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What You’re Reading

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open bookTime to find out what you’re reading…

Me? I just started FOUND, the last in a YA trilogy.


~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three Things

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This is one of those times where I’m really glad I started this “three things” post on Mondays because it makes me think about what I did even when my instinct is to say “nothing.”

So here we go…

Although it was still work hours on Friday, I spent time on the phone with my agent talking about my career goals. Since I’m kind of a goal-writing/goal-reaching junkie, this was great fun for me. I’m really excited about what I have on the horizon, work-wise.


Saturday morning I went to a Zumba class.  I love the instructor and the music, so this was great fun…and a helluva good workout.   Since I wouldn’t dream of taking (or sharing) a picture of me in workout gear, we must settle for this…


And finally, on Sunday afternoon, I was invited to be part of an online book club that had read my book, Éclair and Present Danger. It was such fun to chat with (and listen to) a big group of folks who’d recently read it. They had great questions and I was fascinated by some of their comments about characters and storyline.

This is the treat I had while discussing the book…


Now tell me your three things.

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Jan Bits

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On this, the last weekend of January, I offer some January related bits:

  1. Best winter memory?
  2. Sledding or skating?
  3. Hat or ear muffs?
  4. Chin out of or under the blankets?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)



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The title says everything you need to know about today’s post…

  1. My “me-day” in the city yesterday was lovely.

IMG_3175I had my favorite breakfast at my favorite little café on the upper west side. I mostly just enjoyed the atmosphere (and my food), but I also jotted out my writing goals for the next year.

IMG_3184I walked across Central Park so I could visit my favorite sea lions. This is Charlie (short for Charlotte) waiting semi-patiently for the zookeepers to show up with her fish. She, of course, did all sorts of fun tricks to earn those fish…which makes me ridiculously happy.

On my drive home from the city, I got a phone call from a friend I’ve been worried about (she’s going through some pretty serious health stuff right now). Although I know she has a long road ahead of her, it was such a lift to hear her sounding upbeat.

Then it was home to work on some posts for my FB author page (I’ve been sharing behind the scenes tidbits for each of my series every day this week–which works since I have 5 series).

Today, is mammo day…therefore, it’s also chocolate treat day!  🙂   I’m all for the self reward thing.

My ramblings are now complete. For today.

Any ramblings you care to share?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura) 


The Pseudo Snow Day

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snowclipartYesterday was a snow day around here, although we had no snow. Just some lingering ice that I guess made the roads iffy for the school buses (that and there have been no snow days taken yet, so I think the teachers were ready). Normally I love snow days, but with DD # 2 studying for mid-terms and me gathering up my 2016 work expenses, we didn’t get to do the normal snow-day stuff.

What’s normal snow day stuff, you ask?

Cuddling under a blanket and watching TV together…drinking hot cocoa…making cookies…that kind of stuff.

Since the timing was off to be able to indulge like normal, we’re both hoping for a real snow day sometime between now and the end of winter. You know, so we can do it right this time. 🙂

As for me today…now that I’m all caught up on my non-writing to do list, I’m taking a me-day in the city.


What’s a snow day look like in your house?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


YA-ing It

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Since I’ve read all of Harlan Coben’s thrillers and they’re the best way to keep me on the elliptical machine at the gym, I’ve decided to give his YAs a shot.  I enjoyed the first one (Shelter) enough, I’m now onto the second one (Seconds Away).

What’s a YA book (other than Harry Potter) that you’ve enjoyed?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three Things

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Wow, did your weekend go as fast as mine did? Wow.

Okay, three things…

DD # 2 was in the final Dance Company performance of her high school career (*sniff*). She did a great job in every one of her dances which ranged from East Coast Swing to Hip Hop and a whole lot of other styles in between.


There were three shows and, therefore, she got lots of flowers from us and the friends who came to see her, too.


DD # 1 came home from college to attend the Saturday night performance (love the way they support one another).

Sunday morning DD # 1 took a bus back to school and I took a wee bit of time to watch An Amish Murder (based on the book, SWORN TO SILENCE). Of course, treats were involved.


After the movie, I took down the second Christmas tree (the catch-all one) and got the family room back to its non-holiday state (I did this up in the living room with the main tree earlier in the week).

Your turn. Tell us three things from your weekend (and Chris, give us a shout-out to let us now you’re okay from the GA tornadoes, okay?)

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Friday Bits

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It’s Friday Bits time!

  1. Of all the non-major holidays (major being Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter), what is your favorite holiday and why?
  2. Favorite go-to TV station when you first turn it on?
  3. Favorite style of dance to watch?
  4. Favorite kind of chip to eat?

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Old, Yet New

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Pretty soon, I’ll be working on my next book. While I can’t talk specifics yet (it’s part of the finger crossing thing from last week), I can tell you that a portion of the book will have a character seeing a particular place for the very first time.

As part of my research, I’m trying to go to this same place (a place I’ve seen before) and try to see it for the very first time–the sights, the smells, the sounds, the feel, etc.

Have you ever gone somewhere you’d been before and somehow still see it as if it’s brand new? Any thoughts on how/why that happened?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Playing Catch-Up

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So you probably noticed I was AWOL yesterday. My excuse? Now that the book is done, I’m trying to get caught up on all the things I haven’t done, but need to.

The book was turned in just before midnight on Sunday night.

Monday was about writing guest posts/doing an interview for the upcoming release of Death in Advertising, FAFSA for DD # 2, errands, and realizing the hot water heater up and croaked, etc.

Tuesday (my AWOL day) was taking down the Christmas tree and all the decorations. There were times–when the ornaments were strewn across the table and I was pairing them with their correct box–I felt as if I was playing Where’s Waldo…but I got it all done. 🙂  Then it was back to more college financial aid stuff.

Today, it’s mailing off some paperwork, talking to one of the schools on the phone, and thinking about working on my expense report so it’s ready to go at tax time.

Busy, busy, that’s for sure.

The good news is, I’m being super productive and getting a lot done.

The bad new is, I haven’t really gone phewwww since I hit send. But don’t worry, I have a plan for a phew-day coming up next week.

In the meantime, tell me some “to do” stuff you really want/need to tackle sooner rather than later.

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)