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Well, it’s finally here. Book # 12, PATTERNED AFTER DEATH, is now available and waiting for you to read it!

You can read the back jacket copy and find order links by clicking here:

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In the event you’re all caught up on the Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries and are looking for something else to read, I also write an Amish mystery series under my real name, Laura Bradford. You can learn more about that series by visiting that website: www.laurabradford.com.  TA sixth book in this popular series will be out in spring 2018. Details on a title, cover and ordering information will be forthcoming.

Additionally, DIAL M FOR MOUSSE, book # 3 in my new Emergency Dessert Squad Mysteries will be out on January 2nd, and is now available for pre-order. You can find out more information on that series (as well as my brand new Tobi Tobias E-Mystery series) on my website as well: www.laurabradford.com.

Want to contact me? You can email me at: ElizabethLCasey@aol.com or via my main website: laura@laurabradford.com

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 If you’re on Facebook, I have two fan pages. One, as Elizabeth Lynn Casey (for the Southern Sewing Circle series) and one as Laura Bradford (for my upcoming Amish Mysteries). If you haven’t yet visited and “liked,” I’d sure love to see you there!


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And finally, if you have a book club that might enjoy a visit from me, SKYPE is a great way to do that. Club members can ask questions about the series, or writing in general. And if you have treats to eat on your end, I’ll make sure to have some on my end, too.  🙂  Interested in setting up a SKYPE visit? Email me at: ElizabethLCasey@aol.com .