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Whatcha Readin’?

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I’m working on Shopaholic to the Stars at the gym this week.  What are you reading?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


A New Read, and a Favor

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A big warm 2018 hello to all of you!

Today, Dial M For Mousse (Emergency Dessert Squad Mystery # 3) is out!!!!   It’s available in mass market paperback, digital, and audio (with the large print edition to follow in March)! The story itself is fun as the suspects in Winnie Johnson’s latest mystery are an eclectic bunch, which makes her sleuthing even more of a challenge. All the regulars are back to lend their support; Renee, Mr. Nelson, Bridget, Greg, and Jay. And, of course, there are some brand new emergency dessert names that should make you giggle. 🙂


As for the blurb on the back of the book–voila…

Murder takes the cake in an irresistible Emergency Dessert Squad mystery from the national bestselling author of The Silence of the Flans.

The Emergency Dessert Squad business is booming, with owner and baker Winnie Johnson working overtime to satisfy the emergency cravings of Silver Lake, Ohio. Her latest order, a plate of motivational desserts for an artists’ retreat, is just what she needs to keep her mind off her own relationship woes.

But Winnie’s problems seem like trifles when she discovers the body of retreat owner Sally Dearfield mere inches away from five oh-so-eccentric and viable suspects. Now, this baking detective must uncover the inspiration behind Sally’s murder before another creative genius is iced.


Now, for the favor part of this post.  I’m actually on a trip with the kids this week. We’re taking advantage of the college break for one, a work break for the other, and being within striking range of the other so she can participate for a few days, too.  I have a rather *ahem* momentous birthday coming up next week and so we’re celebrating. 🙂    The *only* tricky part in regards to the timing of this trip is the fact that Dial M for Mousse is out today and I’m not going to be on social media all that much.  DD #1 won’t be joining us until later in the week as per her work schedule, so she may be able to help out on my FB page a little, but any and all additional shout-outs I can get on this book today would be hugely helpful.

If you can say something on FB, feel free to lift the book picture from this post. The correct FB page to reference for me is my AUTHOR page (not my personal page):

If you’re a Tweeter, my handle is @bradfordauthor and the publisher is @BerkleyMystery and it’s always good to tag them.

Anything  you can do to help spread the word on this release would be hugely helpful!  I’ll be back to my daily posts here on Tuesday, Jan 9th. There might even be a picture or two… 😉

Thank you!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura–which is who I write this particular series under)


A (Very Short) Breadcrumb Trail…

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Merry early Christmas! 🙂

I’m sharing some very cool news on my Facebook Author page today that you all might want to check out. 🙂  It includes a Christmas gift (for today–Dec. 19th–only)…

While you’re there, if you haven’t officially “liked” that page, maybe hit that little button if you would.


Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Your Fictional Antithesis

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Well, in true read-the-whole-series-if-I-like-it style, I’ve finished Shopaholic & Baby and moved on to Mini Shopaholic.

From a purely objective standpoint, it’s rather amusing that I, an anti-shopper to the extreme, have taken to a series featuring a character is my shopping antithesis.  Then again, maybe it’s because she’s so different than I am that I can laugh at the stuff she does and says in the name of a new pair of shoes…or her 12th dining room table.

Which brings me to today’s question: What character do you enjoy reading that is the complete opposite of you–do you think that’s a factor in why you like the character so much?  And, if you care to take it a step further, what character do you enjoy reading that you actually identify with as being not all that different from you?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Good or Bad Choice

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On Chris’s excellent suggestion last week, let’s talk about books that have been made into movies.

What book-turned-movie do you think did it right when it came to casting a particular character?

And which book-turned-movie do you think made a major oops when casting a particular character and why?  Who do you think would  have made a better choice and why?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Keep On Going?

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I finished Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic & Sister and moved right on to the next book in the series, Shopaholic & Baby.

That choice gave me the perfect question for all of you today…

When you come upon an already established series, do you read all the way through it, back to back? Or do you read a book and then come back to the next one at some other point?

Me? I’m obviously a once-I-find-it-and-like-it-I’ll keep-reading-until-I’m-all-caught-up kinda person 😉 .

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Either, Or

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For today’s Reading Tuesday, I’m going to fire off some questions at you. 🙂  It’s all about your current preferences…

  1. Print newspaper or online news?
  2. Magazine or play with phone (while in a waiting room)?
  3. Thriller or sci-fi?
  4. Real world or utopian society?
  5. Fiction or non-fiction?

Have a great day, everyone!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Books, books

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I’ve been managing to write almost every day I’ve been away, but reading? Not so much.  It’s like any down time I have, I’m in front of the computer trying to hit my page count for the day.

Surely though, some of you are reading. If so, what are you onto now? And as a bonus question, if you could only take one book (either one you’ve read or want to read) with you on a year long trek around the world, what would you choose and why?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Pet Peeves and More

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bookbookmarkSince I’m away from home, I’m not hitting the gym every day. And since I’m not hitting the gym every day, I’m not reading as much. However, I did get a little elliptical time in at the fitness center here on the property yesterday morning, so I can say I’m still actively reading Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic Ties the Knot.

Any free time I get is being spent writing.

So a few things for you this morning…

*What are you reading? Are you enjoying it? What is a pet peeve of yours in the genre of books you read? Anything that drives you batty?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


Current Reads

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My current read at the gym is the 3rd book in Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic series (thank you, Andrea!), Shopaholic Ties The Knot.

They’re fun books, and fun is good. Especially as my own workload ratchets up ten-fold these next few months.

So what are you reading? How’s it going so far?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)