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City Bits

I’m  heading into the city today to have lunch with a friend, which means today’s bits are city-inspired.

  1. What’s a city you’d like to visit one day?
  2. What’s your favorite city (of the ones you’ve visited)?
  3. Brownstone or apartment building?
  4. Outdoor streetside café or restaurant on the top floor of a high building?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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Eleven Years

Running a little behind on posting today. I started my day off with a workout and then breakfast with a college senior who has interest in being a writer. She asked some really good questions which was fun.

Now I’m home and thinking about that moment, eleven years ago today, when I was told I had multiple sclerosis. I can still hear that dull roar in my head sometimes–the roar I heard over the voice of the doctor.

At the time, I was pretty thrown and definitely in denial. But today, I consider myself pretty darn lucky–lucky that I have this disease now, when the meds available are quite effective and staving things off…and lucky that what was such a dark day ended up leading me to some pretty big blessings… IMG_9704

*My daughters have learned that hurdles can be jumped.

*Since my diagnosis, I have gone on to contract 29 more books.

*I’ve learned who my truest friends are.

*I’ve learned that I’m tougher than I realized.

*I’ve been able to help others who have heard the same words and felt the same fear.

So that’s my day. How’s yours?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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Three Things

I love long weekends. Especially when they include fireworks! 🙂

So for my three things, I give you these…


A rainbow at the minor league ballpark on Saturday night. It was a full one (which is always cool), but my phone could only capture so much in one shot so here is the rest of it…


Monday night we made s’mores on the fire pit out back…


And on Tuesday (July Fourth, actual), we went to one of the river towns a little ways north of us, and watched fireworks over the Hudson River.  DD # 2 taught us a new card game while we waited…



How was your long weekend? Do you have three things to share with us?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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Exhausted Bits

The past few weeks have been positively nutty, so I thought a bits centered around exhaustion might be fun.  So here we go…

  1. Are you an alarm snoozer?
  2. When you’re over the top tired do you tend to get cranky or slap happy?
  3. In the morning, do you have to have coffee to function? If so, how many cups?
  4. Early riser or night owl?
  5. Fall asleep to quiet or TV/radio?

Have a great long Fourth of July weekend!  See you all here on Wednesday next week!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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Makin’ Lists

todolistFor Writing Thursday, I’m sitting down and drafting a list of things I hope to do during my time off–day trips I want to take, creative things I’d like to try, and house things I’d like to accomplish. I know myself well enough to know that if things are written down, I’m more likely to actually do them.

Are you a list maker? For what?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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TV Time

old-style-tv-setWhat’s your (currently running) favorite drama on TV?

What’s your (currently running) favorite comedy on TV?

What old show would you love to see come back to TV now–with the characters having aged?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)


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My Reading Report

For today’s Tuesday Reading, I give you this report.

What I’m reading:  I just started my own SUSPENDERED SENTENCE (Amish Mystery # 4) on my e-reader at the gym. This is my favorite in the series (or was, while writing it), so I’m curious to see if I still feel the same when I’m done. I know A CHURN FOR THE WORSE was close, though.

What I’m looking forward to reading in the near future:  Linda Castillo’s next release–only 2 weeks from today (which, interestingly enough, happens to coincide with the release of my own 30 Second Death).

Your turn…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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Three Things–Post Grad

It was a very busy weekend filled with lots of fun and memories, making it tough to narrow down the joyful moments to just three. But, alas, I will try…

My youngest graduated from high school on Saturday, so I got to bake a cake…


The seats that were thought to be “not great” ended up giving a bird’s eye view…


And the top secret present I’ve been working on for about a month got the reaction I hoped in the immediate (see photo) and the emotion I hoped for when she got to really read everything inside (no photo–that moment is just emblazoned in my brain)…


And now, I’m completely and thoroughly exhausted.

What are your three things from the weekend?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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Prom Bits

So yesterday was prom for DD # 2, which is why, once again, I was AWOL around here. Between the construction guys all around the house, the endless cleaning for the weekend’s graduation party, and prom preparations, it was non-stop all day.

But I’m here now with some prom bits…

  1. Did you go to your high school senior prom?
  2. If so, what color dress did you (or your date) wear?
  3. If you went, what was the first name of your date?
  4. Do you remember the “theme” of your prom?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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Goings On

Sorry about being AWOL yesterday. The day got away from me, plus I had a library program that was two hours away.

Things are a bit crazy around here this week. The house is being sided and there are contractors everywhere (lots of loud banging). The cat, who is a stressed out little thing 24/7, is really not a happy camper with all of this.

This morning, my daughters and I are “filming” a book trailer for 30 Second Death (or giving it a go, anyway). I suspect hilarity will ensue so stay tuned on that.

Besides that, tomorrow is prom and Saturday is graduation (plus a family party after the graduation ceremony). So…yeah…a bit nutty.

I read Linda Castillo’s latest short story at the gym yesterday. I enjoyed it. Her next full length Kate Burkholder novel is out in two weeks and I will be in B & N on launch day to buy it, that’s for sure.

What are you doing/reading?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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