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Three Things

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It was a relatively quiet weekend in my neck of the woods, so finding three things that won’t put you to sleep is a challenge, but the whole point of doing this every week is to make us all think at what are seemingly nothing things and see the happy. So here goes…

Friday, was about finishing up edits on my novella that will appear in an anthology with two other authors at this time next year. It was an easy edit so that was nice!


Saturday, I gathered up information for a newsletter that will be going out to my website subscriber list at the beginning of March.  Those are always fun to do because it’s fun seeing all the good stuff that’s going on in one place! 🙂  Oh, and it snowed that night! This is what it looked like in the backyard come morning…


Sunday, I started the second women’s fiction novel (that will be out in summer 2019) and then celebrated that milestone with a trip to B & N for a cookie (yum!) and a peppermint hot cocoa (double yum). Of course, while I was there, I wandered through the mystery section where…*grin*…I always love seeing my name on the spine of books.



Your turn for three things!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three Things

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Yup, it’s Monday again. Which means it’s time to look back over the weekend and share three things we did/accomplished/made us smile/experienced/watched…whatever.

Here’s mine:

Friday night, DH and I went to a Rangers/Calgary game at Madison Square Garden. The tickets were one of my Christmas gifts to him. I got the tickets from a season ticket holder I sat next to with a friend a few years ago. Great seats.


Saturday, I drove about an hour or so north to have lunch with a friend who is having a tough time right now. I’d hoped the hour or so break would give her a boost. I think it did, so that’s good…


And Sunday, well, that was the day I sorted all of my 2017 writing expenses for the upcoming accountant appointment later this month. For the few hours I’m doing this, the dining room table looks like a bomb went off with receipts everywhere. But I have a system I’ve established the last few years and it works! So relieved to cross that off my list!

todolistYour turn. Tell us three things from your weekend…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three Things (In Alabama)

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Happy Monday, everyone!

It was a busy weekend in my world. I traveled to Birmingham, Alabama to attend two mystery events. In addition to meeting new readers and chatting with some really nice folks, I also got to spend time with my dear friend, Lynn (also a mystery writer). So I definitely have three things to share!

Since we got in around 10 p.m. on Thursday and our first event wasn’t until Saturday, Friday was really about talking and getting lots of work done. I spent a lot of my day working on marketing for my summertime women’s fiction release. That means lots of brainstorming, list-making, and dreaming–all of which I do in my handy dandy notebook! 🙂

work fun

Saturday, was Reader Event # 1: Murder in the Magic City. I was on a panel and talked to some very nice folks. When the event was over, there was a catered BBQ dinner for all the authors back at the hotel.


Sunday was Reader Event # 2: Murder on the Menu in Wetumpka, AL.  Again, I was on a panel, met even more nice folks, and had a lot of laughs in the car with Lynn on the drive there/back.


When it was over, we had some dinner, I ordered some bookmarks, and we hung out a little more before parting ways this morning.

Now it’s your turn. Tell us three things from your weekend…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three Things (Other Than Writing)

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Mondays just keep coming faster, don’t they? Wow. Anyway, my weekend was spent doing a lot of writing. I’m thisclose to writing “the end” on this novella project. In fact, I’ll be typing that at some point this morning and then I move into reading/tweaking/editing and…sending. The “sending” part will come Thursday.

Still, despite the heavy writing time, I can still pick out three things to share.

Fed Ex brought these babies to my house.  Yup, those are ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) of my first-ever women’s fiction novel, Portrait of a Sister.  Woot! Woot!  There was a few seconds to ooh and ahh over them and then it was straight to work compiling a list of authors to send them–authors with readers who might be intrigued if their author likes them, too. That’s the hope…


Then, via regular mail that day, I received this absolutely gorgeous quilt from a reader in Indiana. I had no idea this was coming so I was stunned. This will be treasured for sure!


And, DH and I moved into season 7 of the Walking Dead and all I can say is that I’m not happy with the way it started at all. Lost one of my favorite characters. Sigh.


So that’s it here. Do you have three things to share?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three Things: Jan 22

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Happy Monday. 🙂  This past weekend pretty much capped off an unsuccessful writing week for me. I wrote some last week, but not nearly enough. So that means this week will be a hard-charging one for me.

As for the weekend, it went by in a blur of busyness (hence the lack of writing time). Still, I can pick out three things to share.

DD # 2 came home for the weekend with her college roommate. She wanted to see the dance company show at her old high school since many of the seniors performing were her friends. And, since DH and I have been attending these shows for 8 years straight, we figured what the heck…


I spoke at a library in Wingdale, New York and had a fabulous time. Two of the readers who came brought desserts they made off the recipes in the back of Dial M For Mousse (my latest Emergency Dessert Squad Mystery)–Now You See ‘Em Do’Nuts, and Your Jokes Make Me Snicker-Doodle cookies.  Here’s a shot with the women who brought them, Nicole and Patty:

wingdale signing

And Sunday, after driving DD # 2 and her roomie back at school, DH and I went out to eat…


Now it’s time to fasten my seatbelt for the work-week ahead.

Your turn. Tell us three things from your weekend…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

P.S. Not sure how long it will last, but the KINDLE version of the very first Southern Sewing Circle Mystery is on sale for 2.99 as of today, Jan 22nd. If you know someone who might enjoy this fun series (that led most of you here to this site in the first place), it’s a great way to get in on the ground floor with some memorable characters.


Three Things

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Brrrr… It’s cold outside right now.  We had a brief window of weird warmness on Friday, but it rained like crazy. Of course now, all that standing rain is ice. :/

Anyway, on to brighter things. As in three brighter things…

Before my youngest goes back to school (today), we hunkered down and got caught up on Fuller House, which was fun.

fuller house

On Saturday, after I got my words in for the day, we went to the theater to see The Greatest Showman.  Wow. Wow. Wow. The artistry–dancing, singing, costumes–was spectacular!


And yesterday, well, I perused recipes for some healthier dinners I’d like to try. And then I went shopping for the ingredients. Wish me luck. 😉

shopping cartYour turn. Tell us three things from your weekend.

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Ringing in the New Year…

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This, for all of you…


Happy New Year, my friends!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three Things

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I spent a chunk of yet another weekend writing, but still managed to squeak out some fun, too! 🙂

Friday, we got out the blankets and sat downstairs and watched Frozen.  Such great music and the characters are a lot of fun, especially Olaf!


Saturday, I wrote the spring semester check for DD # 2’s college.  One year down…   We celebrated with Snickerdoodle hot chocolates at Starbucks.


Sunday was a mishmash of writing, a wee bit of shopping, a game, and a stop at B & N to wander the book aisles. I’m kind of in love with the idea of this book by Tom Hanks. It’s a collection of short stories that he’s written–all having a typewriter in common.

tom hanks book

That’s it for me. Now it’s your turn to share three things…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three Things, Pre-Holiday

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This past weekend went by in a blur, seriously. But I’m pretty sure I can pull out three things…

First, we had our annual Holiday Dessert Party. This means I pull out all the stops with my baking (which I love) and we invite friends over to indulge.  This year I made White Chocolate Mousse Pastry Puffs (a must each year), a decadent chocolate cake, white chocolate/peppermint bark, gluten free sugar cookies, and some fruit fluff fruit dip.



I did a lot of writing.



And I ordered our Christmas cards (although unlike this picture here, ours is made up of photos…


Your turn. Tell us three things.

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three Things–Holiday Busyness

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I’m here. Late, but here.

This weekend, like all the others, went by in a blur.

I treated myself to a rare slow-moving morning on Saturday. This meant I skipped the gym (woot!) and watched a Hallmark movie. I made myself breakfast in bed to eat while I watched! 🙂


I wrote…as usual.


And I went to a Christmas show at the local dinner theater with DH.


Your turn. Tell us three things from you weekend…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

P.S. You can find me blogging for my first time with the Amish Fiction Writers, here today!