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Three Things: The Pre-Celebration

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I’m baaaaccckkk…


I had a wonderful week with my family and I’m now back in the work groove, once again. I’ll be finishing up edits on Amish # 6 (JUST PLAIN MURDER) this week and then moving on to a novella that will be part of an anthology with two other authors next year.

I could share tons of fun things from the past week or so, but I’ll stick to three I think¬† you’ll enjoy…

We celebrated my birthday early with dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in the Magic Kingdom…



I got to see this guy during my celebration…


Me, next to Cinderella’s Wishing Well.


Now catch me up with all of you by telling me three things from your past week or so…


~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


The Strangest of Days

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Yesterday was one of those days that was just all over the place. It kicked off with hearing we need a new furnace (cha-ching!). Then it moved on to racing up the hill behind the house trying to put out a growing brush fire (don’t worry, the fire department put it out–nope, not kidding). But, I’m pleased to say it ended on a kind of cool note when this happened…


Not really a “culinary mystery” unless you count Tobi’s ability to pour Cocoa Puffs from a box, but hey, it hit # 1, so I’m not complaining.

And then this…


Not sure about “craft & hobby” cozy, either…but again, I’ll take it.

And this…


Now the “animal mystery” cozy designation works thanks to Rudder Malone, the African gray parrot who doubles as Tobi’s nemesis…

And as of 10:30 E.T., there was this (I wanted to stay up and see if it dropped below 100 but it was a shot night and if I stay awake too long after an injection, I start to feel really lousy).30secondamazon1129d

So yeah, 28 books into this writing gig…I’m pretty excited to see numbers like this. ūüôā

Thanks for letting me share!


~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three Things

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Happy Tuesday after our long holiday weekend!

Three things to share from my weekend…

Friday, I took myself to the city for a few hours. I started my morning with breakfast (and some reading time) at my favorite haunt.


I loved every minute of it right up until I noticed the missed call and voicemail from my agent (I guess I was engrossed in my book). Needless to say, she only calls when something is up, so I finished quickly and headed into the park to call her back. After some unexpected news (good!), I wandered over to one of my favorite little corners of Central Park to enjoy the sun and the toy sailboats floating by…


Soon, I made my way over to the zoo for the sea lion feeding. No pictures this time, as I was too engrossed! ūüôā

Saturday and Sunday were nice, but quiet.¬† And then, on Monday, I got to meet this¬† little girl in person (she belongs to a childhood friend). Isn’t she precious?


Tell us three things from your long weekend…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Head Down

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Finishing up edits today. Be back tomorrow!


~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Mid-Week Fun

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With my youngest heading off to college for the first time in just a few days, I’ve been trying to squeeze in as much fun together-time as possible (hence my absence from this blog yesterday).

We had a wide open day and I asked her what she wanted to do. She came back with “go to the beach.” So we headed to our beach haunt about 2 1/2 hours from here. We arrived at noon and hung out on the beach for about four hours–talking, sunning, walking, and dipping our feet in the waves (it was cold!).¬† I brought a book, but other then setting it on my lap with the intention of reading it, I never opened it…


Then it was off to play some mini golf (yup, I won)…


Have some ice-cream (yum!)…


And then finish the evening off at the boardwalk before heading home for a little “Frog Bog” (note the concentration before launching my frog).¬† We won matching tie-dye¬† bears…


I’m so not ready for my nest to be empty…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Three Things

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Sorry about today’s late post.¬† My flight (which was originally scheduled to arrive at 10 p.m.) got in at 2:30 a.m.¬† Which, translated, means I spent 6 hours at the outbound airport waiting for my flight–not fun for a mamma who just left her baby behind.

As for my three things from the weekend…

DD # 1 and I flew to the area where her job will be. And, thanks to the generosity of a friend who lives in the vicinity, we stayed 2 nights, just getting acclimated to the area. Here is DD # 1 checking out the beach…


There were several trips to Target in order to get her set up in her new room…

shopping cart

I kept my tears in check to help keep hers in check and headed to the airport when it was time for me to go.¬† Had I known about the flight delay in advance, I could have spent a little more time with her, but, since I didn’t, the airline plied passengers with food, while I plied myself with a new book (Andrea, they didn’t have the one you suggested at the airport store, so I got a different title and hoped for the best).


How about you, can you share three things from your weekend?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


On Hold

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This week’s “Three Things” has been moved to tomorrow as I’m busy helping one of my birds settle into her new nest.

See you then!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Didn’t Ask, Didn’t Care

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bankYesterday, after eleven years of being an account holder at a certain bank (which we’ll call Bank A for the purpose of today’s post), I opted to close everything down. It’s a process I’ve been working toward for a few months–slowly switching over direct deposits and automatic withdrawals to the far superior Bank B.

Funny thing is, I liked Bank A because it had branches everywhere and I thought that would be helpful with a job that has me on the go sometimes for signings, etc. But over the last year or so, every time I went into Bank A, I was met by an employee whose sole job seemed to be to direct people away from tellers and over to ATMs.¬† Online banking was pushed, even going so far as to reduce fees if you didn’t use a teller (though, now that I’m thinking about it, I’m not sure I saw that benefit once I stopped going).

Here’s the thing. I wanted to deal with a person. I prefer it. But when it became apparent Bank A’s preference was not to deal with customers, I started looking harder at Bank B.¬† I mean, if I’m going to go sans face-to-face, shouldn’t I look at a place that gives you the moon and the stars and appreciates you?

Yeah, I thought so, too.

I was hoping, when I said I wanted to close my accounts that the bank employee would want to know why. But you know what? She never asked (translation: she didn’t care).

Thank you, Bank A, for making my decision even more of a no-brainer.

Any similar experiences out there (bank or otherwise) with any of you?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)



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So my posting this week and next week will be spotty at best, but I haven’t forgotten you. My girls and I were on our First Annual DDs & Me Road Trip the past few days. The fact that it’s now earned “First Annual” as part of the title tells you we had a good time!

We spent the first two nights in Lincoln, NH–a fun little mountain town that we fell in love with last summer while DD# 1 was working at their theater. We spent time on the river, on Segways, watching bears perform, star gazing on the top of the Kancamagus Mountain, and playing mini golf (I won!).

Our third and final night had us across the border in Montreal (what a gorgeous city). We¬†walked and walked…ate (delicious food)…visited some art galleries…ate¬†local ice cream…and just enjoyed our time.

Now I’m back and trying to get caught up on things before we take off our¬†a whole family vacation.

A¬† few things and then a picture or two…

  1. Saw the cover for my Amish fiction while I was gone. It’s gorgeous.¬† They’re¬†tweaking fonts and stuff right now, but I hope to be able¬†to share soon.
  2. Also¬†found out¬†I’m about to go audio with one of my series (a first¬†for me), so I’m pretty pumped about that. Will share more¬†when¬†things are signed.

    Me…on a Segway.

Yup, that’s a real bear in that barrel and he’s about to get a lick of ice cream!

It’s really hard to snap a photo at just the right time when the wind is blowing.

Fortunately, DD #2 has a quicker finger than I do.

I’ll be back tomorrow with Bits!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Eleven Years

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Running a little behind on posting today. I started my day off with a workout and then breakfast with a college senior who has interest in being a writer. She asked some really good questions which was fun.

Now I’m home and thinking about that moment, eleven years ago today, when I was told I had multiple sclerosis. I can still hear that dull roar in my head sometimes–the roar I heard over the voice of the doctor.

At the time, I was pretty thrown and definitely in denial. But today, I consider myself pretty darn lucky–lucky that I have this disease now, when the meds available are quite effective and staving things off…and lucky that what was such a dark day ended up leading me to some pretty big blessings… IMG_9704

*My daughters have learned that hurdles can be jumped.

*Since my diagnosis, I have gone on to contract 29 more books.

*I’ve learned who my truest friends are.

*I’ve learned that I’m tougher than I realized.

*I’ve been able to help others who have heard the same words and felt the same fear.

So that’s my day. How’s yours?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)