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Friday Bits

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Friday bits time!

  1. Favorite month of the year/why?
  2. Favorite day of the week/why?
  3. Favorite holiday of the year/why?
  4. Favorite TV show as a kid?

Have a great weekend!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Your Pen, Your Words

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Final page proofs for Emergency Dessert Squad # 3–Dial M for Mousse–are now on their way back to the editor. Yay!

One more thing crossed off my list…

So how about a writing prompt today?

Write a paragraph about someone with a super long to-do list. Let us feel what your character feels. It can be serious or funny, your choice.

Ready? Go…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Tear Jerkers

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I’ve been watching (and just finished the inaugural season) This is Us lately and really enjoying it. Great writing, great acting. Before I started watching it, I heard so many people talk about needing tissues when they watched. And while I’ve found many episodes poignant, I’ve not needed tissues.

Which got me thinking…

I used to cry at movies but I don’t anymore. I think I’m at a point in life where I can see these shows and realize it’s acting. I know what the real emotions are like, because I’ve “been there” for a lot, so the acting version doesn’t affect me.

However, play an emotional song, and I’ll sob.  Mark Schultz songs make me cry. They’re so heart felt, so real that you feel his emotion (likely born on his own real experiences) in the lyrics and…wham…I cry.

So how about you? Any particular TV shows/movies get to you? How about songs? Any particular musician that can get you sniffling?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


In Your Hands, On My Cover

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So I’m pretty much exactly where I was at this time last week, reading wise.  Been doing too many other things to read and this week shows little opportunity to change that.  Ugh.

What are you reading?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

P.S. Here’s the cover for Tobi Tobias Mystery # 3 (out in December):



Three Things

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It was a busy (but fun) weekend around here.

Friday night, DD # 2 and DS and I went out for a little fro-yo.  I chose a peanut butter/cookie and cream combination with some peanut butter cup and cookie dough balls on top.  Yum!


Saturday was family fun day and so DH, DD # 2, and DS played some mini golf (DS won, beating me by 3 strokes), some rummikub (DS won that, too!) and then we all watched Hidden Figures…


And then Sunday was our 2017 Walk for MS.  Our team, Norma’s Angels, raised $2250 (nearly 1K more than last year)!! We had great weather and a really nice 3.5 mile walk along the water. DD # 2 was our captain and she rounded up some friends who wanted to walk with us, made the shirts, and generally took point in her efforts to raise awareness for a disease that has impacted her life, in one way or another, since the day she was born (via her late paternal grandmother…and me).  Very proud of her, our team, and everyone who supported us.  Thank you!!


Now tell us three things from your weekend…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Bits and Extra Bits

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April showers bring… more bits?


So here we go:

  1. Does your pet (if you have one) like the car?
  2. What did you have for dinner last night?
  3. Umbrella or just run?
  4. Last thing you watched on TV?
  5. Book you most recently finished reading?
  6. Favorite store-bought cookie?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Up Now

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Sorry I was AWOL yesterday.  Feeling a wee bit tired lately and decided to see if I could combat it by sleeping in just a little. No such luck.

Anyway, I thought I’d make today and update (work wise) day…

  1. I’m working on the Amish women’s fiction novel for Kensington Publishing. I’m trying to spend time on it everyday–some days the words come fast and furiously, some days it goes a little slower, but all in all I’m pleased with my progress to date.
  2. I just got page proof edits (final round) for DIAL M FOR MOUSSE (Emergency Dessert Squad # 3), so I need to start that in the next few days.
  3. I also just got copy edits for AND DEATH GOES TO (Tobi Tobias Mystery # 3), so that’s a big one on the horizon as well.
  4. I’m actively reading my way through my Amish Mysteries series so I can jump into the writing of # 6 as soon as the Amish women’s fiction is done and turned in.

Busy, busy…

Any questions? Comments?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


In my Hands

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I haven’t had much reading time lately, so the only difference (for me) between last week and this week is that I finished Hearse & Buggy and have started Assaulted Pretzel.  Since I’ve written so many other books (both in this series and otherwise) since I first turned these in, it’s almost like reading a new book–LOL!.

It’s good though because it’ll help get my head back in that world once my current work in progress is done.

What are you reading?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three things

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I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

I had a fun one, although I did a horrible job recording any of it with my camera phone…

  1. Spent Friday afternoon/evening with the family (DD # 1 and DS were home from their respective college/job) which included a long walk in the park, dinner at a favorite haunt, and ice cream near the river.
  2. Saturday brought a family game of Settles of Catan (I won!). 🙂
  3. Sunday was basket time and an egg hung (they’re never too old), followed by dinner with cousins.

Now tell us your three things…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Easter Time Bits

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easter-basket-chicksSince Easter is Sunday, it only seems fitting our bits are Easter-themed.

  1. Hollow or solid?
  2. Ears or feet first?
  3. Favorite color jelly bean?
  4. Favorite Easter candy of all?

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)