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Since I’ll be heading to Arizona this weekend (quick trip in/out) for some book signings, my mind is currently on packing. My goal is to keep it light on account of a) the quickness of the trip and b) my back is screaming at me thanks to the shoveling. But there are always must-have’s (beyond the standard clothes/personal hygiene items) when you travel, regardless of trip length.

I, of course, must bring: suitcase1

*My shots/injector…though trust me, I wish I could leave them home.

*My computer

*A treat of some sort for the plane.

Any must have’s for you when traveling by plane?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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  1. Debbie S
    March 16th, 2017 at 11:54 am

    I don’t travel by plane, but when traveling I must have my kindle plus charger, must have charger, camera, lap top to load my pictures in at the end of the day. Oh and teeth, that has become the running joke in this family since I got them.

  2. Kay Bennett
    March 16th, 2017 at 6:07 pm

    I used to travel quite a bit and I learned how to pack and pack well. That also meant I was able to carry everything including the kitchen sink if needed. My friends always made fun of me for bringing so much with me, but stopped the laughing when I just happened to have exactly what they needed at any moment.
    One thing I learned early and from a not too happy experience, no matter how long the trip or how you are traveling – always carry one change of clothing (including under garments) in whatever bag you will always keep on you.
    I learned from working the lost baggage department at the airport to always carry your medicine on you, never let it out of your sight.
    I learned that it is a good idea to buy a drink at the airport in a bottle so you dont have to worry if they will serve anything on the plane.
    And of course snacks are a must, not just for on the plane, in the car or whatever mode of transport you use. Where you are going may not have the best choice of snacks, they may be expensive or you may be staying with a friend that has weird food tastes like all veggies or something.
    Good luck, safe travels and have fun!

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