Storm Bits

In honor of the Nor’easters this past week (and the possibility of another looming for Monday), I thought we’d do some storm bits today.

  1. Biggest weather event to impact you, personally?
  2. Tell us what you’ve experienced of the following: blizzard, flood, hurricane, tornado, tsunami (don’t want to assume so including them all):
  3. It seems blizzards and rain storms have names, too, these days, whereas I always thought it was reserved for hurricanes. So, if a storm were to be named after you, what kind of storm should it be and why?
  4. Have you ever felt an earthquake? If so, where were you (geographically and personally)?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

5 Responses to “Storm Bits”

  1. Kay Bennett
    March 9th, 2018 at 9:49 am

    1. Tornado hit on my birthday when I was 16. The sky turned green on the way home. A tree was hit by lightening in our front yard and cut our power. (side not the pope at the time shared my birthday and he turned 61. my mother said it was the good and evil with me being evil. i was kind of a wild and mean teen, lol)
    2. Blizzard (in IN). flood (in TN), tornadoes (here in TN although we have been very lucky and they seem to miss us)
    3. A blizzard/nor’easter/bomb thingy. I love snow, winter and all that goes with it. Plus a snow event would be fluffy and soft like me, lol
    4. We have had mine shakes here in TN but nothing to write home about. Actually when they were actively using the quarry right by us, we had more shakes of the house, cracks things fall like an earthquake
    Hope you are doing ok up your way!

  2. Debbie S.
    March 9th, 2018 at 3:00 pm

    1. A tornado, we had just moved to Huntsville and I was about 4 months pregnant. It passed about 5 moles away.
    2. Tornado, I remember us huddled in the hall, and the howling winds. Driving home to PA. one time in the snow it might of well have been a blizzard, I was the lucky one driving at the time. Hubby told me to pull over and he would take over and I said I can’t, I can’t tell where the end of the road is, LOL.
    3. A little snow, a little rain, some wind since I’m an indecisive person, LOL. Heck I can never pick one thing when you ask me to.
    4. Yes, a small one, it was actually funny. We were in PA. at the time and my sister and I were sitting on a bench when it did it’s thing. We each looked at each other and said “what are you doing?” Then we found out what it was. Very rare in PA.

  3. Bob
    March 9th, 2018 at 5:20 pm

    1. Wind storms take out power here, so not like you all in tornado country.
    2.been lucky, feet of snow is it.
    3. Anything Bob would sound dumb.
    4. 2001 earthquake in Seattle. Was at a hospital and the concrete floor was rippling with the shock waves. That rattled me pretty well. Snow country made me never go below a half tank of gas, earthquake country has me with walking shoes and essentials bag in the car to get home.

  4. Chris C
    March 11th, 2018 at 1:42 pm

    1. Probably the hurricane that hit CT September of 1985. My parents were in Hawaii for an anniversary and my aunt was supposed to come stay with us. The storm was so bad she couldn’t make it. My younger brother and I broke out the camping equipment and were fine for a couple of days.

    2. blizzard – several , flood – yes , hurricane – several in New England and Louisiana, tornado – yes, too many places to list (fortunately in all little or no damage to my belongings)

    3. Tornado. Just sounds cool.

    4. Yes. Several, including one in CT in the 80’s and a couple in GA. Not CA level windows breaking and shaking but enough to know something just happened.

  5. Elizabeth/Laura
    March 11th, 2018 at 7:33 pm

    Interesting stuff, everyone!! Here’s mine:

    1) Hurricane Hugo. I was just out of college, in my first apartment, living in Mt. Pleasant, S.C., (literally over the baby from Sullivan’s Island)…point of impact.

    2) Blizzard of 78 almost made me lose my toes. The “hundred year flood” in St. Louis area in late 90’s/early 00’s. Hurricane Hugo, Superstorm Sandy, and whatever that one was Chris reference in CT… I’ve been close to tornados…had a microburst hit backyard cattycorner to my backyard.

    3) I’ll go blizzard…because I like blankets and hot chocolate. 🙂

    4) Yes. In St. Louis. Weird feeling. Didn’t really know what it was until afterward. I was in my bed if I remember correctly.

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