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Eleven Years

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Running a little behind on posting today. I started my day off with a workout and then breakfast with a college senior who has interest in being a writer. She asked some really good questions which was fun.

Now I’m home and thinking about that moment, eleven years ago today, when I was told I had multiple sclerosis. I can still hear that dull roar in my head sometimes–the roar I heard over the voice of the doctor.

At the time, I was pretty thrown and definitely in denial. But today, I consider myself pretty darn lucky–lucky that I have this disease now, when the meds available are quite effective and staving things off…and lucky that what was such a dark day ended up leading me to some pretty big blessings… IMG_9704

*My daughters have learned that hurdles can be jumped.

*Since my diagnosis, I have gone on to contract 29 more books.

*I’ve learned who my truest friends are.

*I’ve learned that I’m tougher than I realized.

*I’ve been able to help others who have heard the same words and felt the same fear.

So that’s my day. How’s yours?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Back To School

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At college orientation with DD # 2 today.  Back tomorrow!!!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Word of Mouth

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I’m going to ask a favor today.

If you’ve read DEATH IN ADVERTISING (Tobi Tobias Mystery # 1) and enjoyed it, would you consider posting something about it (and the fact that the digital version is just 99 cents right now) on any cozy sites you frequent on FB?  Feel free to use a picture of the book.

death in advertising

I want to help introduce people to this series so that they’re eager for book # 2–30 SECOND DEATH–when it releases in July.

Thank you!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


In Route

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Traveling today, so I’ll be back again either tomorrow or Monday.

Have a great day, everyone!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Your Must-Packs

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Since I’ll be heading to Arizona this weekend (quick trip in/out) for some book signings, my mind is currently on packing. My goal is to keep it light on account of a) the quickness of the trip and b) my back is screaming at me thanks to the shoveling. But there are always must-have’s (beyond the standard clothes/personal hygiene items) when you travel, regardless of trip length.

I, of course, must bring: suitcase1

*My shots/injector…though trust me, I wish I could leave them home.

*My computer

*A treat of some sort for the plane.

Any must have’s for you when traveling by plane?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Pop In

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Prom dress shopping today…be back tomorrow!

(where does the time go???????)

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)



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Snow Day!shovel

Which, really means shovel-to-exhaustion day, but hey, it’s snowing.

What’s it doing where you live?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)



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The title says everything you need to know about today’s post…

  1. My “me-day” in the city yesterday was lovely.

IMG_3175I had my favorite breakfast at my favorite little café on the upper west side. I mostly just enjoyed the atmosphere (and my food), but I also jotted out my writing goals for the next year.

IMG_3184I walked across Central Park so I could visit my favorite sea lions. This is Charlie (short for Charlotte) waiting semi-patiently for the zookeepers to show up with her fish. She, of course, did all sorts of fun tricks to earn those fish…which makes me ridiculously happy.

On my drive home from the city, I got a phone call from a friend I’ve been worried about (she’s going through some pretty serious health stuff right now). Although I know she has a long road ahead of her, it was such a lift to hear her sounding upbeat.

Then it was home to work on some posts for my FB author page (I’ve been sharing behind the scenes tidbits for each of my series every day this week–which works since I have 5 series).

Today, is mammo day…therefore, it’s also chocolate treat day!  🙂   I’m all for the self reward thing.

My ramblings are now complete. For today.

Any ramblings you care to share?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura) 


The Final Push (and One Bleary-Eyed Writer)

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Okay, so I’m writing this post at 4:30 a.m. because I just typed THE END on my 30th contracted book.  I’ve written 9063 words (36 pages) since 9 a.m. Wednesday morning.  My only step-away time was 1) to shower and 2) to attend a college presentation for DD # 2.

Since last night was shot-night for me, my joints are screaming at me right now for being awake.  The meds I take for my MS cause flu-like symptoms for a while after the injection but doing it just before you go to sleep cuts down on that dramatically. When I take a shot and stay awake (as I did this time), it’s interesting to say the least.

Now, it’s about a few hours of sleep and then printing up the book so I can read/edit/tweak before sending it off to my editor on Sunday night. And when I do? I swear, there’ s a very good chance you’ll hear my squeal nationwide.  🙂

And hey…because I feel like you guys are some of my most loyal followers, I’ve got a little news I’ll only share here until contracts are officially signed in a few months.  I can’t share details about the project or the genre just yet, but I can tell you that the want-to proposal I spent time writing during the first two weeks of November, has been picked up by a NY Pub House.  This is super exciting for me because I took a chance on myself and my ability to spread my wings a little…and a publisher liked what they saw (loved it, actually) enough to give it a go!  So yay!  I promise to give mores specifics when things are signed (which can take a few months).

Hugs & Nighty Night,

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


At The Movies

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Yesterday afternoon, after I’d gotten my 8 pages for the day, DD # 1 and I went to the theater to see Fences. It’s a movie with a lot of buzz mostly because of the powerhouses (Denzel Washington and Viola Davis) headlining it. Their performances in their respective roles were powerful, to say the least, but alongside them were two actors I’m not familiar with–Jovan Adepo and Mykelti Williamson. Yet now, as I was writing this post, I looked up Mykelti and he actually played Bubba in Forest Gump. They are both the kind of actors that make you remain seated at the end of the movie just so you can see who they were.


I’d still really like to see Manchester by the Sea, but we’ll see if I get to it before it disappears from theaters.

Did you see any movies over the past few weeks? If so, what and did you like it?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)