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Bits, Bits, Bits

Time for Friday bits!

1) Removing people and pets as possible answers, what is your most prized possession? Why?

2) If you were traveling on a plane for 1o hours, what would you have to pack in your carry-on (for use on the plane)?

3) Favorite professional sport to watch in person?

4) A public figure you admire?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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Metaphorically Speaking, That Is

I’m halfway through chapter nine of my work in progress, with the goal of finishing that chapter today.

As for our writing post today, I’m kind of fascinated by book passages where metaphors are skillfully used to describe something simple–like the taste of ice cream, a driving a car, etc.  In Harlan Coben’s latest, THE STRANGER, he writes this:  “Thomas had gotten his learner’s permit a week ago–the parental equivalent to a stress test without using an actual EKG machine.”  That literally made me laugh.

So I thought maybe, just maybe you all might be up for having a little metaphor fun today? Maybe?

Pick something fairly mundane–your job, a despised chore, something your kid does, whatever…and give us an idea what you think of it via a metaphor.

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

**I’m over on the Stiletto Gang today sharing 7 things you might not know about me as a writer.  You can check that out HERE.

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That Special Place

Did you know that this is National Library Week?

And this evening, I’ll be speaking at one of my favorite libraries–Windsor Locks Public Library in Windsor Locks, Connecticut. I always get a really nice turnout whenever I speak there and I’ve been there often enough that I actually know some of the audience members.

But if say the word “library” to me, I have to admit, I immediately think of the one in the town where I grew up (at least the first 10 years of my life, anyway). I can remember the sounds (the building was old and so the floor squeaked when you walked), the smells (there is, undoubtedly a book smell–and this library had it), the lighting (looking back, I guess they were florescent lights as I remember a faint buzz), and the labels on the spine of each book…  Ahhhhh, yes, it was my favorite place to go. Sadly, it’s no longer a library in reality, but in my heart, it will always remain exactly the way it was when I was a little girl.

So tell me about your library memories…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


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Whatcha Reading?

Today’s post is a quick one (unusually tired today and slept much later than I should have):

What are you reading? Would you recommend it?

What’s up after that?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

**I found the review that I thought was going up yesterday. Apparently, unbeknownst to me, it went up last week!  Here it is (there’s a guest post from me, and a review of the book from Marie HERE).

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The Ordinary Joys

For the first time in a very long time, we had a beautiful day outside yesterday (and another one on tap for today!). I was able to get my daily word count in for the day and then head outside to get a little fresh air and read.  What a treat!

I spent some time looking through old photographs, too (which is one of my very favorite things to do). I looked at some pictures  from my teen years and some more present-day (as in the last 5 years or so) ones, too. It, like the reading and the fresh air, was yet another treat!

Tell me, what are some ordinary things you like to do that are virtually guaranteed to put a smile on your face?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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Which One?

Today, we’re doing an either/or round of bits.


1) On the cover or under the covers?

2) Slippers or socks?

3) Pancakes or French Toast?

4) Music or TV?

5) Spring or Fall?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)  wedding duress_front mech.indd

**Today, Tori Sinclair (the main character in my Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries) is blogging over at Dru’s Book Musing. She’s talking about all the things she still has to check off on her pre-wedding to-do list. Looking back, I can relate to much of her list except, perhaps, the whole murder-solving thing…

**Find yourself out and about this weekend? Don’t forget, WEDDING DURESS, just came out. Buy it for yourself or that special mystery reader in your life.

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Preference, Please

As of this morning, I have five chapters written of my work in progress. If all goes well, I’ll be able to say “six” at some point this afternoon.

In the meantime, how about a writing question for all of you.

Do you prefer series books (with recurring characters) or stand alones?

Me? I can go either way.

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

**I’m over at Escape with Dollycas today. Stop by and you’ll get to read her review of WEDDING DURESS (I’m heading over to do that myself, now) and my post about becoming attached to my characters. And when you’re all done, you can throw your name in the hat for a copy of the book that will go to one lucky person. You can find her blog HERE (sometimes her blog takes a few moments to load…but it’s worth it).

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Second Thoughts

So I took an exercise class on Monday morning and now my quadriceps are absolutely screaming at me. And now that they are, I never realized how many basic movements use those muscles–steps (particularly down), squatting to put firewood in the woodstove, sitting, walking…

I know that this is good, that it means I’m working muscles I need to work. But at this moment, the thought of doing this again next week isn’t terribly appealing.

How about you? Has the aftermath of an exercise class/routine made you seriously consider abandoning ship?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

P.S. Today, on the Gotta Write Network, I’m sharing  a list of TEN things to know about my latest book, WEDDING DURESS. It’s a fun one, so check it out HERE.


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You’re Cordially Invited…

Today is the day! WEDDING DURESS (the 10th book in my Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries) is now available!

Tori and Milo are getting married…after Tori solved another murder, of course.

Here’s a teaser:   wedding duress_front mech.indd

Librarian Tori Sinclair is tying the knot—as long as a murder doesn’t unravel her plans…

Tori is ecstatic to become Mrs. Milo Wentworth in a few days, but she has a lot to do before she sashays down the aisle. Favors need to be sewn, vows need to be written—and a mystifying murder needs to be solved.

When Beatrice, a fellow member of the Sweet Briar Ladies Society Sewing Circle, learns that her former nanny took a fatal fall in her new employers’ home, she suspects the death was not an accident. Now Tori’s spending her last days as a single woman untangling rumors and stitching together motives to find a killer. But can she nab a murderer and make it to the church on time?

If you’re a fan of the series (or know someone who is/could be), please consider picking up a copy of WEDDING DURESS this week. And if you read it and enjoy it, I hope you’ll consider posting a review and/or shouting it out to all of your book-reading buddies.

Happy Reading!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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Just one more day until WEDDING DURESS hits store shelves (although a reader told me she got a copy on Friday)!

Today, I’m driving DD #1 back to college and then hurrying back to get DD #2 to dance class.

The weekend was nice. The Rockette show was fun with the kids, we played three games of Settlers of Catan, followed the Easter Bunny’s poetic clues to find our baskets, and generally just had a nice, quiet holiday.

How was yours?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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