it’s been like lately, I’ll take it.

Honestly though, I’d really like to just have a day where my whole agenda consists of watching movies and doing nothing. It’s not going to happen, but it sure is nice to imagine…

What do you crave when life gets crazy busy?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)



Preferred Format

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I’m curious…

The word on the street is that the paperback format isn’t doing so well these days. Which, honestly, I find rather bizarre. I don’t know about you, but there are very few authors (as in like 2) I’ll pay hardcover prices to read. I get that many former paperback readers are reading e-books now, but that’s not everybody, right?

So tell me about your buying habits. When you buy a book, what format do you buy? Rank order them, if you would.

Hardcover, paperback, e-book.

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


On The Tube

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old-style-tv-setI’m generally late to the “great TV show” party. I found Dexter after it was off the air, got hooked on Castle about five years after it started (caught up now), and enjoyed Seinfeld in its rerun form.

So, with that in mind, I suspect I’m missing on good stuff now…

What current TV show do you really enjoy?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Easter Bits

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Sorry for posting this a wee bit late this morning (been doing a lot of driving lately and it caught up with me last night).

So now for Easter Bits…

1) Favorite Easter themed candy?

2) Least favorite Easter themed candy?

3) As for how to eat a chocolate bunny–feet or ears first?

4) Egg hunt or no egg hunt?

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


To Know or To Feel, That Is The Question

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So Tuesday evening I treated myself to a night out in the city. My aunt and I had dinner out and then we went to the Barnes & Noble on West 83rd to see Harlan Coben in conversation with Lee Child.

Yep, that’s two powerhouses in one place at one time.

They were funny, of course. And I enjoyed myself immensely. But one thing Lee said perked up my ears.

Normally, the “rule of thumb” for new writers is to “write what you know.” We’ve all heard it. We’ve all done it, to some extent. But Lee said you should “write what you feel.”

I found that fascinating for so many reasons, but mostly because I think that’s how I work. I’m more into exploring how a particular event affects a character, than dissecting the act, itself.¬†I think that’s why I can write about something I’ve not experienced first hand (like¬†being Amish)–because I can put myself in those characters’ shoes (with research behind it, of course) and feel what they¬†feel. That emotion can drive any plot.

At least that’s¬†how I took what he said. Or, rather, the way my brain¬†immediately dissected it.

So what I’m curious about, from all of you, is your read on this from a reader’s perspective. What glues you to a book? Is it what’s happening or is it the affect of what’s happening?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


An Extra Hour

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Lately, thanks to all the things I want to write, I find myself wishing I could have an extra hour in each of my days. And, of course, some added energy to go with that additional hour.

If you could have an extra hour built into your days, what would you use the time to accomplish?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Those Five…

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Name 5 books from your childhood (childhood being baby through 12th grade) that you can still vividly recall. Bonus points if you give us a why…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Yes, It’s Monday…

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I’m in the mood for some Monday Bits.

I know, I know…but it’s okay to throw in an extra one from time to time, isn’t it?

1) If you could only wear ONE color for the rest of your life, what would it be?

2) How many slices of pizza can you eat in one sitting?

3) If you could have a $100 shopping spree to any store, what would it be?

4) Least favorite household chore?

5) If someone made a movie about your life, what genre would it be?

Oooh, can’t wait for these answers!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Rather Bits

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Today’s bits are of the “would you rather” variety…

1) Would you rather go to the movie theater or watch one at home?

2) Would you rather stay at a hotel or at the home of someone you know?

3) Comedy club or dance club?

4) Watch TV or read a book?

5) Dodgeball or  kickball?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)