Three Things: The Mother’s Day Edition

While Mother’s Day is normally a one-day event, because of geography it turned into a weekend long gig around here this time. Therefore, all of my “three things” stem from that.

On Saturday morning, I met DD # 1 in NYC for brunch at Max Brenner’s Chocolate Bar.  The food was pretty incredible, especially after a week of really watching my sugar intake. 🙂


In case you’re curious, I had a waffle topped with strawberries, whipped cream, and melted white chocolate.  Total yum!

I took the train home afterward and walked in my house to find these from DH.  Beautiful, aren’t they?

IMG_3629They were a really nice pick me up.  I had a wonderful time in the city with DD # 1 that morning, but I’ve been struggling with a bit of an MS flare the past week (fatigue) and so my energy level was pretty bad by the time I got home. This was a nice little dose of sunshine on a rainy day.

Then, on Sunday (Mother’s Day actual), DD # 2 and DH took my to Play Land for the day. We rode rides, laughed, and got some much needed fresh air. This is DD # 2 and I in front of the fun mirrors…


We topped it off with dinner (DH cooked), dessert (DD # 2 made it), watched Brother Bear (one of my favorites) and I got some special surprises.

So a great weekend. Definitely one for the mental memory book.

Tell us your three things.

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

4 Responses to “Three Things: The Mother’s Day Edition”

  1. Kay Bennett
    May 15th, 2017 at 11:15 am

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend, one you surely deserve!
    Our weekend was much more sedate, I know you are shocked about that one, lol.
    Mom has been very sore so I made sure she rested all weekend. No going crazy in the yard. Saturday we watched some shows and relaxed. My younger brother came by for Mother’s Day. So we all sat and laughed and chatted. Oh Friday nothing much just hanging out in the yard with the dogs. On Mother’s Day I made sure mom didnt do anything. We watched some shows, I brought her lunch and ice packs. My sister came by and we visited for a bit. That was about it. Mom enjoyed her weekend, resting, relaxing and her gifts.
    Hope all the mother’s out there had a wonderful weekend. Tyler got me a wonderful card, LOL

  2. Debbie S
    May 15th, 2017 at 12:09 pm

    I’m baaccckkk!
    We had such a busy week that on Mother’s day I really didn’t do much, hubby and youngest were working.
    1. Friday was mom’s memorial service, they did a beautiful job. It was great to see all the family even if it was under those circumstances. My younger sister had a few boxes of mom’s so we all went through them and reminisced.
    2. Saturday we went out to breakfast with my brother and sister in law, then sat in their hot tub and soaked (the traveling around all week was taking its toll), then that evening we went to a favorite family owned pizza place with friends before heading home.
    3. Mother’s day I pretty much sat around an vegged out all day, watched a couple shows with the oldest, the youngest woke me up that night with a hydrangea plant (now I’ve got to figure out how to keep it alive…I’ve killed 3, LOL).
    It was a good week home, went to one of the niece’s bridal shower, got to meet the newest great-niece, visited with my mother in law, traveled to Philly to visit with hubby’s brother and family, met his sister and part of her family for dinner before heading to my brother’s. We did a lot of laughing this week, it felt good. Paying for it now, sitting on a heating pad right now…well worth it.

  3. Elizabeth/Laura
    May 15th, 2017 at 1:40 pm

    Kay, I’m glad Tyler got you a card. 🙂 And hope mom is on the mend.

    Debbie, I’m sure there were tough moments during your trip (Hugs), but it sounds like you had some fun, too, and I’m glad.

  4. Andrea
    May 15th, 2017 at 10:20 pm

    Happy Mother’s Day all!! What a lovely weekend Laura. 🙂 Kay-hope your mom feels better soon. Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend though. How are your doggies doing?
    Welcome back Debbie! Sounds like a nice trip. Glad you were able to still enjoy yourself.
    My weekend was also relaxing. I volunteered at the library. It’s one of my favorite places-so peaceful. I watched some spectacular and nail-biting baseball. The Rangers have won six in a row! Yipee!!! Lastly, I just rested and watched movies. Work makes my brain hurt sometimes so it was nice to just hang out and not think about anything.

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