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A Little Help With The Shopping Bags…

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I’d like to pick your brains today, if I can…shopping bag

I haven’t started by gift-buying shopping yet at all. And while I’m not normally the type to finish super early, I’ve usually started at least some of it by now. It’s been a hard year on many levels and, as a result, I’m even less excited about “things” than ever.

I guess that’s why I’m really wanting to do more experience kind of presents this year. Something my recipients can go and do (either with me or on their own) rather than simply have.

So I come to you for some direction, ideas, thoughts, whatever. In particular for:

DH (aka “a guy”)

DD # 1 (finishing up college)

DD # 2 (finishing up high school)

DS (on his own for the first time)

Thank you!!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


How To ?

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If you were in a store right now, and had to pick two How-To books (they don’t have to be actual published books), what would you pick and why?


~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three Things

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I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Mine was busy (lots of cleaning, cooking, entertaining) but quite nice.

Surprisingly we got a decent amount of pictures over the weekend, so I picked out three that would give you into my Thanksgiving weekend…

Checking the turkey…



Believe it or not (although most of you who have been on this page for years probably aren’t surprised), this isn’t even all of the desserts on Thanksgiving night…


We decked the halls (inside and outside) on Friday (love, love, love Christmas decorations) and then did the whole Thanksgiving-esque dinner again (only round two had pork, instead of turkey) on Saturday night with my cousin and her husband (and a whole lot of laughing).

And then it was off to the city on Sunday morning for a Girls’ trip to see the Rockettes in their Christmas Spectacular Show at Radio City Music Hall!!


Great weekend, great holiday.

Now tell us your three things…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Turkey Lead-Up

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thanksgivingWith the Thanksgiving holiday now upon us, I’m going to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving! I’ll be back on Monday with my three (maybe more) things and hope you’ll have yours, too.

In the meantime, THANK YOU for being my readers…but, more importantly, my friends.

Love you guys!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Holiday Reading

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I’d like to say I anticipate some reading time over the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend, but I don’t see that happening. With kids home, company coming, all the cooking (and cleaning) and decorating to be done, I’m not even sure how much writing I’ll be able to sneak in.

What’s on your reading pile for the holiday?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three Things

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This weekend seemed to go by in a blur. Not because of tons of stuff, but just because it went by fast and I’m now trying to think of three things to share.

I had a library gig at a small library about 90 minutes north of where I live. Small crowd, but it went well. And DD # 2 went with me, which is always a treat! I failed to take pictures, though, so…

**Pretend there is a picture of me here, sitting in a chair, talking with some really nice readers.** 🙂


Before the library gig, DD # 2 needed to make something for a “friends-giving” get-together she was attending with friends after my library thing. So she made these cupcakes and I had fun watching her (I frosted them, she did all the cool stuff).


Sunday, I got in a workout, did a little writing, went out for pizza, and watched a little Hallmark Channel.


There you go. My three things. Took me a minute, but that’s why I like doing this each week. It makes me aware of the special moments I might overlook in my mind’s eye.

Your turn.

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)



Sensory Bits & More

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Today’s bits require you to choose one or the other.  Here we go…

  1. Sight or hearing?
  2. Taste or smell?
  3. Sight or touch?
  4. Hug or an “I Love you”?
  5. Companionship or Romance?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Beyond the Gobble-Gobble

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Writing prompt time!

Write something to us as this year’s Thanksgiving turkey (yeah, I know, but think of the possibilities)…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Cover Reveal Time

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I am pleased to present the cover for PATTERNED AFTER DEATH (Book # 12 in my Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries)…


As for a little bit about the story via the back jacket copy:

Murder hits close to home for the Southern Sewing Circle in the latest mystery from national bestselling author Elizabeth Lynn Casey.

Everyone in Sweet Briar, South Carolina, knows former high school football stars Jake Davis and Noah Madden. The two were fierce rivals once and now, twenty years later, the dueling quarterbacks haven’t lost their luster. So townsfolk are surprised when Jake and Noah team up for a business venture. And there’s only one suspect when Noah turns up murdered.

Margaret Louise, Jake’s mother and one of the founding members of the sewing circle, isn’t about to take the attack on her son’s reputation lying down. In fact, she’s in full mama-bear mode. And Tori and the rest of the Sweet Briar gang are more than willing to help her sharpen her claws to catch a killer.

PATTERNED AFTER DEATH will release on June 6th, but is available for pre-order NOW.

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Book Stuff

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img_2839I’ve got some reading-related inquiries for you today…

  1. What weather/setting makes you want to grab a book and read away the hours?
  2. When is the last time you re-read a book? What was it?
  3. Last book that really stoked some emotions (whether anger, sadness, or joy)?

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  It’s a rainy/chilly one here but that’s okay, because yesterday was g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!!!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)