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Since I’m not sure I voiced it here yet, I did manage to type “THE END” on Friday evening.  That was a glorious moment, I’ll tell you. :)

My weekend was pretty busy with other writing-related and non-writing related tasks. But one thing I did get to do was go to the gym and finish the advanced reading copy of Harlan Coben’s upcoming thriller, FOOL ME ONCE.  It was driving me nuts not getting to read it, but I had to show restraint and finish my job first. But come Saturday morning, my E-reader and I were on the elliptical machine.

What an awesome book! I loved every minute of it and it sure kept me motivated to stay on a machine I normally despise.

So that’s what I read this weekend.

How about you?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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Under Your Nose

Over the weekend, the temperatures were warm enough to get outside for a while. So we headed to Bear Mountain for a few hours.  Bear Mountain is this beautiful area along the Hudson River (about 50 minutes outside the city). In the winter, they have an outdoor ice rink. All year long there are paths to walk on, a carousel house (with a hot pretzel stand!) and a very small free zoo you can walk around.

This area is no more than 15 minutes from my house, and I try to go once a year, if possible, but it’s also one of those places that, living so close, I often forget about.

Which got me thinking… What’s a “gem” of sorts in your own backyard that you often forget about (until you go, of course, and then say, “we really should do this more often”)??

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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Bits O’ Fun

Long writing day ahead for me (but I should finish today if all goes as planned).

Of course, I just got final pass proofs for my June book in my email last night (due date Feb. 18th). I’d laugh at the timing if I wasn’t so tired.

Anyway, let’s have some fun, shall we?

1) If you were to author a cookbook based on your ability in the kitchen, what would you title it?

2) What’s the next thing on your to-do list?

3) What was your fourth grade teacher’s name?

4) Favorite ride in all of Disney World?  If you’ve never been (gasp!), what’s your favorite ride at an amusement park you have gone to?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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Rounding the Last (I Hope) Corner

I wish I could say I have something witty and fun for you today, but I’m pretty bleary-eyed at the moment.

I just had a 4 K day yesterday (that’s about 16 pages) and I’m guessing I’ve got about another 25 pages or so to go.  I’m hoping I type THE END by dinner tomorrow, but a few of my suspects are being a bit uncooperative at the moment so who knows.

I’ve never been this far into a book before without knowing for sure who the killer is. It’s like the characters are keeping me in suspense.  It’s got me a wee bit worried, but if I’ve learned anything in the last twelve years I’ve been doing this, it’s to trust that part of my brain that makes me a writer. It’s shown me up numerous times.

So I guess my thing for today is whether you have any questions about this particular stage in the writing process…  If you do, shout them out.

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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On the Other Side of the Goal Post

I realize it might be premature (since I still have 3 more days and about 10 K words to go), but I’ve been thinking ahead to the weekend and all the things I want to do…

**Like watch THE INTERN. I love, love, LOVE that movie and I’ve been haunting the stores waiting for it to come out on DVD for months (I hit pay dirt while at Target with my youngest over the weekend). :)

**Like baking bread. Not sure why, but I have an overwhelming need to punch some dough.

**Like not turning on the computer. Even a 24 hour stint would be nice.

Of course, I’m not thinking about the other stuff that needs to be done (expenses compiled for taxes, guest posts written for next month’s release, and editing the book I’m finishing up now).

What’s calling to you this weekend?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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What’s in Your Hands?

On this, the final week (fingers crossed) of my current work in progress, I must read vicariously through you.

What are you reading? Do you recommend it?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


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Back To The Past

Question time.

What is something that instantly brings you back to your childhood?  A food? A certain smell? A place?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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Quick Bits

1) What’s your go-to dinner for a truly lazy night?

2) How do you like your breakfast eggs?

3) Bacon or no bacon?

4) What do you call a sub sandwich where you live?

Have a great weekend!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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Time For An Update

It’s been a while since I’ve done a writing update, so I thought I’d do one today.

*I’m about 80 pages away from finishing my latest work in progress (Emergency Dessert Squad # 3). If all goes well, I will be typing “The End” by Feb. 5th.

*I just received my shipment of Amish Mystery bookmarks and 2016 release postcards which I’ll be readying for shipment to readers around the middle of February (A Churn for the Worse–Amish # 5–releases March 1st).

*With the release of A Churn For the Worse, comes blog tours and so I’ll be stockpiling a few posts specific to that book. I’ll also be creating my release day newsletter to go out to my subscriber list on March 1st. So if you’re not on my newsletter list, you might want to sign up. I always have special content that is only available to the people on my list. You can sign up on the “home page” of my website (left hand side): www.laurabradford.com.

*Once I officially send the work in progress to my editor, I will take a day or two to breathe and then begin edits on a humorous cozy I hope to have out sometime this year (stay tuned for that).

*Then, when those edits are done and I’ve decided what I’m doing with that book, I will get back to a project I’ve been slowly working on in the background. I have high hopes for it so we’ll see how it goes.

So there you go. My January writing update.

Any questions/comments?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


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Ready to Big Farewell to Winter

While  we can’t really complain about this winter so far (we’ve only had one measurable–granted, hugely measurable–snowfall so far), I’m still done with it.

Yes, I love boots.

Yes, I love sweaters and jeans.

But the shivering? That I’m done with.

So today, I’m thinking warm and hoping you’ll help  me out. What’s your favorite part of warm weather (bonus points if you describe it so well, I actually forget it’s still winter).

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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