img_2349In NEEDLE AND DREAD, the project being made at Leona and Rose’s new shop, SewTastic, is a dishcloth apron.

Thank you, Lynn D., for the picture and the pattern found in the back of the book. And a huge congratulations for the ribbon you won with the apron you made! Rose would be very pleased!! ūüôā


In WEDDING DURESS, Tori’s friends work together to make the favor bags for Tori¬† and Milo’s big day. They needed simple and cute (especially with everything else that has to be done) and these fit the bill perfectly.

A big shout-out to Librarian Eileen Elliott Pearce for sharing this picture of her project idea–and as you can see, they were used for a wedding just like Tori’s!

*              *             *

takeninpinsfbGeorgina Hayes, Sweet Briar’s Mayor, has asked the sewing circle to make Zipper Flower Pins for a special Mother’s Day picnic in the town square. Since the supplies they need for the pins are minimal, it’s the perfect project for the women to make while on their trip to New York City in TAKEN IN.

These pins are really cute and can be made in a variety of colors if you wish.

*              *             *

Dixie Dunn hatches a very special idea when she comes up with the notion of making placemats for the clients she serves as a Home Fare volunteer. 

The actual placemat pattern in the back of REMNANTS OF MURDER was shared with all of us by one of my wonderful readers, Nancy Webster. And another special reader, Shel Franz, snapped these photos of the completed project.

I’m rather partial to this one here on the left…with the adorable supervising kitty (Buddy) ¬†in the background! ūüôā

Thanks, ladies!

*              *             *

Christmas is right around the corner in LET IT SEW and the Sweet Briar Ladies Society Sewing Circle is¬†hard at work making¬†stockings¬†for a brand new holiday event at the library. They’re tracing, they’re cutting, they’re sewing, and they’re stuffing all in an attempt to make Mrs. Claus’s visit to the library extra special.

Mary Hallfeld of Wisconsin followed the pattern at the end of LET IT SEW to create a stocking just like the one made in the book. She sent in some pictures so I could share them with all of you. This first shot shows the pattern Mary made. She purchased¬†1/3 of a yard of 44” wide quilted fabric for her stocking.

This second shot, on your right, shows the machine stitch Mary used along the stocking’s edge. One tip Mary has to share is to clip the fabric on the curves so the stocking will¬† not pucker when turned right side out.

On the left, you can see the way Mary turned down the top edge of the stocking so it can be hemmed in place.

For embellishments, Mary added some tiny flowers that are difficult to see in this final photograph to your right, but they look gorgeous on the actual product (and I can say this with certainty as Mary sent me her work of art–thank you, Mary!!).

Also, in the back of LET IT SEW, you will find directions for making a homemade organizer for your papers and pens. This is a really great gift for just about anyone on your list (I know I’d love one). The organizer pictured here was submitted by Joni L.

As you can see by the picture, there are handy pockets for notepads and pens and the whole thing folds into thirds so it can easily be stored when you’re finished using it.

The ability to use different fabrics enables you to really personalize the organizer for the recipient, doesn’t it?

 *              *             *

In REAP WHAT YOU SEW, Margaret Louise and Tori suggest making rag quilts for Annabelle’s¬†neighbors at Three Winds. The hope is that the simple gesture will help Margaret Louise’s mom feel better about her new living arrangement.

A raq quilt can be a fun project for older scout groups, church groups, or anyone wishing to make a special keepsake for a loved one!

                 *               *               *

In DANGEROUS ALTERATIONS, Rose convinces the Sweet Briar Ladies Society Sewing Circle to make comfort pillows for breast cancer patients like her friend, Lynn.

Comfort pillows, like the ones Rose and the gang make in the book, are much smaller than traditional bed pillows and are used to make things like driving and even coughing/sneezing a bit less painful for women who have just underwent a masectomy.

This is a great (and relatively easy) service project for an individual or group to perform!

*                *                *

In DEADLY NOTIONS, Debbie Calhoun solicits the help of the Sweet Briar Ladies Society Sewing Circle for a very special project–making homemade felt playfood for two little girls in town. The pattern in the back of the book was dreamed up by my friend, Beth Thaemert–one of the most creative moms I know. Here are just two pictures illustrating this adorable project…

On the left,¬†you’ll find a fabulous example of the¬†rippled potato chips, chip bag, and sandwich you can make by following the patterns provided at the end of DEADLY NOTIONS.

On the right, is an example of what the completed “chocolate chunk cookies” can look like when you’re done. Cute, huh?

*                *                *

In PINNED FOR MURDER, Tori ropes her friends into making hats and scarves for a women’s shelter in Chicago. The reason? To make sure¬†these down-on-their-luck women stay warm during the cold winter months (which, if you think about it, is a really neat idea)!

The instructions¬†for the hat and scarf¬†are simple enough and can be found in the back of Pinned for Murder. If you make a set¬†for yourself–or even several for an organization like Tori and the gang does–send me a picture along with your (or your group’s) name and city/state.¬†I’d love to post it on this page! This dynamite set on the right was made by series’ reader, Elizabeth the College Seamstress. Don’t you just love the color she chose? Nice job, Elizabeth!

*               *               *

In DEATH THREADS, Tori and the gang work together to create a simple homemade gift bag (pattern in back of book).  In the photos below, you see the completed project.

deaththreadspatterbagWith some fun fabric and a little creativity, this simple deaththreadspatternbagwbookhomemade bag can be dressed up for the holidays or a just-because. For example, if it’s a Valentine’s¬†gift, perhaps you could use a fabric with hearts. Maybe tie a little heart shaped charm in with the rafia.

The sky’s the limit with these bags, really!

*            *            *

Have you made one of Tori’s projects from the¬†Southern Sewing Circle Mystery Series? If so, take a picture of it and send it to me at: I love to see what my readers are inspired to create. For a peek at some of my favorites, scroll down…

Just as the Sweet Briar Ladies Society Sewing Circle did¬†in DEATH THREADS, St. Mark Lutheran Church’s Prayer Shawl Ministry (near Gettysburg, PA) also opted to make bags (similar to Tori’s) for the good of others. This amazing group of ladies turned their labor of love¬†into medical bags for distribution during a mission trip to Honduras! The bags contained medications and other medical supplies! Way to go, Ladies!!

In SEW DEADLY, Tori makes an “envelope pillow” for her plaid armchair. Bailey Owens from North Carolina tried her hand at Tori’s pattern in the back of the book and the result was this gorgeous pink pillow of which Tori would be very proud!!¬† A HUGE thank you to Bailey for sending this photo to me! It made my day and earned Bailey an autographed copy of DEATH THREADS in return!¬† Way to go, Bailey!