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You Ask, I Answer

I’m opening today’s Writing Thursday post up to questions.

Curious about my writing process?  The story behind a particular book or character? Have a “why did you do that?” you want to ask?

Fire away!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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The Mommy Fun Jar

Back when the kids were school-aged, I used to do something called the “Summer Fun Jar” every year.  It was, essentially, a Skippy Peanut Butter jar with a piece of construction paper around it that said “Summer Fun Jar” (creative, I know 😉 ).  At the start of every summer, I’d put slips of paper in with fun activities written on them.

Stuff like:

A Barbie pool party.

A toy wash (when you liken it to a car wash, they thought it sounded like fun rather than work).

A trip to the zoo.

An ice cream treat.


They were fun things we could do that didn’t cost an arm and a leg but gave them something fun to look forward to.  We’d pull one out on a Sunday and we’d do whatever the slip said sometime that coming week.

The kids loved it

Fast forward to this past Mother’s Day.  My girls made me a Fun Jar and filled it with little things for me to do for myself. Each slip comes with a small little gift card to do the  activity.  The present, while awesome in and of itself, made me tear up because they thought of something I’d done for them and turned it around for me. They also took the time to fill it with things they know I like to do. And now that they’re both off doing their own thing right now, it’s especially nice to be able to take this jar out and do something that makes me think of them (not that I’m not already doing that).

Case in point, my trip to the city this past Friday. Inside my jar was a little gift card to get a hot cocoa at my favorite breakfast haunt in the city…




Honestly, next to all the homemade gifts I’ve gotten over the years, this is my favorite present ever.

What’s something you’ve gotten over the years that really struck a note for you?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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Three Things

Happy Tuesday after our long holiday weekend!

Three things to share from my weekend…

Friday, I took myself to the city for a few hours. I started my morning with breakfast (and some reading time) at my favorite haunt.


I loved every minute of it right up until I noticed the missed call and voicemail from my agent (I guess I was engrossed in my book). Needless to say, she only calls when something is up, so I finished quickly and headed into the park to call her back. After some unexpected news (good!), I wandered over to one of my favorite little corners of Central Park to enjoy the sun and the toy sailboats floating by…


Soon, I made my way over to the zoo for the sea lion feeding. No pictures this time, as I was too engrossed! 🙂

Saturday and Sunday were nice, but quiet.  And then, on Monday, I got to meet this  little girl in person (she belongs to a childhood friend). Isn’t she precious?


Tell us three things from your long weekend…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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Long Weekend Bits

It’s the Friday before a long weekend! Woot! Woot!  It’s also time for Bits!

  1. Favorite thing to do on a long weekend?
  2. One project you keep meaning to do but keep putting off?
  3. Last person you spoke to on the phone?
  4. You have four hours to do whatever you want (and $ to do it)… what do you do?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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Head Down

Finishing up edits today. Be back tomorrow!


~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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Games, Then and Now

Candy LandWhen I was little (as in pre-school aged), my favorite game was Candy Land…






Stop Thief


As I got a little older it switched to Pay Day and Stop Thief (anyone remember that one?).





Disney SorryThese days, I like Backgammon, Sequence, and Settlers of Catan, with an occasional game of Disney Sorry thrown into the mix.

How about you? What games did/do you like?

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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What I’m Reading

Right now, I’m currently reading several things at the same time (a rarity for me). I’m sure, once I get back to writing next week, the ability to do that will be gone. For now though, here’s what I’m working on and where…

*On my e-reader at the gym:  Wedding Duress (by me)

*Staring up at me from my couch:  My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella

*Work-wise:  Reading the 2nd half of my own Portrait of a Sister for editing purposes

*On my computer:  An email I got via my website from someone who is not happy that the lead character in one of my series apparently shares the same name as one of their loved ones (nope, not kidding).

So there you go. That’s what I’m reading.

Your turn…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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Three Things

Another weekend has come and gone, bringing with it more than a few tears.

I brought my baby to college (hence the aforementioned tears) on Saturday, so that brought a whole lot of unpacking and arranging in her dorm room. But by the time we were done, everything looked nice and cozy.  Here’s a shot she took with my camera…



But before the big day, we spent our Friday getting nails done and watching Tangled…




And on Sunday, when I found myself needing to keep busy just to get past the earie quiet in my house,  DH and I went for a drive past the first home I had as a child (something I haven’t done for decades but was on my summer bucket list).  Before we turned into the old neighborhood, we took a peek at the school I attended for K, 2nd, and 3rd grades. It’s called something different now, but the building was exactly as I remembered!!!  As for my old house? Even though the house looks nothing like it did when I was ages 0-9 (it has siding and is a different color now), it was still really fun to see it.


Now tell us three things from your weekend, and whether you’ve ever driven past your childhood home just to see…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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So it’s Bits day and I’m torn between doing surprise-related bits and moving-related bits, so I shall do a little of both. With an explanation, of course.

The surprise portion is because DD # 2 surprised my last night with an outing she planned for us (and paid for) all on her own. We went to one of those paint bars and had a blast!

The moving related portion is because she’s “moving” to college in the morning and, well, you know… I’m having a hard time with this.

  1. Last time you were the recipient of a surprise of any kind? What was it?
  2. Last time you pulled off a surprise for someone else? What was it?
  3. How many different states have you lived in?
  4. Are you an unpack-right-away type, or a live-with-boxes-for-a-while type?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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Mid-Week Fun

With my youngest heading off to college for the first time in just a few days, I’ve been trying to squeeze in as much fun together-time as possible (hence my absence from this blog yesterday).

We had a wide open day and I asked her what she wanted to do. She came back with “go to the beach.” So we headed to our beach haunt about 2 1/2 hours from here. We arrived at noon and hung out on the beach for about four hours–talking, sunning, walking, and dipping our feet in the waves (it was cold!).  I brought a book, but other then setting it on my lap with the intention of reading it, I never opened it…


Then it was off to play some mini golf (yup, I won)…


Have some ice-cream (yum!)…


And then finish the evening off at the boardwalk before heading home for a little “Frog Bog” (note the concentration before launching my frog).  We won matching tie-dye  bears…


I’m so not ready for my nest to be empty…

~Elizabeth (aka Laura)

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