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NYE Bits

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How about a round of New Years’ Eve bits? Ready?

  1. How do you tend to celebrate NYE?
  2. Favorite NYE snack?
  3. Favorite NYE drink?
  4. Tell us something you’re proud of in regards to your 2017…
  5. A goal for 2018?

Have a safe weekend, everyone!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Holiday Three

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Posts this week will be a bit sporadic with the holiday week and all, but I couldn’t let an opportunity for a “holiday” three things to go by…

Christmas Eve brought cookie making/decorating. Although we should use icing bags, we just use butter knives and go.  Here’s my assortment…


Then it was off to church, to look at lights, and then come home and partake in a Christmas Eve dessert bar…


We played some games, got on our jammies, and off to be to wait for Santa to come.  Angus set up a sting by the tree…


In the morning, we woke to a white Christmas (photo taken through closed/screen window)!


Now it’s your turn (whenever you read this). Tell us three things from your holiday weekend!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


More Holiday Bits

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christmasSorry I was AWOL yesterday. I hit the ground running at 6 a.m. (after only 4 hours of sleep) and didn’t sit down until dinner time.

Anyhoo, we’re looking at more holiday talk for today’s bits…

  1. One think you’d really like, gift-wise, this year?
  2. What’s one question you’d like to ask Santa? 😉
  3. Are there matching Christmas pajamas in your house each year?
  4. How do you spend Christmas Eve?

Enjoy your weekend, everyone! And Merry Christmas!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)



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My mind is kind of all over the place this week with so many things I have to/want to do. Needless to say, my thoughts for today’s post are all over the place to…

*I spent a lovely day in the city yesterday with my aunt. We did an audio tour of Grand Central which was quite interesting. I’ve been in that building dozens and dozens of times and even I saw/learned things I hadn’t known before. And we had a nice, leisurely lunch with lots of talking (which I adored).

When I got home, I finally swapped my summer/winter clothes (I know…I’ve been pretty much wearing the same 5 or 6 things for weeks).

*Today, it’s writing in the morning, followed by a trip to Hershey with DD # 2 for the Christmas event.  We’ve done it the past 4 years in a row and it’s become a bit of a tradition. It was also the catalyst for finally doing the summer/winter clothes swap on a more official basis because I needed to find my Christmas sweater. 🙂

*Still hoping to finish my current work in progress by Saturday night. To do this means pulling a few late night’ers so we’ll see how that goes.

*I still have more shopping to do. I’m essentially down to a few more items for DD # 2, and stocking stuffers across the board at this point.

*I need to get to the grocery store and buy a turkey for Christmas Day dinner.

What’s your have to/want to list looking like for the next few days?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


A (Very Short) Breadcrumb Trail…

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Merry early Christmas! 🙂

I’m sharing some very cool news on my Facebook Author page today that you all might want to check out. 🙂  It includes a Christmas gift (for today–Dec. 19th–only)…

While you’re there, if you haven’t officially “liked” that page, maybe hit that little button if you would.


Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three Things

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I spent a chunk of yet another weekend writing, but still managed to squeak out some fun, too! 🙂

Friday, we got out the blankets and sat downstairs and watched Frozen.  Such great music and the characters are a lot of fun, especially Olaf!


Saturday, I wrote the spring semester check for DD # 2’s college.  One year down…   We celebrated with Snickerdoodle hot chocolates at Starbucks.


Sunday was a mishmash of writing, a wee bit of shopping, a game, and a stop at B & N to wander the book aisles. I’m kind of in love with the idea of this book by Tom Hanks. It’s a collection of short stories that he’s written–all having a typewriter in common.

tom hanks book

That’s it for me. Now it’s your turn to share three things…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Holiday Season Bits

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3-christmas-globes-on-branchBits time!

  1. Is your tree up yet?
  2. Do you have a traditional breakfast on Christmas morning?
  3. Everyone opens all at once or one at a time?
  4. Stockings first or last?

Have a great (and safe) weekend, everyone!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Dear Santa,

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For today’s “Writing Thursday,” how about writing an intro to a Dear Santa letter. Could be from a kid, an adult, the elderly, a celebrity, whatever. Your choice. I suspect we could see some funny ones…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Stuffin’ Ideas

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stockingChris did a great job last week sharing some good “guy” gifts for the holidays. I took notes, actually! 🙂

So now I’m coming to all of you for some your favorite stocking stuffer ideas. This is not for any specific gender. I’m just wanting to change it up a bit and figure soliciting ideas from people who might do different things might spark ideas for me…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Your Fictional Antithesis

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Well, in true read-the-whole-series-if-I-like-it style, I’ve finished Shopaholic & Baby and moved on to Mini Shopaholic.

From a purely objective standpoint, it’s rather amusing that I, an anti-shopper to the extreme, have taken to a series featuring a character is my shopping antithesis.  Then again, maybe it’s because she’s so different than I am that I can laugh at the stuff she does and says in the name of a new pair of shoes…or her 12th dining room table.

Which brings me to today’s question: What character do you enjoy reading that is the complete opposite of you–do you think that’s a factor in why you like the character so much?  And, if you care to take it a step further, what character do you enjoy reading that you actually identify with as being not all that different from you?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)