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Three Things

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Summer weekends just fly by sometimes, don’t they?  Even with that though, I have three things to share…

On the recommendation of DD # 2 (who knows how much I love Gru), DH and I saw Despicable M3 on Saturday evening.  Very fun!

despicable M3

We saw Annie at the local dinner theater on Sunday evening…



And I did a little sunbathing on the back deck on Sunday afternoon. Not too much to get crispy, but enough to, hopefully, look a wee bit sun-kissed.  **Note: my time in the sun did not come with a beach as shown here…

beach chair

Your turn.

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three Things

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It was kind of a quiet, low key weekend around here, but as always I can find three fun/special things to share.


I baked some brownies (with melted white chocolate on top) on Friday night in celebration of DD# 2’s AP scores…



We had DH’s brother and girlfriend over for dinner, followed by s’mores (yep, re-using a picture)…



And on Sunday night, we watched a movie on demand…



Tell us three things from your weekend…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three Things–Post Grad

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It was a very busy weekend filled with lots of fun and memories, making it tough to narrow down the joyful moments to just three. But, alas, I will try…

My youngest graduated from high school on Saturday, so I got to bake a cake…


The seats that were thought to be “not great” ended up giving a bird’s eye view…


And the top secret present I’ve been working on for about a month got the reaction I hoped in the immediate (see photo) and the emotion I hoped for when she got to really read everything inside (no photo–that moment is just emblazoned in my brain)…


And now, I’m completely and thoroughly exhausted.

What are your three things from the weekend?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


3 Things

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So I have to say, this was a great weekend. Although, because it was a no-phone weekend, I didn’t get pictures.

Friday: We drove to the Shore (NJ) and chilled on the beach. It was a completely cloudy day (which felt wonderful) and I got burned–ugh! Afterward, it was a pizza dinner and a walk on the boardwalk (with ice-cream)! Then back to the hotel for a game of Settlers of Catan.

Saturday: We spent more time on the beach. Afterward, it was a walk, dinner, a stop at the arcade, and milkshakes all around!

Sunday: more beach time (sunny day) followed by mini golf!!

Very nice. Very relaxing. Now it’s time to clean, clean, clean in preparation for DD # 2’s prom and high school graduation.

Your turn…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Pseudo Three Things

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For this week only, I’m condensing my normal “3 things” down to 1…


I pressed “send” on next summer’s Amish women’s fiction novel, Portrait Of A Sister last night!!!


happy dance

So yeah, I’m feeling pretty good right about now.

Yes, I’ll likely get first round edits back inside the next few weeks, but the biggest hurdle has been crossed!

How was your weekend? Tell us three things…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three Things (The Long Weekend)

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I hope everyone fit some fun into their long weekend!  I spent a little bit of every day writing, but still had some fun, too.

Here are my three things…

Saturday evening, after *finally* getting DD # 1’s college stuff into the attic, we had a makeshift ice-cream sundae bar as a reward. This is not how mine looked (this is a Pinterest type picture), but it serves the purpose. 🙂



Sunday evening, DH and I went to see Mamma Mia at the local dinner theater. I’ve never seen this show before and I have to say the cast was super strong, making it a fun night.

mamma mia

Yesterday, the girls wanted to go to the mall, so we took them there and then out for an appetizer dinner afterward (it was raining, so no barbecue 🙁 ).  And, no, I couldn’t pass up a salted caramel milkshake…


Your turn.

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three Things

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It was a whirlwind weekend around here.  DD # 1 is officially a college graduate.


Lots of wonderful moments, but if I must narrow down to three here…

Seeing my daughter so happy all weekend, surrounded by people who treasure her for the person she is.


The Baccalaureate service on the eve of graduation was beautiful both in content and execution…


And, well, she did it!!!


Your turn!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three Things: The Mother’s Day Edition

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While Mother’s Day is normally a one-day event, because of geography it turned into a weekend long gig around here this time. Therefore, all of my “three things” stem from that.

On Saturday morning, I met DD # 1 in NYC for brunch at Max Brenner’s Chocolate Bar.  The food was pretty incredible, especially after a week of really watching my sugar intake. 🙂


In case you’re curious, I had a waffle topped with strawberries, whipped cream, and melted white chocolate.  Total yum!

I took the train home afterward and walked in my house to find these from DH.  Beautiful, aren’t they?

IMG_3629They were a really nice pick me up.  I had a wonderful time in the city with DD # 1 that morning, but I’ve been struggling with a bit of an MS flare the past week (fatigue) and so my energy level was pretty bad by the time I got home. This was a nice little dose of sunshine on a rainy day.

Then, on Sunday (Mother’s Day actual), DD # 2 and DH took my to Play Land for the day. We rode rides, laughed, and got some much needed fresh air. This is DD # 2 and I in front of the fun mirrors…


We topped it off with dinner (DH cooked), dessert (DD # 2 made it), watched Brother Bear (one of my favorites) and I got some special surprises.

So a great weekend. Definitely one for the mental memory book.

Tell us your three things.

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three Things

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It’s Monday again. Which means we’re back at work doing what we have to do. But this past weekend? I had some have-to’s that were super fun, making it tough to pick out just three things to share.

First, I spent part of my weekend in Boston for an MS-related thing I do. The hotel was awesome and my view wasn’t too shabby, either…


I learned a lot while I was there, but more importantly, I got to spend time with so many people I admire and respect, not the least of which is these two lovely ladies.


I also had the honor of listening to Rebekah Gregory speak. For those of you who do not recognize that name, she is one of the Boston Bombing survivors. She spoke for about an hour and there was not a single dry eye in the place (male or female). What a resilient woman. I found her to be so inspiring, I purchased four of her books when I got home–one for me and the others for friends I think will be as moved as I am by this young woman.  If the talk she gave translates even half as well in the book, I’m going to keep a box of tissues nearby.

rebekah gregory book

So those are my three things from the weekend. What are yours?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three Things

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Another weekend has come and gone, leaving me three things to share that were special…

Friday, the house was quiet as DH was  working overtime and DD # 2 was out on a date. Sooo, I had some quiet me time. I pulled out some Easter candy and watched Forest Gump. I’ve seen it many times, but love it every time.

forest gump

Saturday evening, we got to watch DD # 1 in her school’s production of The Cherry Orchard. She played Danyasha and did a fabulous job. What fun it is to watch your child reaching for their dreams… So, so proud of her.


Sunday was our anniversary, so we spent the day in Hyde Park, exploring the Vanderbilt spring/fall home and then followed it up with dinner out.  This picture is of the view the Vanderbilt’s enjoyed of the Hudson River. Not too shabby, eh?


Your turn. Tell us three things from your weekend.

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)