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Three Things

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#1) So my weekend was spent writing, for the most part, but I did manage to squeak out three fun things I can share today…On Saturday night, I got to see my oldest friend (duration, not age) one more time before she moves to Florida.  Julie and I have been friends since we met in fourth grade (we were both the “new kids” that same year).   Side note: I seriously need to spend some time in the sun…



#2) While Sewing Circle #12 kept me on my toes by making me add one more chapter…and then one more chapter…and one more chapter, I finally typed my two favorite writing-related words.



#3) To celebrate the above two words, DD # 2 and I went out for ice-cream. Which, coincidentally, just so happened to be National Ice Cream Day.  🙂



A busy but good weekend.

Your turn…

~Elizabeth (Laura)


Work Bits

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Yep, I’m still writing.

So it’s probably no real surprise that when it came time to come up with today’s bits, they’re all work-related…

  1. Best part of your job?
  2. Not so great part of your job?
  3. Longest day you’ve been in at your job?
  4. Favorite day of the work week?

Enjoy your weekend!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


The Finish Line is in Sight

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I am 4 1/2 chapters away from “The End” on my latest work in progress.  This is always a super fun part of the book as everything is coming together so fast, I just want to keep going and going until it’s done.  And, with the proper setting (ie, quiet and a bowl of junk food beside me), I could knock it out in the next 24 hours if I wrote through the night.

I don’t plan on doing that, though.  But I do plan on being done by end-of-business tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Looking Back

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So yesterday really was non-stop. Between my workout, MS talk, and heading out to take DD # 2 to her concert (and then killing time in Newark while she and her friend were inside) it was busy.

It was interesting watching the concert let out, though. Teenage girls everywhere!!

So of course, I had to share that I, too, had seen my first concert at about this same age.  It was John Cougar at the New Haven Coliseum (which I just learned no longer exists).

Anyway, today is back to the grind, as well as a library event this afternoon.

What was your first concert?  And what was your favorite concert? Any performer disappoint you?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)



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Today is the day.

amongthewickedMy favorite series (as a reader) has a new book out today!!  Among the Wicked by Linda Castillo will be in my hot little hands by the end of the day.

The hard part will be being disciplined enough to refrain from starting it until my current work in progress is done.

But I’m pretty sure this is going to be one heckuva carrot to write these last 4 chapters…


Is there a future book release that you’re really excited about?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three Things

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While I don’t have any pictures to share with my “three things” from this past weekend, I do have three things I did…

*I watched The Martian on demand on Friday night.

*On Saturday night I had to rewatch the 30 minutes or so I missed of The Martian because I fell asleep…   🙂

*I got some cleaning in (although I should have been editing).

Your turn.

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Bits of Bits

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It’s Friday! Yay!  Though, considering I’ll be writing and editing all weekend, it’s a bit less of a “yay” on my end.

Still, let’s spice things up a little with some bits!

  1. Favorite breed of dog (even if you don’t have a dog)?
  2. Last time you pulled an all nighter? And why?
  3. What one meal could you do away with (breakfast, lunch, or dinner)?
  4. You go to a breakfast place, what do you normally order?

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Times 2?

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There are days when I wish I had another me–someone who could take half my tasks and do those while original me did the other half.

Today (and the next seven, most likely) is one of those days. I have a book to finish, another book to edit, and only a finite amount of energy.

If you could have another you for a day, what would you have the “the other you” do?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Ten Years

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Today is a bittersweet day for me. IMG_1914

Ten years ago today, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

Was that a great day? Of course not. But all things produce something good if you take the time to look.

Since that game changing day, I’ve…

*Teamed up with the perfect doctor for me–someone I trust one hundred percent and who sees me.

*Published 21 of my 24 books (to date)–underscoring the never-give-up thing.

*Shown my kids that even the unexpected curveballs can be hit if you don’t stop swinging.

IMG_2240*Learned who my true friends are.

*Realized that I am strong…and worth standing beside.

So yeah, the diagnosis itself wasn’t great. But some of the things to come from it have been pretty darn awesome.

Never stop swinging, friends. Never, ever.

Hugs to all of you!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


A Splash of Monday, A Drop of Tuesday

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You know how on a Tuesday following a holiday Monday, you keep forgetting what day it is?

Yup. That’s me today.

So I’m combining our normal Monday post and our Tuesday post into one. 🙂

In terms of the weekend, here’s my three fun/good things:

I got to watch my daughter perform in a show in New Hampshire (she was Gretel)…




I went hiking in The Flume National Park and by The Basin and saw some really beautiful things…


And I didn’t do any work at all…


Which, of course, means I’ll be working like a nut this coming week. But it was worth it.

As for what I’m reading right now, since I haven’t been to the gym all weekend, I’m still working on Harlan Coben’s Darkest Fear.

Your turn. Tell me three things from your weekend and what book you’re reading.

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)