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Three Things

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Monday has a way of showing up again and again, doesn’t it? ūüėȬ† Fortunately, the weekend does, too, and this weekend there was some time for a little extra fun.

DH and I saw Annie Get Your Gun at a local dinner theater. While I was familiar with some of the music (fun!), I’d never seen the show before. I was pleasantly surprised, especially in the acting/singing ability of the main actress–wow!


Saturday evening had us heading to Long Island to enjoy a BBQ dinner and some Settlers of Catan with friends. It was a nice evening! I didn’t win, but I did pretty well.


Sunday was more a chill day. I did some mental plotting on my next women’s fiction (synopsis work starts today), and watched one of my favorite chick flicks…


How about you?¬†Did you watch anything? Read anything? Go anywhere?¬† Tackle a project? Spend time with family or friends? Try a new food? Tell us…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three Things–And Maybe More

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My apologies for missing Bits on Friday. Between traveling and being in worried mom mode with the approach of Irma, I just didn’t get it done. I will go back now and look at the questions from Thursday’s post and answer those, but first I want to give you my three things from the weekend…

I flew out west to spend¬†3 days/nights with a dear friend who has recently moved to a¬†part of the country I’ve never been. I was curious and excited for a new adventure.


Of course, the trip ended up coinciding with Irma’s approach to Florida and my nerves were on edge. But somehow, despite that stress, the peace of this place just took over for me. I was worried, yes. Extremely, actually. But somehow this amazing sense of peace and calm held fast.



On the same morning Irma was officially striking the U.S., I woke to this glorious sunrise out my bedroom window. And somehow, I knew that in the grand scheme of things, we’d be okay.


In addition to the peace and calm (or because of it), there were some fun adventures–firsts for me.¬† Like the up close sighting of this big guy…


And exploring all sorts of terrain¬†in one of these while we looked for moose and elk, etc…


Okay, so maybe that was a few more than three things, but I had a blast and want to share it with you.

Your turn!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three Things

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Another weekend has come and gone, bringing with it more than a few tears.

I brought my baby to college¬†(hence the aforementioned tears) on Saturday, so that brought a whole lot of unpacking and arranging in her dorm room.¬†But by the time we were done,¬†everything looked nice and cozy.¬† Here’s a shot she took with my camera…



But before the big day, we spent our Friday getting nails done and watching Tangled…




And on Sunday, when I found myself needing to keep busy just¬†to get past the earie¬†quiet in my house,¬†¬†DH and I went for a drive past the first home I had as a child (something I haven’t done for decades but was on my summer bucket list).¬† Before we turned into the old neighborhood, we took a peek at the school I attended for K, 2nd, and 3rd grades. It’s called something different now, but the building was exactly as I remembered!!!¬† As for my old house? Even though the house¬†looks nothing like it did when I was ages 0-9 (it has siding and is a different color now), it was still¬†really fun to see it.


Now tell us three things from your weekend, and whether you’ve ever driven past your childhood home just to see…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three Easy Going Things

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It was a pretty chill weekend around here, but I can still find three things to share.

On Saturday afternoon, DD# 2 and I took a nice walk in Bear Mountain State Park. It was warm, but not muggy so it was perfect.

bear mountain

Saturday evening had us heading to one of my favorite chain restaurants for dinner. Yum!


Sunday was even more relaxed with a little sunbathing time on the back deck and a little time being a kid thanks to my throwback Nintendo system…


And that was about it. Now, tell us three things from your weekend…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three Things (and Maybe a Few More)

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So I’m back. Our family vacation to Williamsburg, Virginia was fun-filled and the weather was bright and sunny every single day, making it difficult to come up with just three things to share. Alas, you may get a few bonus things this go-round.

While I didn’t get any pictures at the water park (which I adored), one of the kids managed to snap this photo just after I got on the sky ride at the amusement park. IMG_4212 (1)

My favorite part of the whole trip was visiting the Jamestown settlement. I love when you get to see/experience places/things the way they once were…




We also made a stop in Yorktown where I came across this officer’s tent with all sorts of writings in a journal…


Colonial Williamsburg was fun, too…



Now how about three things from your weekend (or past week)?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three Things

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Summer weekends just fly by sometimes, don’t they?¬† Even with that though, I have three things to share…

On the recommendation of DD # 2 (who knows how much I love Gru), DH and I saw Despicable M3 on Saturday evening.  Very fun!

despicable M3

We saw Annie at the local dinner theater on Sunday evening…



And I did a little sunbathing on the back deck on Sunday afternoon. Not too much to get crispy, but enough to, hopefully, look a wee bit sun-kissed.¬† **Note: my time in the sun did not come with a beach as shown here…

beach chair

Your turn.

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three Things

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It was kind of a quiet, low key weekend around here, but as always I can find three fun/special things to share.


I baked some brownies (with melted white chocolate on top) on Friday night in celebration of DD# 2’s AP scores…



We had DH’s brother and girlfriend over for dinner, followed by s’mores (yep, re-using a picture)…



And on Sunday night, we watched a movie on demand…



Tell us three things from your weekend…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three Things–Post Grad

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It was a very busy weekend filled with lots of fun and memories, making it tough to narrow down the joyful moments to just three. But, alas, I will try…

My youngest graduated from high school on Saturday, so I got to bake a cake…


The seats that were thought to be “not great” ended up giving a bird’s eye view…


And the top secret present I’ve been working on for about a month¬†got the reaction I hoped in the immediate (see photo) and the emotion I hoped for when she got to really read everything inside (no photo–that moment is just emblazoned in my brain)…


And now, I’m completely and thoroughly exhausted.

What are your three things from the weekend?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


3 Things

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So I have to say, this was a great weekend. Although, because it was a no-phone weekend, I didn’t get pictures.

Friday: We drove to the Shore (NJ) and chilled on the beach. It was a completely cloudy day (which felt wonderful) and I got burned–ugh! Afterward, it was a pizza dinner and a walk on the boardwalk (with ice-cream)! Then back to the hotel for a game of Settlers of Catan.

Saturday: We spent more time on the beach. Afterward, it was a walk, dinner, a stop at the arcade, and milkshakes all around!

Sunday: more beach time (sunny day) followed by mini golf!!

Very nice. Very relaxing. Now it’s time to clean, clean, clean in preparation for DD # 2’s prom and high school graduation.

Your turn…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Pseudo Three Things

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For this week only, I’m condensing my normal¬†“3 things” down to 1…


I pressed “send” on next summer’s Amish women’s fiction novel, Portrait Of A Sister last night!!!


happy dance

So yeah, I’m feeling pretty good right about now.

Yes, I’ll likely get first round edits back inside the next few weeks, but the biggest hurdle has been crossed!

How was your weekend? Tell us three things…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)