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Rainy Day

How about another descriptive writing prompt today?

Set a rainy-day scene for us in no more than three sentences. And remember, show don’t tell.

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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Peace On A Bench

I feel like some peaceful pretty today (probably because life is a bit nutty at the moment with so many family milestones taking place amid a major deadline)…

Wouldn’t you just love to curl up on this bench and dream?

FullSizeRender (23)

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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Reading Time

The only reading I did this past week was of my new Magnolia Magazine (which I LOVED). And I’m still reading my own SHUNNED AND DANGEROUS  (Amish Mystery #3) when I use the elliptical at the gym (lately I’ve been running on the treadmill more).

What are you reading this week?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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Three Things

It was a whirlwind weekend around here.  DD # 1 is officially a college graduate.


Lots of wonderful moments, but if I must narrow down to three here…

Seeing my daughter so happy all weekend, surrounded by people who treasure her for the person she is.


The Baccalaureate service on the eve of graduation was beautiful both in content and execution…


And, well, she did it!!!


Your turn!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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Bits time!

  1. One extracurricular activity you were involved in during high school?
  2. If you were to have a different kind of pet than you have now, what would you want?
  3. Pool or ocean?
  4. What’s your favorite show on HGTV?

Have a great weekend, everyone.

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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Seeing Summer

As a writer, one of the things you have to work hard to do is SHOW rather than TELL.

Rather than just say “it’s summer,” it’s better to show it so a reader feels as if they’re there as well.

To that end, if you’re game, show us summer in a sentence of two…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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Unexpected Beauty

Every once in a while, you stumble across something you didn’t expect to see–a pretty trail, a whimsical meadow, that sort of thing.

Last night I drove to a small town, about 90 miles north of where I live, to speak at an MS program. Behind the restaurant, where the event was held, there was this…


And the sound? It was wonderful.

I expected to hear it was part of a power plant of some sort, but it’s not. It’s just pretty for the sake of pretty.

Thought I’d share it with you today.

Have a nice Wednesday!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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What I’m Reading and More…

What I’m reading:    SUSPENDERED SENTENCE (Book # 3 in my own Amish Mysteries)

Format:    E-reader

Reading spot:    The elliptical at the gym

If I could cast one character from this read with someone from Hollywood it would be:    Jakob Fisher, as played by James Marsden

Your turn. Tell us your answer to the above four questions.

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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Three Things: The Mother’s Day Edition

While Mother’s Day is normally a one-day event, because of geography it turned into a weekend long gig around here this time. Therefore, all of my “three things” stem from that.

On Saturday morning, I met DD # 1 in NYC for brunch at Max Brenner’s Chocolate Bar.  The food was pretty incredible, especially after a week of really watching my sugar intake. 🙂


In case you’re curious, I had a waffle topped with strawberries, whipped cream, and melted white chocolate.  Total yum!

I took the train home afterward and walked in my house to find these from DH.  Beautiful, aren’t they?

IMG_3629They were a really nice pick me up.  I had a wonderful time in the city with DD # 1 that morning, but I’ve been struggling with a bit of an MS flare the past week (fatigue) and so my energy level was pretty bad by the time I got home. This was a nice little dose of sunshine on a rainy day.

Then, on Sunday (Mother’s Day actual), DD # 2 and DH took my to Play Land for the day. We rode rides, laughed, and got some much needed fresh air. This is DD # 2 and I in front of the fun mirrors…


We topped it off with dinner (DH cooked), dessert (DD # 2 made it), watched Brother Bear (one of my favorites) and I got some special surprises.

So a great weekend. Definitely one for the mental memory book.

Tell us your three things.

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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In Your Neck of the Woods

So a fun post idea came my way this week, and it’s one I think you’ll all enjoy.

If the main character from one of my series was to rent an apartment in your neck of the woods, what are some sights you’d tell her to check out (places to go, restaurants to try, tourist sites, etc)?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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